❤️[CH7] Mon Garn Bandan Ruk (Dida Video) : Mik Thongraya/Bow Maylada


sarNie Egg
If the Subbing Gods grace us, I'll definitely watch this. I'd watch Mik sitting on a chair reading the Yellow Pages, and I loved Bow's spunkiness in her role in KC. Also, the storyline feels more like a k-drama than a lakorn so that makes it even more interesting. Any news of the presumed release date?


sarNie OldFart
She’s really dating Donut or it’s a koo-jin promo? Well Donut is around her age, it agrees Mik suits her better. Lol


You're Average Person :)
At first I thought it was for promotion sake but theres no reason to promote anything since they're not having a lakorn together so I think they might be dating. Lol I think they're cute