Tueng Rai Kor Rak(Polyplus)


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Wasn't RAHUT RAISSYA from PolyPlus? I didn't watch taht one but seemed like ALOT of fans loved it.

Goshh... Pauls acting isn't satisfying me :) Esp. when he gets sad/teary.. Not convincing he just just look stupid and gay!
i know and it doesn't help either seeing him plotting revenge when he marry the sister .. so no convincing. don't know why he's in the sadistic club


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I can't believe Tui is getting away with everything! He raped a second person, yet Na sees him as a good guy. Ughh. Gets on my nerves. Poor Tanya, a third attempt of rape, and a second successful one. No wonder she's crazy!


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^:loool: that's b/c TUI is a goody good in front of Na that's why she doesn't know plus TUI threaten everyone to expose their secrets if they reveal anything to Fon, Tui is acontrol freaks.


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K, just starting watching this one. I'm slow. Anyways, I got to ep. 5 and lost interest. I like the :slapandkissse3: lakorns but this one isn't doing it for me. The premise for taking revenge on her I find to be weak. K, he loves her and pratically ignores his wife until she's dead. If he didn't really love her when she was alive, why is he so angry now. I understand that he's angry with the fact that the woman he loves supposedly kill his wife. Besides, I don't really care for pra'eks to sleep with sisters with weak reasons. Also, I think it could be a bit better if the nang'ek and pra'ek weren't so in love prior to the incident. Thought it was good. I don't know, in one crying scene with Paul he looks a little chubby. Skipping this one now.


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TUI IS SUCH A FAKEEEEEE! First he make me feel pity for him and stuff but he really an a$$hoe!
*hi5 on that. i dont' feel sorry for him anymore after what he did to everyone .. so gross !!!


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i wonder what the rating for this lakorn is.. seems like a majority of us are disappointed in it. haha ;D


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THANKS YUERAIN. I haven't heard the ending song; I didn't like theme song it was boring >.<
Yay there goes a SLAPP IN THE FACE for Paul :p Fon is so tiny.


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gosh i stopped watching this lakorn...there are too many things that bother me about it...ugh!


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^ami, i almost want to quite but Fon kept me going.
i still have yet to catch up to last wk episodes :( ..
Paul bugged me too much :lmao:


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only 2 eps? i thought there should be more, ok, i have to admit it's a suck lakorn. quite unbelievabe there are so many stupid plots.


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i still don't understand why paul wants to revenge n'ek so much when he never loved his fiance, i don't get why he is doing this for her. and he's not doing it for himself because he has no reason to hurt n'ek. n'ek and p'ek loved each other in the beginning, the middle(p'ek was cheating on his fiance nong mon with the n'ek), and the end so i don't know where it turned sour for him.


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^that is why it's very hard for us to read his mind -- could be Paul's portrayal suck .. aside from that, they love each other so so much even when he's engage to her, he still love her. so yup. like everyone, what trigger his mind to take revenge on someone he didn't seem to love to begin with ..


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so is this lakorn coming to end?..i gave up on it long time ago. sucks that i cant even finish namfons past few lakorns. actually, i only liked jao sao ban rai the most.