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  • I'm so happy that Min's got 3 million followers on instagram. It may not be as much as other Thai actress/actors, but getting there.
    Weekends with no Ban Sai Thong to watch and spazz with is no fun! I hate it when lakorns end, because it's just so hard to get use to not watching it on the days it usually aired, when doing it for +4 weeks.
    I feel your pain. The weekends just aren't the same anymore without Poj & Chai Klang!
    Aww! I also hate it when my lakorns end and I'm left with nothing to watch. :)
    I won Deungdutijai free calendar!!!! I get Ch8's calendar. Oh well, ch8 is better than nothing. I really did wanted ch3 calendar though; I know practically everyone in ch3, and no one in ch8
    Congrats :)
    Just now I realised that there is ch8 as well!!
    I know, channel 8 isn't as big. I wish Deungdutijai replaced ch8 with ch7 calendar. But I don't think ch7 even started on their calendar yet.
    LOL, I was surprised I won too. 555
    Seriously can't wait for Nadech and Mew's movie to come out. Can't wait to watch ep 2 of Baan Sai Thong
    Only got 4 hours of sleep b/c I was watching last ep of TSL when I didn't even finish my hw. Look what Thai dramas have done to me LOL
    Just found out that Nov 3 2014 Weir and Min did merit together and Nov 3 2015 is their fitting ceremony. Now I love Nov 3
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