[CH3] Miti Thii Saam (Act Art) : Nadech Kugimiya/ Taew Natapohn

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    I really recommend KF. I went into it expecting nothing but I ended up loving it and it became inebriate if my faves of this year. Mark and Kimmy were good but they got overshadowed by Alex, Kao, Got, Pear, and Kong. Got was amazing as the villian. He really sent chills down my spine with some of his scenes with Kimmy! The supporting cast really was the best part about this lakorn.
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    There are many reports coming from this thread. I reviewed them all. However, before I take any further action. I am going to issue a general warning. We DON'T have many rules at AF. However, the ones we DO have we hope that people will follow. AF used to have NO RULES. Except, with some bad behavior we had to create some. I thank the members that try to avoid conflict and ignore when necessary, and refuse to acknowledge those that provoke. Remember most of us are adults and we should act accordingly. I'm not trying to offend anyone with my statement. However, some are well aware of what behaviors I am speaking of. Please refer to this rules thread if you are unsure.


    I would also like to remind everyone that it's a double edge sword when you engage in someone that provokes you. If you respond negatively they can report you as well and it just gets both of you in trouble. Because our admins have always believed in freedom of speech and expression I will not do anything to previous posts unless they are derogatory or a personal attack on a person. If I send you a personal message it is because I am trying to discreetly deal with the issue and hope that there are no further esclation.

    The admins here don't like to take drastic measures, but will if needed.

    It is up to you if you want to continue the behavior or not. If you choose to and you are reported and after you have violated rules and been warned enough time, consequences will follow.

    Thank you to those who continue to send reports to try and keep this forum a fun and safe environment for other members. Please continue to report anything that violates the rules.

    Thank you,
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    Thanks admin :)
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    Thank for the reminder Admin. I found it's interesting that people can't discuss what were previously commented here without it being reported.
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    Thanks for reminder Admin. I’m really sure I didn’t break any rules because I have been only following how people have been posted here from the beginning and it was all fine.
    If it’s wrong to address previous comments from others or express my own opinions without attack any members personally then please let’s me know because I saw others have done that all the time.
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  7. Thanks! :)
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    So this is the cover page of Mithi Tee 3 thai novel
    Cr: rightful owner

    This does not scream a romantic storyline to me, but I am willing to give ActArt the benefit of the doubt of his interpretation. Based on his past works, he does not deter much from the original stories so the chances of him making this sweet and with many jin scenes is about <5%.

    What I do know and believe is that Nadech will do his best and put in 110% being the professional person that he is. I have no doubt in his abilities because I've seen and heard of his professionalism from verifiable sources or firsthand accounts. Nadech had expressed that he wants to work with ActArt and I believe he chosed this role because of P'Off/Khun Dang and what else... to play a god, all his roles are diversed so I can see why he accepted this.

    Although I am not happy the nange'k is Taew and wished she had accepted that other role with Pope instead, but who can blame her for wanting to come back to her comfort zone. She seemed to excel with ActArt and have won award in his lakorns ( the thai entertainment industry love and biased toward P'Off). I am guessing based on the plot and this cover image of the novel, P'Off will probably make the nang'ek character endures some suffering, sorrow, and crying ( possibly as this is what I've seen with Taew's recent past roles with ActArt) . What I hope he doesn't do is to make the nang'ek character bratty in the beginning because Taew will surely turned me off immediately like she did in her two recent lakorns that aired this year. I will admit, I can't stand her voice and have come to the point of being turned off when she's protrays that bratty role that looks more like the other B word. She can't change her voice cause she's born with it ( she doesn't changed it because I have listened to her on-screen and off-screen), but I'll wait to see her character.

    A lot can happened between now and next April 2019 as they are waiting for P'Off to get better to begin filming, so until then I am guessing there will be some heated and strong opinions going on in this thread. For those that can't take the heat, please don't dish it out. I wouldn't want the Admin to come in here and warn us mature adults again. I will see you in this thread for sure. Happy New Year.
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    This is a classic Act Art storyline. I can tell just by the cover lol
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  10. Lol and Act Art have their favorite n’ek bias Miss Taew. Yay! ;)
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  11. Alichgo

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    Let's just hope this nang'ek doesn't get married, start a family, and drop out before filming. :risas3: Oh, maybe that could be wishful thinking???:pancarta:
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  12. SuzieJ

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    Taew is a professional. She wouldn’t do that. No need to worry about that :)
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  13. Lol I agree. After all Act Art casted her as n’ek enough times now so they must have faith in her. ;)
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  14. Alichgo

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    I am basing this on her past history of dropping out of a lakorn AFTER filming which she had done before. Plus anything can happened and as you make your prediction, I do too except mine is wishful thinking. :)
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  15. SuzieJ

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    That’s cool
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  16. I can’t wait to see Taew on screen again! Yay! :)
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    Lucky for you, you can see her lakorn with TER next year. This one won't air until 2020.

    I don't know if you realized this or not, but you have more in common with some NYFC regarding Mithi Tee 3. Both don't want this pairing.
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    Hmm i’m quite excited regardless. Not that into Act Art but its a better production than most.

    Can’t wait to finally watch Nadech on screen again!
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  19. fresh

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    Wow thank you for sharing. I didn’t follow Teaw so I didn’t know. Poor the production and her co-stars when she dropped out AFTER filming like that. They had to find a replacement and started again. Must cost more money and wasted more time for everyone. If it’s called “PROFESSIONAL” then it’s such a double standard.
    Imagine if it was Nadech who did that then what people would call him???

    I really hope if she wanna drop out this lakorn then she should do that before they start fitting.
    But I doubt that because she can only win awards and be popular with her characters in Act Art lakorns so far. So hope she can be “real professional” when working in this lakorn and also doesn’t try to create fake jin off screen with her co-star.
    Nadech doesn’t need more scandals from his n’eks to put him in uncomfortable situations. Again good luck to Nadech and the production.
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  20. fresh

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    If dropping out of a lakorn AFTER filming called “professional” then it's so obvious there's such a double standard. We should look up for the real meaning of being professional.

    Anyway for Nadech’s sake, I definitely wish this lakorn will succeed instead of wish it fail just because I don’t like the acting of his co-star.
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