Actresses you don't consider "pretty"


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Well for me... If we remove the makeup of ALL actresses, no one, or just a few would be pretties.

But WITH makeup and still not pretties... I think of :

- Mint Chalida
- Mint Natwara Wongwasna
- Preem Ranida
- Mew Nittha Jirayngyurn

& some others than I don't have in mind right now x)
I agree except with Mew. :D


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idk for me

Vill...I thought she was very pretty at one point in time, she had that natural look when she first started but now with all that makeup and stuff she doesn't look natural anymore and I hate looking at her for a long period of time. I just can't stand all that makeup they put on her it doesn't look good at all, it make her look plastic. Now of days I can't stand watching her lakorns anymore after Sud Sai Pan with Tootum that was the last lakorn I saw her in and I do like this lakorn also. Don't hate on me.

Mint Natwara idk she's just not that pretty to me.

Sometimes, Mai Davika...idk I just can't stand her acting, I can't stand to look at her for very long either. Never once finished her lakorns at all. At times I think she kinda looks like a guy.

Aum, yeah she has that flare nose that goes on and it annoys the crap out of me.

Min P, yeah her nose annoys me too and she always looks so tired to me...they should let her rest

Tangmo just never liked her

Pancake, idk what it was about her, I just never liked her.


Pinky i use to like her in Wong Wein Hua Jai, but these days she just not pretty

Noona, i know ya gonna hate. but I just don't find her appealing.


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@Kiachue1 gosh I have to agree with Vill. I loved her in SSP now I can't even stand her.

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I know Ester have some n'ek role but I feel like she should be playing only 2nd lead role. And that Mint Chalida girl as well.
Yep, Ester, and Mint and Margie too, to me, they just fail to register as beautiful enough to deserve to be n'eks. No offense to their fans, this is entirely my personal opinion. And I'm not talking about their talent.


I don't know the hype about Yaya and Kim. They both are decent beauties. Not ugly nor hot. Just right in the middle. And they both are improving as actresses. Hopefully they both will be great veterans like Anne T one day. Just my thoughts!


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Pancake - just not pretty.

Kim- her face is a little masculine but she do have a nice athletic body.

Ann T - I enjoy watching her lakorn but I don't think she's pretty. Must be her lips or something. She look better when she smiles with her teeth out.

Margie - not pretty and too skinny

Ester - same reason as Margie. She look more like a 2nd lead character
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There really is no atcress that I don't consider pretty. They are always pretty in their own way somehow. But if according to my taste, I would say Aum Patcharapa, Baitoey Zuvapit, Cheer Tikumporn, Egg Butsakorn, Yui Jiranan, Ying Ying Sarucha, and Ploy Cherman.


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I think all is pretty in their own way..


I find that my "view" changes on who I find "attractive...sometime it's the role they play that add to their "prettiness"/personality.

In general everyone falls in all different categories of "beauty" according to the eye of the beholder...
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