[Ch3] Duang Jai Tewa Prom Series (Unknown)

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  1. Xiongurl26

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    Haha no. Not that one. We're talking about SRNC. The one with Alek T. and Preem. I really liked Pon when I first saw him in there. His character was adorable.
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    Oooo... the remake of bua/kade lakorn
  3. Xiongurl26

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  4. Ntsuab-Ci

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    Finally! I just thought about this series in the morning too oddly, haha.
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  5. alissaax

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    Omfggg yessss yesssss :aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::worship2:
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    69DD486F-1D36-43B2-BC81-917DF873BE3E.jpeg 4D30E15A-7052-4936-82A6-39A454DF2BEB.jpeg 51D373A1-F14B-44DF-BB97-4C314D971A1D.jpeg
    Not sure what these say, but the source for the article was this. I do know that the account in the second picture is Khun Dews and she’s a higher up and Ch3 so the info must be accurate from what I’m guessing. Hope we can get some translations soon please :) so excited if this is true
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  7. Ntsuab-Ci

    Ntsuab-Ci Extremely in love with Phet Thakrit <3

    I just... finished rereading all the previous pages... This is not good for my health. Darn it. Lol. I'm gonna be trap in this thread again.
  8. Bieluvr

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    The news in the link says these actors/actresses might be cast: Nine Naphat, Pon Nawasch, In Sarin, Masu Junyangdikul, Peak Kongthap, Rye Vachirawich, God Itthipat, August Vachiravit, Cham Chanatip, Diana Flipo, Gina Yeena, Kao Supassara, Patricia Good, Nychaa Nuttanicha, Yam Matira, Yiiwha Preechakarn, Namwhan Phulita, Oom Isaya, and Pie Rinrada.

    I only know a few of them. I'm fine with Pon, Masu, In Sarin, Nychaa, Namwaan, and Oom Isaya.
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  9. Fikachu

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    Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! This is going to be made? Finally! Not sure about the cast so I can't say anything about them. I hope they bring back the old cast as cameos for their parents. It'll be beautiful to see both generations together in one frame. Any news on when they start script reading or filming?
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  10. KitKat516

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    Whoohooo Oom will finally get noticed?! I hope Kao, Pat, Yam, and Nychaa get confirmed and Yeena get some good acting mentor. :) Happy that im ok with all the nangeks mentioned but dont know who Namwan, Pie, and Yiiwah are lol
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  11. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Omggg yay all these new people. Hopefully its all these new faces younger gen cause im going to lose my shit if they cast any of the older gen.

    I reallly want to see pie and in together againnn
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  12. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    That was me too! I was just talking to some friends about it and then bam! I get this news.

    JUST FYI: Nothing is 100% confirmed so if I mislead some I'm sorry. I just got a bit excited that they're considering it.

    Otherwise, if they do decide to go on with this project, I'm super excited. I'm a bitter lady when it comes to newbies but I can look past that just for the series. I too hope we will get special cameos and appearances of the original cast. I really want Masu in here. I think he is so fitting for this. Masu and Nine! I'm really down to see those 2. Not so sure for any of the ladies.
    Namwan is that girl in Thong Ek paired with PJ. Pie is the girl who was just in the Man series with In. She's also in KK right now as Bella's younger sister. Yiiwah is the girl paired with JJ in KK. lol I'm ok with Kao and Pat plus Nychaa so I wouldn't mind.
    I'm warming up to In and I thought he was good with Pie. They had chemistry and I liked them together.
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  13. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    This project has always been in the works. They've been writing the script forever but I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything too immediate because this isn't "news" it's a fan wish thread that was created a day or two ago on pantip https://pantip.com/topic/38627911 and the ig source is a fanclub ig not official ch3 ig https://www.instagram.com/star3fanclubofficial/ The project is definite as it always has been in the works and it's a high possiblity that they can shoot to make it a big project for ch3's 50th anniversary but if that's really the case, all of the projects should already be confirmed if they they are shooting to air this series next year. Several of the newbies listed are obvious choices coz they are the front runner newbies save a few random choices but some popular ones are already filming their current lakorns and majority of the newbies don't shoot more than 1 lakorn at a time and I know like a popular choice like In is already committed to a new lakorn. Nine and Yeena are in the middle of their's.

