[CH3] Miti Thii Saam (Act Art) : Nadech Kugimiya/ Taew Natapohn

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  1. Oh :eek:
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    Wow didn’t know Taew did that. Personally I can see Nadech being professional in working through a lakorn. The only thing is he seems more picky with who he is starring with than the lakorn itself. I think if he was really good at choosing scripts and spreading his wings more instead staying in his comfort zone, he would exceed by now. Which by that I think is immature. I mean I guess NT should do whatever they want instead of going by our expectations. I wonder is Na’s role will be more quiet, most of his roles has been the quiet or background type. I wanna see Na silly again.

    In Lom Sorn Ruk, i find these two so beautiful together! Omg their willing. I still go back and rewatch some scenes from them.
  3. Lol ;) bottom line is all celebs aren’t perfect. Everyone has flaws as stars and as human. But we all have our bias for sure! The best for everyone involve in this lakorn.
  4. I’m sure if we want to dig the past of any celebs we’ll find out some flaws of them. No biggie. Celebs are human. :) But again we like to back our favorites up by only digging negatives about others? Lol. Then again it’s a forum. Let’s be mature! Lol ;)
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    If I'm correct, the title literally means, "The 3rd Dimension". I'm wondering if this'll be sci-fi or like a fantasy genre.
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    There is no harm in sharing facts and opinions about actors’ past works or future activities relating to Mithi Tee 3 or the actors in this thread. This thread was created for this purpose – to discuss about the lakorn and the actors/actresses involved in this lakorn. Opinions and facts about Taew or Nadech are shared here because they are the actress/actor in this lakorn. Maturity is talking about issues relating to the actors in their respective thread or take their conversation private, immaturity is going around sounding like a broken record in every threads not relating to them.

    Let’s be mature and have a productive discussion about the actors in this lakorn IN THIS THREAD. ;)
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    You are correct.
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    Yeah It’s funny if when people talk about Nadech’s negative without any backup proof again and again everywhere (even in unrelated threads) is mature but when people talk about others with proof in related threads is called immature lol.

    Let’s be real mature and backup our statement with proof if we can instead of keeping repeating again and again some baseless statements everywhere.

    P.S. If you can’t handle the heat then please don’t start the fire.
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    LSR is actually my first lakorn of Nadech and a friend of mine told me to watch this lakorn because of his silliness (that made her felt in love with him). TBH, I didn't become a fan until I found Saichon/Charles (which I watched after LSR).

    Interesting to me that you are a fan of Nadech? but thought that his roles were his comfort zone. It’s okay, it’s your opinion and maybe you only watch certain lakorns of his. I am his fan as well and watch all of this lakorns, except Nawa, and below are his characters that are such varieties that I don't even know what is his comfort zone. Even awarded for some of these different roles.

    *Nawa: A Disabled character
    *Fai: A Hot-tempered pra’ek
    *Saichon/Charles: An Islander turned businessman
    *Athit: Mature & hard working farmer at an early age with inherited burden
    *Pitt: A pra’ek who thought he was an orphan with devotion issue
    *Ryu Onitzuka: Playful and playboy Yakuza/ A respected gang leader with a faithful heart
    *Nai Singh: Matured Farm owner
    *Pranon/Pran: Playing twin roles
    *Ramin/Petra: A playboy cop with female soul in body
    *Davin: A soldier who is also a Royal bodyguard
    *Achira: A 400 year old alien
    *Next role: A God

    I know this is Wikipedia info (so take it with a grain of salt, if you want) and it’s updated by fans, but I don’t want to repeat what’s already out there, but here’s some credentials and accolades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadech_Kugimiya

    So far at 27 year old, he’s been successful and not sure what else he can do to “exceed” or to prove himself. BTW – even in lakorn that he’s the background ( e.g. LRKJ), he’s the one being recognized for this acting.
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    I like Nadech from DJA. And Saichon. I get his characters are different but i meant his comfort zone with his koojin which i shall not mention. Most of his characters are the nice p’eks and I would like to see him crazy and mean. I actually like his role in LLSR too, i’ve seen a bit but didnt fully watch it. I don’t watch all his lakorn but I’m still a fan. Just like with Taew. I love Nadech in TRKJ the most, but yeah. I always feel like the scripts he gets sucks but its not really anyone’s fault. Almost all lakorns are dry nowadays.
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    I see. Looks like lots of these "A-list" nang'eks are accepting newer roles in their comfort zone then. I won't name her here, she has probably two more roles with a pra'ek who's HOT this year ( "go look in the mirror" or look at your profile). Anyway, Taew is rumored to have another lakorn with the same pra'ek. If this is true, this will be 3x for them. I guess she falls into that comfort zone too.
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  12. Comfort zone or not we all know ALMOST no one pair up as much as Nadech with his koojin. At least this generation anyways. Just my opinion. :rolleyes:
  13. It’s obvious and we don’t need to cough up proof but Nadech pair with his koojin more so than most other Thai celebs I know. At least this generation right now. Lol talk about “comfort zone”. Lol. Then again that’s just my OPINION. Lol;) Let us stay sane.
  14. Exactly well said girl! ;) lol
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    Yes that's a fact that noone is arguing. I am clearly describing his various characters in each of his lakorns and if he's able to protray them as best as he can which many others are praising him in his wide range of comfort zone - regardless of who he's starring with.

    Again, not sure why it bothers anyone why he's paired with his koojin often. People can choose to watch or ignore because it's really not made for you or me. We are the one seeking out to watch Thai lakorns. It's not like you or I can turn on our television and Voila - it's airing. I have to go to Youtube and search for it and I subscribed to a website to watch it. While you have to look for ones that are subbed. People can choose to not watch and just go on with their days. Just my opinion o_O
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    who will play Kalapak , someone said that he's the the main male character not Naruenartbodin
    i thought Nadech will do what james ji did in Kong Karm and choose the main male character in the story (Kalapak ) even if he wouldn’t pair with Taew
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    Lol! :rolleyes: its less than 7 but ok.
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    Wow that would be cool
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    7 in how many years and 2 possibly 3 in how many? Oh there were 2 lakorns airing back to back too this year. But who's counting.. :rolleyes: At the rate that they are pairing up, they may tie but that's good news for their koojin fans no?
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    Too early to tell because Khun Dang only disclosed Nadech and Taew at this point. As far as pairing, this is suspected because he's a god and storylines include another dimension. It will be interesting to see who are other casts.

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