[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


I haven't been here for so long but saw this on IG and had to share with you guys. Pope/Bella are gonna be the leads in a play made for the Thai King's Coronation Ceremony. From what I gather, it's a play about different parts of Thai's history and they're going to insert characters from popular period lakorns like See Paen Din. Nok Sinjai will be the narrator, playing Mae Ploi from See Paen Din. They're adding a little part of BPS in too but not sure what parts.

Source: Komchadluek
Omg! Wow! What an honor!
Will the King be there??

Well...there is a news about lead actress that probably will act with P’ Pope for his new drama (remade) Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma (ผู้ใหญ่ลีกับนางมา) is Yaya...what did you guys think about this? I’m just curious...:confused12:

Um. . . . ..


Has anyone noticed Pope wearing invisalign? :)
HD photos: https://twitter.com/Janja55552/status/1122837462324109312
Does he? I wouldn't be surprise.

Hi everyone. :) I'm more than a year late. Just discovered BPS early this month and have been reading this thread for days. Only covered 200 pages. So sad I missed all the fun. BPS is my first Thai drama and I've watched all 40 ep of the director's cut twice. I'm now a crazy Pope fan and hope this thread stays alive till Prom Likit is released.
Omg hello and welcome!!!! I love seeing new peeps. A year later and more new fans makes me happy!


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It seems many of us didn't see Pope's dad. So I'll make a photo book here with all the pictures I can find, baby to grownup (Part 1)View attachment 34762 View attachment 34763 View attachment 34765 View attachment 34770 View attachment 34768 View attachment 34769
Heyy @lamchieu thanks for these pictures...... man, he does look a lot like his dad especially that one with the moustache. They seems such a loving family you can tell by the mellow expressions I guess, at least we know Pope's sis great love for her brother minds him not only since when he's a baby but till today. Ohh, why am I feeling so tearful.....

(p.s. Pope's Dad looks a bit like Weir too)


You've had a field day @phatman ! One weekend & now in the office there's 145 alerts from you hehe. Did you not stop for meals?
Hahaha. I was in the car for a whole day so I had all the time in the world. Your RosiCaps were awesome. Made me want to continue my rerun. Haha. I can now that Krong Karm is over.


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I saw a new (may be old news) that TV3 released their top 5 actresses for 2019: 1. Bella, 2, Yaya, 3. Taew, 4. Kimberly, and 5. Mew.
Have anyone know about the top 5 actors for 2019 from tv3?

Strongly hope Pope was really in.
Well, this is from Thai Update. For top 5 actors are ranging from 1.Nadech, 2.Pope, 3.James J, 4.Mario, 5.Mark. And Pope likely won't have any lakorn aired this year lol
Anh the link for Actress is http://www.thaiupdate.info/top-5-ch3-actress-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3jGfa4PiCOIxPIhbsqYBZxVlEGcJiwyE-GNqZVogtrpjgz2fh5poNzYkY