[Ch3] Plerng Torranong (Makers Group)

lakorn watcher

sarNie Adult
I just watched half of ep 2 and I'm glad Taew's character is starting to be nice to Mario or else I might stop watching it.


sarNie Adult
sorry if anyone asked this already, but who's going to eng sub this drama? If anyone know who's subbing this lakorn please let me know, thanks.


sarNie Juvenile
i hope their relationship will develop early into something like her and aum in pieng jai...where both understand each other and fight through obstacles together. i really hope they don't leave taew hard headedness and clueless till the end*cross my fingers* cuz that will suck big time for a cute looking couple like mario and taew. other than that i'm glad to see some of the old generation like kik. storyline is typical bad people greedy for money though.


sarNie Tombstone
yeah rakcharm its a one typical story that u always sees if its about family drama
its those close member of relative with 2 faces so anything can involve even killing
just greedy for money and others belonging.


sarNie Elites
lol i was just about to tell you that you thought wrong. Fon(Taew) misunderstands him again..she was only nice to him for one day
At least we know she has a heart, it's just that her fiance keeps feeding her lies.


sarNie Hatchling
Can someone give me a description of each character? I don't understand Thai so it could help me a little. thank you..


sarNie Oldmaid
I really like this lakorn so far, I feel so bad for Plerng really haven't smile because all the heartbreaking things has happen. I understand Taew for jumping into conclusion about Plerng between Plerng and her boy friend she will choose her boy friend. Plus she misunderstood Plerng thinking he's not a good guy for selling his dad heart...soon she will slowly get to know him more. Their probably going to be bickering until almost the end. I remember reading from a clip...well hope the bickering will create more cute scenes and let them fall in love.

Mario and Taew are so good looking in here.


Actually it depends if the bickering is reasonable but when it gets out of hand, it turns people off, and I am one of them people lol


sarNie Coma
Its a typical storyline. I'm only interested in seeing how taew and marios love will develope. They are such a good looking pair. I would love to see them pair up again in the future


sarNie Tombstone
isn't it Mario and Taew will be in Kaen Sanaeha P'Kai project oh but it said Taew she's
pairing with Rome cos Mario his just the supporting role not the p'ek


sarNie Coma
^its not confirmed. Pkai was ask about that but the time he said he hasn't cast anyone yet. He's focusing on phu prae mai