[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


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I'll see if anyone's subbing it, but so far I haven't found anything :sad6: I still like to watch with subs because I only understand bits and pieces and general ideas here and there.
Thanks, yes please, if you could. I saw the teaser, it looks nice.
I found a recommended site from Dramalist fans called subscene.com they sometimes translate Thai movies in document format. I managed to read while haha same time watching alongside "Mia Tuean" the unknown wife or something like that. Some movies you start to love but suffer from not knowing the language. Looking at 2 windows is distressing but it's better than nothing


Samee's wifey #42
It looks like Thippy's blog is back up, Neko's is gone. Have you looked on
? That's Neko's other blog where you can play the dramas she's subbed.
Yayyyy, thanks! How did you manage to find these things? I was starting to panic!
And yes, in the middle of the night Singapore time about 2.30am Thippy came back, makes me so glad. But it's sad because the original Meow Meow website leads a whole list of other sites on its left panel which you can link to other subbers. Let's hope it'll be alright again these next few days.
Thanks very much, @Rachfull

So are you & phat a little free now from school & dating & everything for a while? You & @phatman promised us the PopeCaps and we would love to see those! You two do it the best!


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Hahaaaa, in Phet & PJ's profiles they named Pope as their friend (bestest mates I think it's meant 'cos it looks in real life that they are), but in Pope's he didn't. He only has his family - Mum & sis. I guess he's likely loved by many & he loves them back, he's probably thinking it'll be a long list & will hurt those he didn't called out.


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Meantime ...... the production crew got hauled in for a major slip!


The Royal Boat Race of the year, supposedly watched by hundreds (if not thousands, Thailand is such a big country)


Attended by the royal presence of the Queen


And here we have an almost empty pier



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But in the midst of all that day's joy




Someone's paying it with sadness


The first stirrings of the switch of attention by her neighbourhood suitor


From not minding his used-to-be-hated-fiancee landing on his lap


To having no eyes for anyone but her


And making come hither bedroom eyes in front of the whole country

Por Date to Kade : I want to smother you with butter and strawberry jam and maybe a dollop of fresh cream


Mae Janward: I should have stopped hoping from the last time Mommy sent me to bring him cookies. I've always used food as excuse to go over. One time it made my maid drowned. That last time he didn't even pop it into his mouth. If I don't have cookings to get his attention what do I have? If I only dare to lap dance! Isn't that what she's doing? A lap dance? See where it's gotten her!