[CH3] Jao Gum Nai Wen (Metta and Mahaniyom) : Mario Maurer/ Yaya Urassaya

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  1. KitKat516

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    I was just going to suggest him!
  2. S.J.M

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    he is the perfect fit and match the character.
  3. xodxo

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    Eww What’s this about?? All the fuss?? Lol
  4. xcinsationalx

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    For a while, I thought this was going to be Aff's comeback lakorn. I thought I read somewhere that she was reviewing a few scripts, but I guess since this was put on hold that's probably not happening.
  5. m3lhouse

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  6. m3lhouse

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  7. Alichgo

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    What the hell? Where is that damn slap kiss I wanted for these two.

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  8. YadechTaemint

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    Yaaaaasss, one of the pairings I have been waiting for!!

    But this storyline....
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  9. sasuke06

    sasuke06 sarNie Adult

    OH yeah! Finally MY :thumbup: That pairing we were waiting for so long. Such a star power pairing!


    Even the supporting cast are good actors. He said Got but also Alex, Alex Rendell I guess? How Nok succeeded to get all these stars together lol???!! So this gonna be a remake, a period again though .... :BangHead: why not a modern lakorn or slap kiss with this hot pairing??? But whatever Mario & Yaya will be in, I'm excited, better than nothing! Also at least this comes from a reliable source, the producer himself confirmed it, better than that one in pantip who rumoured Yaya with a Newbie loool

    :eek: lol
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  10. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    I mean there is some whipping and sufferings :nut::nut::nut::nut::nut:
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  11. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Didn't even need a source for this pairing, we called it! HAHAHAHHAAH KKSL done in April supposedly and Mario is filming a movie now with a lakorn coming... + their magazine and mario suddenly following her ahhahaha but SHIT plot twist Metta... this production is a top production, if under ch7 haahhahahahaha better than plick fah tho... Nok C can bring top KF crew but please keep that scriptwriter he SUCKS.
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  12. fresh

    fresh sarNie Adult

    Wow finally Yaya and Mario. But how’s the storyline and is the production good? Wish it wasn’t a remake but a new storyline. There’s a hot pair but why not a great storyline???

    P.S. Is Plick Fah cancelled?
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  13. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    No, it's a good script if you like karma and sufferings ahahahhahahahaaha it's not for the lakorn watchers who want JIN. Production like I said, ch7 quailty. Metta has high quality cameras but their style is very country kinda dated and hyper masculine... tbh I don't think this production is right for this style of script... and the period scenes is at a bigger scale than this production has ever taken on... so we'll see. I should look up who is their scriptwriter coz I really hope it's not the guy who wrote KF he's BAD. He butchered his own remake lol

    I don't know about PF but in this new interview, Nok C said his Gun who was the producer of PF, is helping on and off with this one but has other stuff he's working on... so the son is probably busy with his real job. PF script was still being written last year but they never had anything really going for it except Yaya said she would do it and scriptwriter but even Somrak hasn't officially approved it too... no opening dates no other cast confirmed. It's still a work in progress and I would guess that it might be on the backburner now coz of this project. Nok C wanted to work with Yaya for a long time so it's now or never and I can't see PF be considered again until they're more organized.
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  14. sasuke06

    sasuke06 sarNie Adult

    Haaa yeah he said Songkran, they will be able to start the production if everything as planned go well. First time I was excited to hear Songkran these past few weeks :risas3: But we are not in a hurry, let Yaya rest herself a little bit, she's working hard for KKSL. And yeah, why he chose that “พี่ต้อม” guy lool. They better take their time to not mess up the script na jaaa, this is what he said after all haha:

    “พี่ต้อม” เป็นเรื่อง “เจ้ากรรมนายเวร” เพราะคิดว่าเป็นสไตล์ของเขา ตอนนี้ก็อยู่ในช่วงทำบท เพราะงานทีวีสำคัญอยู่ที่บท ถ้าบทสนุกยังไงคนก็ดู เพราะคนยังดูทีวีอยู่ แต่ถึงจะไม่ร้อยเปอร์เซ็นต์เหมือนเมื่อก่อน.

    It's true about Mario Ya, we got some hints since a long time. That Bazar Mag, ch3 who paired them for their calendar and kept putting them together in their official website, I know they would have been the next pairing. Hands up for the pairing but sceptical with the rest loool


  15. fresh

    fresh sarNie Adult

    Is there a summary of the storyline? Wish this one could be a different storyline in modern time for Yaya and Mario pairing. Anyway at least we finally can see Yaya and Mario together. Hope it’ll be good.
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  16. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    The director... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: his movies are all ghost movies and they're not even ones I recognize, i.e popular, https://www.nangdee.com/name/f/791/ปิยะพันธุ์--ชูเพ็ชร์.html PRAY FOR THIS PRODUCTION LOL I can see why Nok C enlisted him coz the storyline is practically HORROR in some parts lol but what about the rest ahahhahahaha the original production for this kinda had a horror vibe too but the producer was also the writer and director lol it can work out lol

    Whelp YAY for FINALLY Mario + YAYA project! At least it's flattering that they got cast in here coz it's a difficult type of script.
  17. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    You can probably find the summary somewhere by looking up the name but just watch the title I posted lol you'll get a sense of what this is lol
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  18. fresh

    fresh sarNie Adult

    Thanks @m3lhouse and @sasuke06 for information. I can't fine any summary with the title except that Jao Gum Nai Wane was good and the main couple was separated in their 1st life and together in their 2nd life.

    We can only hope that everything will work out well. Yaya'll have an event tomorrow. Hope there'll be more information.
    Will Got and Alex in KF be in here?
  19. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Yeah those two actors are in here. The main infos are already confirmed so Yaya won't really add much more if she were to be asked except maybe an exact date but it's def in April coz that's songkran period. When you have actual confirmations on leads, script, production and start time that's all you need... other cast can still even be cast up to when they do fittings or blessing ceremony.
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  20. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    Well some fans wanted another MY project and maybe not what they wanted, but they'll get over it or they' ll have
    to wait how many years?

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