mos patiparn

  1. inbetweener_guy

    [ONE31] 3 Num 3 Mum x2: Kob Songsit / Tang Saksit / Mos Patiparn

    Looks like they'll be back soon, over at One31 I wonder who'll be directing this one. Khun Boy was the original director of this sitcom back in the 90's, when this used to air in Channel 7.
  2. WeirFany


    Hello Everyone, I came across this one music video a couple years back featuring Mos Patiparn. I forgot who the female was but the music video started off as the female lead submitting her story to the radio story telling their story. Basically they were best friends and she fell in love with...
  3. S

    [OneHD] Songkram Nang Ngarm Season 2 (Exact)

    seaoson 2 confirmed! when this will be on air is not sure......maybe end of the year? I have to write the the chracter name of the girls 'cause almost dont know thier real name XD
  4. Alice

    [Ch5] E-Sa (Exact & Scenario)

    credit thanks to Snow_Scorpio @spicyforum http://www.spicyforu...exact-scenario/ http://www.komchadlu...7%E0%B9%8C.html Noon W confrim herself she's in here the nang'ek name is E-Sa
  5. Cupid Candy

    Mos's Daughter is Born

  6. looksy

    [Ch5] Nang Singh Sabad Chor [Exact]

    In a recent interview with thairath, Pong says that he will do 2 lakorns for Exact. Someone posted at pantip that นางสิงห์สะบัดช่อ / Nang Sign Sabad Chow is one of them (person got the info from twitter @ TonoGrace_Home). Sources: http://www.thairath....tent/ent/215798...
  7. K

    [ONE HD] Ban Lang Mek (Exact)

    New from twitter.... Meybe for next year...