[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee

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  1. Rosi

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    He wasn't a nice person to Kade in the beginning @CPY. He hurts her deep, and often too. It took me a while to love him.
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  2. Rosi

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    It's because he's cruel & hurtful to Kade right? I didn't like the suspicions & insults he piled on her either; and making her cry very badly often enough.
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  3. hdee

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    Yes...he was a jerk from the moment Karakade came....I actually wrote the comment after watching the scene where Karakade first came to their house. I'd have understood his attitude after he saw Karakade's evilness but he showed her his I-hate-you face even before that. You know it's a pity we always forget the bad things the guy does to the girl after the romance begins. They are all happy-twinkle in eyes-smile on their faces every time they see each other so we kind of disregard the crap that came before. What's worse they never apologize....thats why I wanted a scene of Date regretting how he treated Karakade and using the moon mantra...causing her death.
  4. Rosi

    Rosi Wifey #42

    @phatman & @KitKat516 you were like ships that passed in the night & you didn't recall each other? How many lakorn threads have you both been active in?
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  5. Rosi

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    If that's his claim then he's not the only one. I don't follow the Malaysian music or socialite scene but now quite a few are saying the same thing - being forced. Before this I heard they were very vocal against your Dr. M. You know this win has brought happiness and relief to a lot of people. A friend of ours from KL was in uni in the UK, and during that Malaysian Airlines flight tragedy she got a lot of ribbing how stupid her countrymen are over one fiasco to another, and especially when those witch doctors appeared with the coconuts & telescopes. It was so sad she was mostly ashamed, but the fact that she could keep her dignity is because she's a brilliant concert pianist & they respect her for that. So she's one of the happiest ones today.

    Sorry guys, just a quick aside of the recent Asian politics. Over & out ! hehe
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  6. Rosi

    Rosi Wifey #42

    What I don't like his push for the moon mantra is his vested interest in Mae Janward, for I doubt very much if he cared at all for the tragic servant, Daeng. He was like up in arms and I thought whatever for - her dad should be the one taking action. Because the chant is a magical thing & it does tantamount to killing. He's also poor at judgement but quick to pounce; and he does that often to Kade. I hated him the most when he insults her in front of people.
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  7. neenavaj

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  8. AnnTfan

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    Wow you guys from 30 pages to 800 haha the bps fever going strong
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  9. Have you guys seen this interview from Air Asia event? Pope is so charismatic :love:

    He talks about the charities especially sponsoring kids to go to school... He's been doing it for about 10 years. Used to be 1 kid, 500 baht a month and when he started to make more, he sponsored more. Now he has about 5-6 kids that he sends sponsorship money to each month. He also has other charities like wat(temple), school and hospital. He's generous guy.:icon12:

    The reporters also asked him about the "white pants" incident where the national jewels were on display. Hahahaha

    He was so cute!!!! He looked down and then he laughed this laugh and was just cool about the whole thing. He said it's his fault for choosing those pants. Hahaha *i am dying of laughter and his cuteness*
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  10. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Awe... blessed his soul. What a generous handsome guy!!! That’s so great that Pope is giving back to the community. I’m still seeing so many BPS pics on my IG feeds. How is the ratings for the week?
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  11. Katelyn

    Katelyn sarNie Oldmaid

    Thanks for the info. :thumbup: I appreciate it!!
  12. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie Oldmaid

    :sad6::sad6: I can't watch til later. I'm so jealous if all of you

    Yes he's a very generous guy. During the early days of BPS when he started to get famous people digged into his passed and found that while waiting for his first lakorn (that never happened) he was teaching kids how to draw without making money. Pope is a very humbled guy and he deserves all this, late coming but definitely deserves it :cheer:
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  13. It really was. Baby was so excited and run to him and bump into his hahaha. I laughed so hard!!!! The host said "BABY, P'Pope's face is up here!!!!"

    Pope just posted this too. How adorable is this photo and her little face!!!! His laughter wins though.

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  14. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan sarNie Oldmaid

    Omgggg!!!! This just made me love POpe even more!!!!

    And whats the white pants incident I wanna see hahah
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  15. Amata

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    Friends, tomorrow will have a volleyball match again at 18.00 pm So I don't think BSP wouldn't be on air tomorrow. Just let you know.
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  16. Starsapphire

    Starsapphire sarNie Hatchling

    Pope's IG post!

    The translation mentioned ouch! Haaa, I guessed the little fangirl must have bumped into him quite hard (ahem) in her haste to see her beloved P' Muen? They're both so sweet I'm melting~~~!


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  17. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan sarNie Oldmaid

    Pope is so sweet and funny. Definitely my taste
  18. neenavaj

    neenavaj sarNie Adult

    Lmao!!!! Oh goodness, too funny. That little girl is so cute. Lucky she even got a kiss from him. Blushing because Pope sounds like the sweetest guy out there.
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  19. Gotta love him. He is one funny guy.
    He posted "Oui, The feeling is hard to describe. #socutewhatkindofkidisthis #runandhug #targetandhit

    You know I can't do translations too much... I feel like the meaning is always lost in translation....but you get the idea. He was joking about the situation. Such a lighthearted guy. :icon12:
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  20. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie Oldmaid

    And he doesn't announce to the whole world for them to bring the cameras when he does good deeds like other celebrities.

    I was wondering about that white pants too hahhaa
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