[CH3] Jao Gum Nai Wen (Metta and Mahaniyom) : Mario Maurer/ Yaya Urassaya

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    Haha there's more to lakorn than joob joob okay :facepalm:? If that's what I want to see or the only thing that interest me to see in a lakorn then I need to stop watching Thai lakorn and go watch dramas from somewhere else.

    Who knows what goes behind the scenes and the decisions that were made because there's so many ifs. Plick fah seem like the perfect lakorn for Metta to produce but they chosed this remake instead. Maybe Metta is being challenged too? lol.

    This is me for the people behind the decision for this remake
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  2. TS1718

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    Finally get the cast of my liking but the story seems like something I would skip 555
    Happy for Yaya to get another lakorn and PAIRING that loved by Thai people and would never had potential to be postpone
  3. m3lhouse

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    I think Kartarhut couldn't finish the script but they have Yaya's queue so they had to come up with a project for her to star or release her. Metta asked to work with her minimum since 2016 probably longer but got a fat NO from Somrak coz he wanted to give NY to Anne first... and even then, Khun Ja also wanted NY ... then we know Yaya was supposed to start Lai Kinaree last year too so we know Somrak still didn't give Metta Yaya coz she was promised to Act Art lol... so they finally got approved and given Yaya's queue so they had to go with something other than PF to work with her. Mario was rushed with his filming for TA too and he squeezed in a movie ahhahaha so it kinda worked out to what it had to be... Nok C's son is the producer for PF and he's never produced before so he probably didn't get everthing sorted out so Nok C took Yaya instead lol it doesn't make any sense for the script writer to write a script this long and not be done but the production is set on a whole new storyline that is owned by another production? LOL or maybe ch3 owns it lol Nok C even said the son is busy with his other job so it's no suprise he isn't ready to produce PF LOL The script for JGNW also isn't done lol Nok C said they "should" start around songkran if the script is done...
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    I'm excited for this pairing, but it the storyline does not seem appealing
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    That's the consensus in the thread so far - excitment for the pairing but not for the story line.
  6. Brownie93

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    Thanks for all the updates about new lakorn. Mario and Ya is such a hot & beautiful pairing as our expectation for a long time. Everybody can see that both of them are very talented, experienced and well-known actors loved by many people. We can hope in the great chemistry that they will create on screen :love: :angel10:
    But how about the storyline, isn't that interesting? They will play 4 characters in 4 lives in a very dramatic script ? And I hear that the nang ek is dump in any live right ? For me, I think about the story will be filled with suspense, mystery, and fantasy but it will become a very dark drama lakorn as you said. Now we get the favorite casts :cheer: but the story seems like something can make us feel totally confused and uncertainty.
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  7. m3lhouse

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    Yeah watch this scene

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  8. m3lhouse

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    I'm reading Thai feedaback right now. The news actually dropped really late Thai time so now more are aware of it. I'm actually surprised to NOT see any haters ahahahhahaha WHY coz this lakorn was well made and Mew was one of the best actresses of that era and this is def a role no one would imagine Yaya would be offered so I have a feeling people will be possessive of the role and since Broadcast was going to make it they already had their standards set to veterans etc... Thai's are like us where they are SHOOK lol Everybody is basically happy for the pairing but when they saw the storyline and the production they're just as shock... but we all know the actors are good. Metta is getting mixed reviews... some reference they will do well coz Metta did a good job with Top and Mew's lakorn... I can kinda see this coz it was also a period that had a tragic and dark-ish storyline too but some don't think this production can handle the scale of the production so they prefer if it was still Broadcast.

    They're happy Mario is getting a grown up role ahhahaha some think it's too early for Yaya to do this role and some think it's time to move on to more raeng roles. I can agree a little with the latter only coz basically the 4hjhkk gen is practically the 'vets' now ahhahaha they are young but they didn't start young so ch3 does have to move up the type of genres this group is acting in and then cultivate the next gen coz who we think of "vets" are probably like Ken, Chompoo, Ploy etc but they're barely even acting! So it does make sense to have this group take on roles that are a little more mature to separate them from newbies and give those guys opportunities with the younger light type of dramas.
  9. Cethu

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    Thank you all for updates:thumbup: M3l, you said it all!

    I was looking forward to that pairing and always wonder, why it did not happen yet. And now Yaya and Mario in this tragic lakorn, but hope for the better and be surprised:) and hope that Metta will give justice to reproduce a lakorn which was good.

    The old OST sounds good

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  11. Mannie

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    I’m excited for this storyline and the pairing hahaha I haven’t seen the old one but I read about the storyline and watched some clips. I like Mew but never watched her tbh lol she was an actress that I kinda skipped. I think this storyline is my cup of tea especially the whole karma thing and such haha Yaya will do killer and I trust she will work in areas that she may lack in if there are any. Mario’s voice is soft and I feel like him taking serious roles kinda throw me off but it’s just the initial thought, then he’s able to execute for me especially like crying scenes I feel he’s good haha
  12. m3lhouse

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    You know what's really strange, a lot of the ghost series have GOOD SOUNDTRACKS lol it's very true. I think they have to pick singers with crystal clear voices to get the tortured emotions out ahhahahaha
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    Girl you straight up said storylines with ghost, karma, torture is your cup of tea :pancarta: I can't believe you've never watched Mew that's crazy she's an icon. And Mew + Willy pairing? DAMNNNNNnnnnnn ahhahaha you missed out! You should watch the original of this lakorn coz it's highly regarded lol VERY popular when it aired.

