[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


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Well, this is from Thai Update. For top 5 actors are ranging from 1.Nadech, 2.Pope, 3.James J, 4.Mario, 5.Mark. And Pope likely won't have any lakorn aired this year lol
Anh the link for Actress is http://www.thaiupdate.info/top-5-ch3-actress-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3jGfa4PiCOIxPIhbsqYBZxVlEGcJiwyE-GNqZVogtrpjgz2fh5poNzYkY
Thank you very much my dear @lamchieu.

Aum Bella

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Since nothing is exiting in lakorn world after Krong Karm, Raeng Ngao 2 is a bloody mess. I might as well rewatch BPS.:thumbup:
Hahahaa you sounds like "There's nothing good on, I will just settle....." Our gang here should point you in the right direction to other movies while in the wait. @CPY amongst the ones who's seen a lot and can tell you which are the good ones.

On terrific movies, you haven't seen Jam Loey Ruk, have you? People from that site used to fall into pieces following the story. @phatman 's one of them. Me too.


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So this mean that somehow Pope and Bell will go down in history book of Thailand in whatever minute mention. It’s not everyday they crown the King.

Imagine that... from being in a lakorn about history, they are now a part of it.:thumbup:
Even if they weren't going to be performing in the coronation, Pope and Bella would go down in history. BPS will be remembered as a turning point in Thai entertainment.


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Sarawat Yai is the highest rated lakorn so far this year. I haven't seen it yet, but it's on my to-watch list.
Oh it's that girl from Morrasoom Sawat! Her very romantic story with Weir, he wears the most outrageous colourful gangster shirts! I love them together in that movie, it's touching their relationship. So she's acted in 2 good movies - with him & his good friend Cee Siwat, another actor I like, in Wang Nang Hong - she sings the title song.
Thanks @Rachfull for recommending! The plot looks good! Something like Mr & Mrs. Smith! I'll go look if there's English subs.



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Hey guys, is it my computer or has neko meow meow or Thippy videos been shut down? I can't get into watching any of the English subbed movies! Was skipping through Panchara Montra the drama that's Weir with Bow Maylada, and now I want to watch it properly the sites all no longer exists. Help please? Thanks. Dearest @phatman you always know how to fix this