Actresses you don't consider "pretty"

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Cupid Candy, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Aum P - She's ok, but her overrated and not sexy self just makes me not want to look at her.
    Noon Siraphan - The haircut totally made her ugly, she was ok with the long hair
    Nat Myria - I don't find her pretty
    Benz Pornchita - Never found her pretty
    Pat - the plastic surgery jsut makes her really ugly
    Kimberly - yeah i know lots of people find her pretty, i just don't
    Koy Ratchawin - i don't find her pretty, kinda reminds me of Noon Siraphan
    Margie R - her legs are too long, her teeth are too overbite

    The list goes on and on but these are my main ones.
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  2. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    awe -- i like those actresses and find them beautiful but then again, it's my eyes who sees them like this lol
  3. TheGurlo22

    TheGurlo22 sarNie Adult

    I agree with you..i don't think those actresses are pretty either :D
  4. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    Hmm..Well, everyone is pretty in their own ways even if they are so overrated. lol
    That's just how and what i think. :)
  5. Joy

    Joy sarNie Hatchling

    i actually don't find any of the ones listed up there pretty either.
    Margie is kinda cute, but only for a little bit.
    My mom is watching the drama with all them korean boys in it, and i don't find the main girl pretty either, also the n'ek from Ngao Rak Luang Jai.

    i'm pretty sure i more names to add, but just can't think of them right now.
  6. ceda_lee

    ceda_lee sarNie OldFart

    Jieb (exact)
  7. sabaidee_keo

    sabaidee_keo sarNie Hatchling

    All the girls Cupid Candy listed, I think they are all pretty...even Aum, although I dislike her a lot lol. I think Pancake is pretty too. If she came to America, you know guys would be all over her haha. I've never really watched any of her lakorns though because I find her boring. :/

    The ones I find unpretty :nailbiter:
    Jieb - the one that starred in "Ching Chang" She has a nice personality, but looks-wise, she's not nang-ek material. :/

    Pang - she has a big nose, even bigger than Aum's and she looks kinda like a horse to me... her eyes are bulgy and weird too

    Mint - the one paired with Mark. she looks like an owl or something...her face looks really weird for me. I'm trying really hard to like her but her looks distract me lol

    Ning - even though I absolutely adore her because she was such a good, proper nang-ek, sadly, I always thought her looks wasn't all that pretty. she looked like a normal girl that isn't a main character sometimes... it'd bother me when I watch her lakorns lol because she looks so plain.

    Cherry - I love her, but she looks like a guy sometimes or a gay lesbian girl or just really old... Sometimes she'd look pretty in different angles, but when it really comes down to it...she's not really what I'd prefer nang-eks to look like lol I'm so mean I know :[ but I like her as an actress though, so I've learned to try to ignore her manly looks.

    that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure more will pop up when I can recall their faces :)
  8. Kudaranai

    Kudaranai sarNie Adult

    This is a dangerous thread, lol.

    I think Pang is kind of pretty, when she's not trying SO hard to be pretty or sexy.
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  9. triANGgo

    triANGgo lekie_lucious

    wow... abit harsh people....
  10. fun

    fun YGfamily

    I think I prefer as being unattractive than not looking pretty. You can look pretty yet not attract certain people's eyes. I honestly am not attracted to AumP. I don't find her unpretty, she just not the pretty that attracts me lol... something that bothers me, her curve is just... I don't know... weird? I like girls with curve with some meat. And her mouth, I don't know why, but I just can't stand it.

    Cherry, omg this girl is so pretty in Kaew Tah Pee but then again that is it ahahaha.

    Min (ch7) she is just like AumP, I can spot the differences but she brings in the same vibe- unattractive.

    Jieb (Ch5) OMG not to be mean but she's just butt ugly. I admire her nice skin, but nice skin does not equal pretty. She looks 10 years her age. =O

    To be continue... lol
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  11. iluvjin

    iluvjin sarNie Adult

    @nang keo, I couldn't help but laugh at your comment on mint and how she looks like and owl. She's the one that looks like Aum right? I don't think she's pretty either, she just doesn't have the charisma other actresses have. I saw a clip of a MV with her and it didn't attract me to it at all.

    I would say there are a lot but it's just that they are beautiful to me. They might have the talent but not the right look. I agree that Aum isn't beautiful to me, she is just bland to me and over does the sexy.

    I think Cherry is beautiful but I hate it when they put to much makeup on her and make her dress up like a guy for to long. It makes her less pretty.