    Mario has a soft voice but he's commanding. He was hot in Rising Sun and Buang Bunjatorn. Mario is probably the best crier on the male side. He cries better than some actresses lol
  14. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Juvenile

    Hahah that’s why I enjoyed Pitsawart lmfao, I liked Ngao too. And then there’s lakorn with family drama involving karma like Sood Saen Kane Ruk and Tong Neua Gao. Hahah this one seems to combine all aspects so I’m hella excited Lolol I love lakorns with teaching. I enjoyed Plerng Boon not for the cheating haha but the message they provide with karma, and like the commandments about adultery hahaah.

    I know I’m a total fail with the Mew and Willy era. I was super young at the time I didn’t grow up watching lakorns until later and didn’t have access to all those old lakorns. Hahaha and never had the time or urge to go back. I wanna check this one out tho but then I’m anal about remakes. I usually don’t watch remakes nowadays if I’ve seen the old one and if it was GOOD. Cause I do a lot of comparison and think about how they f it up lolll. But ima check this one out hahah
  15. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Remakes can still be good if it was in the hands of the right people. It's a big shame that pptv got the rights to the series that had Prissana lol Yaya should've played Prissana in her lifetime but ch3 didn't own the rights lol Usually with dark dramas like this one, I never feel like it needs to be remade. Most times, when you think about what you want remade, it's those classic romantic ones and slap kiss. No one ever says, damn I wanna see X in Tong Neu Gao remake lol At least not til the actors are of age and only for good actors ahhahaha My favorite family dramas are dong dok meu, kamin kup poon ch3 version, and mongkut dok som ch7 version... but I'm not trying to beg for someone to remake those. I'll just remember that they were good. Plus family dramas are usually ensemble base so you kinda have to cast an entire ensemble. Same with this one too. It's funny I saw some Thai people mention that they had a poll for this on which cast they wanted a long time ago and they actually had Mario and Yaya paired too. I think both Yaya and Mario can make this version their own and hopefully it's somewhat modernized. Metta has really good camera quality it'll be like watch them in a movie lol I heard one of the reasons khun nong didn't make this was they couldn't decide to keep the exact script or modernize too... it could be why they let this go to another production.
  16. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Juvenile

    Haha I agree. But then nowadays remakes just suck cause they fall in the hands of the wrong production/casting is usually downgraded too. Just like Prissana you mentioned haha. I don't like dark dramas to be remade either.. haha if they remade TNG again I know I won't like it. I just won't be able to watch it again cause I already have it set in my heart I love that version hahaha. But this is different for me cause I haven't seen the original. I probably would be against it hahah. I'm a HUGE fan of Mae Nak Phrakanhong. My fave was CH.3 version.. I didn't even like CH.7.. but its remake nowadays SUCK. I can't ever go back to watching it unless they do it like how they did it back in the days hahah but I doubt that'll ever happen again. I liked Kamin Kup Poon CH.3 version too.. hence I couldn't watch CH.7 version when they remade it haha it didn't feel right to me :/. I haven't finished a Metta lakorn... I couldn't watch the remake of Kom Faek cause I loved the original and felt like I would be complaining. My dad liked it though and he watched both versions hahaha he even said CH.3 was better.. which he has a valid point if he watched both. I didn't so idk hahaha. I know their camera quality is good though just from seeing clips and what not. But idk if this kinda storyline/lakorn matches their production hahaha.
  17. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Kamin ch7 version to me was more dramatic but didn't have the charm ch3 had lol Randomly, this popped in my head, the most successful remake in recent time to me was probably leh ra tree ahahhahahaah I even hate esther and I don't really care for sean at all but that remake was addictive lol Also you don't have to fail a remake to just fail in producing lakorns. Lakorns are BAD now lol

    Metta just has the technology but I still think their editing is lacking lol KF first ep began like the episode already started so it felt really random, so poor choices in editing there. They also just have a low budget feel to their set and wardrobe too. I think Act Art should've made this. This is more Act Art style than Metta. Act Art cinematography is best in night scenes and with this lakorn and horror they would've killed it lol But Metta also just made a comedy so it's not surprising to do this if it looks like they're trying to expand a little more on genres they work on but ulimately they're always gonna be looked at as an action company coz Tawan Yor Saeng was a period lakorn and they got no buzz for it. If Nok C pulled a different director and hopefully a different writer, this version has a good chance of succeeding coz they're moving away from their comfort zone too lol This entire production is just shaking things up all around ahahahaa But then again, the writer of KF loved the protagonists suffering so he might do this script justice if he is the writer lol Their best one production and storyline was probably mew and top's lakorn. You might actually like that one it's pretty nam nao lol but yea otherwise I don't think Metta appeals to the mass population lol I would've stuck with that one if they had different leads and Tawan Yor Saeng... I don't know why they keep giving Por lead iconic roles.... Tan Pan Kamma Taep, what a waste.
  18. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    I really wish it was Broadcast producing this :(
  19. KasyBB1

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    Been waiting for this pairing since forever. As much as I wanted a romcom or slap/kiss for them, this storyline sounds strangely interesting. I havent watched any karma lakorns before so this one is definitely a tune-in.

    As I read the synopsis here and there and watched some clips on utube, I really enjoyed how drama unfolded each one’s sin. The n’ek is mute right? She only talked in her other lives of the story.

    Not really fond of Metta production, but even if this one sucked, I’d just watch for the eye candy...like this is freaking Yaya and Mario we’re talking about...who can escape their charms????
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  20. m3lhouse

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    Fan art and poll from pantip. Most are anticipating the second life coz Yaya's character is just horrible... very loose and evil lol


    cr. https://pantip.com/topic/38577266

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