Actresses you don't consider "pretty"


preetam said:
Actually this is not about getting smaller or thicker her bodyline has not changed for me but just in the latest videos I have seen those traits are bigger namely compared to TH it is not like that
I think her face did seem to have gotten bigger. IDK, maybe her body got...smaller? HAHA. Maybe it's the hair? She's always had a big manly face though, so the changes are very subtle. Her neck doesn't really help either because it's short. :ghehe: . Sorry Kimmy! Still love ya!


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[SIZE=10pt]This topic is soo. Ouy. Ouch. Raeng LOL.. but I do have my own list.. -_-[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Kaew Jarinya (ch.8 or FFK)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Jieb [/SIZE][SIZE=9.5pt]Sopitnapa[/SIZE] [SIZE=9.5pt](exact)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]Pang Onjira (exact)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]Noi Busakorn (Ken.. Why oh why, I still ask)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]Richie Omrawadee[/SIZE] [SIZE=9.5pt](girl who starred in the Koo Kum movie w/ Nadech)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]Mew Lalita (older ch.3? n’ek. She would always ruin lakorns for me)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]Girls that might end up on my list in the future [/SIZE][SIZE=9.5pt]à[/SIZE][SIZE=9.5pt] It’s sad what these two had done to their faces Pat Napapa & Grand The Star[/SIZE]


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I am sorry for the previous seems that something happened with some of my posts....and since I am low tech....will just erase and edit....and hope that it won't happen again.
I am really sorry: tgamber, step and eikcivx.


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Preen R.- I'm sorry but her nose is really distracting, comparing her to orders she is not pretty enough to be a main lead. I don't know if you have notice but in her lakorn they will only shoot her from certain angles to make her look good. A main lead should look good no matter what angle.
Pancake- overall she should only have supporting roles
Kwan- make up helps her a lot, she can't pull off the natural look. I saw some pics of her without make up and I was like OMG what happen :eek:
There are some actress that look pretty with and without makeup Kwan is not one of them.

Just my opinion, I don't mean to offend anyone.


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I think out of the 4hhkk Kimmy and Yaya looks the prettiest/most beautiful. I love Margie but I don't find her that pretty :)


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Hmmm... The actresses that I don't find all that pretty...
Cheer T
Mint C.
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i think i have read every thai actress's name lets all agree that theres no one that everyone can unanimously agree is pretty or unpretty..all i know is that they are all pretty enough to make a decent living off their looks and talent.

some people are cute and pretty like yaya - girl next door
some people are chic and modern glam - kimberly
some people are sporty and cute - margie
some people are classic beauties -anne thong
some people are traditional thai style - pancake, cheer
some people are mixed culture beautiful -bella, preem, ester

but lets face it most of the worlds stars including thai stars have had work done to their face...whos really a natural beauty that should be the big question..


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Well for me... If we remove the makeup of ALL actresses, no one, or just a few would be pretties.

But WITH makeup and still not pretties... I think of :

- Mint Chalida
- Mint Natwara Wongwasna
- Preem Ranida
- Mew Nittha Jirayngyurn

& some others than I don't have in mind right now x)


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Damn, I didn't know there was a thread like this?! It should be ban lol, just saying. To not cause any fans from fighting with each other haha.:p
Well, can't help it since it all comes down to bias and types. You do you and they do them, I guess. :) I have my list too, but I still have respect to those actresses, atleast a tiny drop. Most of my bias is on the unpretty list (ouch!!)... o_O

It's more like an opinion and stereotype thingy that girls do
when they badmouth about other girls.:facepalm:
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