what is the best lakorn of all time?


sarNie Hatchling
Manee yardfa-Willy/Ann
So sanea ha-Oil/Aum
Leud Kattiya/ Roy lei Sanai rai-Tik/Aom
Mon ruk mae nam moon- Weir/Jui

My all times bc I can always re-watch.


sarNie OldFart
Johnny/Namfon lakorn
I can't remember lakorn names but there were lots from 90's that i can rewatch mutiple times
Two Spirit love...I can watch mutiple time (currentlying doing so)


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
Wanida of Lalita and Sarunyu.
Samee of Joy and Paul
Dao Prasok of Num/Kob
Recipe of Love Ken/Ann
I can watch many times.


sarNie Hatchling
My list basically consist of lakorns that I obsessively watch over and over for a period of time.
Manee Yard Fah (Willy & Ann)
Sood Sanae Ha (Ken & Ann)
Oum Rak (Ken & Ann)
Samee (Pol & Joy)
Kha Badin (James & Matt)
Nirad Song Pope (Pip & Bongkot)
Royman (Bee & Pok)


Miss KimBarry ❤
The lakorn that i wasn't disappointed even once is Leh Nangfah with Vill & Push, the end was soooo cuuuuute  :wub:


Expired Sarnie
Ka Neung Ha!!!

Sawan Bieng 2008, not technically the best lakorn but definitely the best written characters and acting wise.

Oum Ruk

Sood Sanaeha

Klin Kaew Klang Jai

Rang Ngao 2000, the second half.


sarNie OldFart
To me, there's no best lakorn of all time. Almost all of them are lacking something. Even my favorite lakorns.
Here are my favorite lakorns of all time:
Ning and Parson -Ka Neung Ha
Saranyu & Numpung - Mon Ruk Look Toong 1995
Pol & Joy - Samee
Ann & Willy - Manee Yard Fah
Willy & Mew - the one that takes place in the desert
Mew & Saranyu - Wanida
Pip & Bongkot - Nirad Song Pope
Til & Aom - Roy Lie snah rai
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In love with Phet Thakrit <3
There's really no best lakorn of all time but when I think about the "best lakorn", I think of

Bang Rajun & Koo Kum 2013. Both have sad endings too, lol.