    รอมานานกันมากๆสำหรับ ซีรีย์ภาคต่อคุณชายจุฑาเทพ
    50ปีช่อง3 ปีหน้าคือพอเหมาะและสมควรแก่เวลา
    หลังจากภาคแรกก็ห่างกัน 8ปีแล้วค่ะ
    รุ่นพี่ที่แจ้งเกิดจากเซ็ตนี้ อายุเริ่มมากกันแล้ว
    ผช.ก็เริ่มขึ้นเลข3 ผญ ก็มากสุด 29
    ต่อไปก็จะเริ่มแต่งงานมีครอบครัว กันแล้วเนอะ
    ถ้าจะให้รุ่นน้อง เจนใหม่ๆมารับช่วงต่อคือพอเหมาะสมควรแก่เวลาแล้วค่ะ
    อย่าให้เค้าว่าได้ว่าของเราไม่มีของ คือของดี เพี๊ยบ! รอมาเจียรนัยอย่างเดียว

    This above paragraph is this poster's rationality why the series should get made... I'm just paraphrasing, she said because it'll be perfect to celebrate the 50th bday for ch3 as the generation from the last series are old and will get married etc and it would be good timing for newbies ... so def not any real confirmation but a fan wish for all of the source, I'm pretty sure it's the same person drumming buzz on ig and pantip. The response from khun dew is still vague that's not an updated response that it's still in discussion because this series has been in pre-productions for years. Klink isn't a ch3 staff he's an fc himself so he's speculating like most. I think it's an obvius ratinale and it does make sense to make this series for the 50th anniversary but it doesn't really look like it's happening because I think, if it's really happening production should start yesterday lol to make it by March next year for the anniversary, at least they should start around April or something... Unless the plan is to start production at around the end of the year coz just because it's the 50th anniversary, it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to air in March next year but sometime next year. The original productions involved, some of them don't shoot multiple series at a time too but you have Metta starting the one with Mario and Yaya soon. Act Art starting the one with Nadech and Taew soon but they do mulitple shoots but when they do, they use a secondary director too... no problem has done mulitple shoots, good feeling not really sure on them, maybe.
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  14. Ntsuab-Ci

    Ntsuab-Ci Extremely in love with Phet Thakrit <3

    Whenever they start this, I definitely do have a strong feeling that they will cast majority of those girls listed above. Kao and Yam are two I'm happy with.
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  15. spanky

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    9 & 9 lol yes plz
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  16. SuzieJ

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    Definitely want Kao and Yam in this. They were two of my choices for n’ek that I chose like in November lol
  17. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    Please let us see it as soon possible.
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  18. WeirFany

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    Why can't it be the Gentlewomen? Lolol ehhh not sure with how I feel the daughter's being the spawn of the evil ladies as the main love interests.

    Personally loved the original so much, so much so my expectations are way high.
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  19. Xiongurl26

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    Thanks. I already knew this has been in the works for a while but it'd be so nice to actually hear a green light for production. I know if they wanted this for 50th then they would have started this a year ago bc it's not an easy project. Also SJ was a collab and I know this one would definitely be another collab with productions. It's not possible for this to reach the 50th but I don't think it matters to me if it reaches 50 or not. I'd just want to hear more of this but thanks again for the info. :)
    How cute! lol gentlewomen. I'm iffy too with the daughters being spawns but its only really 2 out of the 5 so I'm ok with it. I too loved SJ so much and hold it near and dear to my heart as my favorite Lakorn series. My expectations are high but I'm hoping that gradually I'll get use to it not being like SJ lol.

    9&9 would be such a cute couple! I'd ship haha.
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  20. Fikachu

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