    I don't think Chompoo is pretty, theres something about her that I don't like.
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  12. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    dunt hate me, its just my opinion k :nailbiter:
    Fang kinda looks lke a guy (mustache look?)
    Toey there's sumthing bout her that i dislike!
    Pat N her face is too skinny.
    Ploy C after seeing her as n'rai her pretty innocent face is gone.
    Grand i dunno i prefer her to not do lakorns she should just stick with the music industry.
    Mint N totally hate her.
    Nat E she don't have the pretty n'ek look.
    Pang O her face is a totaly ewww.
    Aump i dunt like her face.
    Min P i dunno if i like her or not, she just a copy of aump.
    Nat D i hate her as n'rai i dunno. argh.
    Aff totally her nose is consider a blackout to her face. sry
    Benz P not pretty at all.
    Namfon P i dunt like her face structure
    Namfon K wierd looking, i just dislike her.
    :whatever: :facepalm: :vomit: :yuck:
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  13. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Beauty is in the eyes of the OMG Actress that aren't pretty...there are so many, but I guess it's really n'eks that I don't consider pretty :p

    This is hard because there's been times when I've thought some n'eks are ugly, but then some grow on me whereas others just don't. Some n'eks are pretty, but not attractive. Don't know if I'm wording that correctly.

    I agree on:
    • Noon Siraphan - I don't know if it's her hair or her mouth. I just can't find her attractive. I don't get why she likes the short hair look.
    • Nat Myria - Never thought she was pretty. Good singer though.
    • Benz Pornchita - She's photogenic, but not videogenic. I do like her acting.
    • Mint N - Not n'ek material, More like she can play n'rai. She just has that look and voice that doesn't attract me.

    mainhiathao, no worries. I kinda agree w/ you on some of them. I was afraid to say it, but now I gotta say
    • Toey - She's nice and everything, but not pretty in my eyes.
    • Grand - Sorry :( not pretty. But Grace is pretty.
    • Cherry - Pretty w/long hair, but otherwise she reminds me of a guy too. I like most of her dramas though.
    • Noi Busakorn - Idk I just never found her very attractive. But, I like some of her dramas.
    • Tong Pakramai - She's not pretty to me. Kinda reminds me of Nat M. but I like her lakorns (esp. Ja Eh Baby)
    • Peung Kunya - Maybe I just don't like baby face n'ek. I like her dramas, just not her face.
    • Pok Piyatida - I remember telling myself when I watched my first drama of hers...woah how is she n'ek? She looked better in Nang Tard though, but seems so old.
    • Poo Praiya - I think she's more n'rai material. Not pretty enough for n'ek roles.
    • Oom Siriyakorn - Again, maybe I don't like baby face n'eks.
    • Pat Ungsumalin - Don't know, something about her that I don't find attractive. Perhaps she took my Dan!!! lol

    Lot of people think Jieb is ugly. But I find her okay. I don't like her in n'ek roles, but when I look at her face closely, she's really pretty. She's like normal pretty where if a guy sees her walking around, they probably wouldn't mind dating or marrying her.
  14. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    Here goes my list of Actress aren't pretty..

    Pat - The plastic surgery makes her the other way around from pretty cute to ugly stick to natural look better
    Kat English - never find her pretty but good singing voices
    Pang - I think she's too overated. Trying too hard to be pretty and sexy but not toward that grade yet.
  15. lexa1083

    lexa1083 sarNie Hatchling

    Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder...Like, Aum P I don't find her pretty but I find Min P pretty...people say they look the same but they really dont.

    The women I think are not pretty are:

    Cherry - She looks very manly
    Cheer - She's just funny looking
    Peung - Her eyes annoy me and her facial expression
    Ja Jitappa - Ugly girl...
    There's the new girl who's starring with Cee Siwat (dunno her name) but she is not pretty at all.
    Kwan Usamanee - Can't get used to her look...
    Chompoo - I think she's ugly and overrated.
    Mint P - from channel three is hideous.

    Benz Porchita - She's aging much better than she used to look.
    Aff - I'm starting to think she's pretty but it took a LONG while for me to get used to her face.
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  16. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    the one with Cee i believe her name is Aimee Morakot Kittisar...

    yhes yhes Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! sounds cliche but trueeee..
  17. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    Mint P is not channel three she's the ch7.
  18. jchax

    jchax sarNie Egg

    I think she was talking about Mint Natwara, and if not- I'm not sure who then.
    BUT- it's "Min P" (for Min Pechaya) that's from CH7.. typo, I guess? :]
  19. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Oh yes, Ja not pretty. Really ugly and plain. Ruined Sai Soke for me.
  20. kwan20

    kwan20 sarNie Adult


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