Tueng Rai Kor Rak(Polyplus)


sarNie Coma
credit to sunny @ spicy forum

odd pair but glad to see tanya/namfon in more projects. the title sounds interesting it goes with tui's character cuz hes mean but dont know about paul though

the girl posing with Tui is cute but wheres namfon?..
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credit to anonymous @ AFC

Lakorn : Tueng Rai Kor Ruk (Polyplus - Two In One)
Cast : Paul Pattarapon, Namfon Patcharin, Tanya & Tui AF 3
Broadcasting : TV3
On Air : June 30, 2008 - ?
Time : 8:30 PM THAILAND TIME (Monday & Tuesday)
0fficial site : http://www.thaitv3.com/drama/51toraitorak/51toraitorak.html

Streaming :

Live Streaming:
01. http://www.siamtv.org/start.html
02. http://www.me.in.th/Live/
03. http://truemusic2.truelife.com/home/player...vetv.php?guid=3
04. http://watch.squidtv.net/asia/thailand.html
05. mms:// :(
06. http://www.kikugamo.com/thaitv21/tv3k256.asx
07. http://www.kikugamo.com/thaitv21/tv3k512.asx
08. mms://
09. http://tvonline.thaicool.com/thaitv/asx/3.asx <-wrong audio too
10. http://tv.thai4promotion.com/
11. http://www.free-thaitv.com/3.html
12. http://tvonline.thaicool.com/thaitv/live/3.asp <- wrong audio
13. http://www.maxnettv.tv/module_tvonlines/in...lay&id=1392

Synopsis :

Download : Here

Episode 01 : 06.30.2008
Episode 02 : 07.01.2008
Episode 03 : 07.07.2008
Episode 04 : 07.08.2008

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sarNie Oldmaid
Tui character sounds interesting. cool namfon is nang aek with Tui. she use to go to show and said she like him. like his singing. now they get to work together. she would be happy. but hope he's not too mean to Namfon though. yeah where is she in the fitting?


sarNie Coma
i think namfon is actually getting with paul and tanya is the n'rai. as for tui, hes probaly getting with the girl that we was posing with


sarNie Oldmaid
oh well then, it's o.k. as long as Namfon is the nang aek i'm satisfy. that was why Tui was posing with Joy for the photo shoot. whoa so i guess Tui is going to play as the bad guy then. but from the title of the la korn isn't pra aek or nang aek suppose to be mean? which one is it. Paul or Namfon.


sarNie Coma
it could be the pra'ek thats mean cuz i dont think namfon would fit that role. yeh, the title sounds interesting.


sarNie Oldmaid
Thanks for the clip. the storyline sounds very interesting. slap & kiss, pra aek kidnap nang aek to the island. like Jum luey ruk. will be fun. i can't wait.


sarNie OldFart
Namfon is so pretty, thanks nida!!

Paul actually looks okay in this lakorn :p

Tui matches his girl.. lol.

I still wished he got with Namfon but oh well as long as Namfon is nang'ek.

Tanya is pretty herself too.


sarNie OldFart
Joy, Tanya and Namfon looks gorgeous. Fon looks like she's having alot of fun here at the fitting :D

So happy to see more of Fon she has three upcoming lakorns this year! Its actually 4 but the one with Por isn't confirmed yet >.<

Tui is cute but I don't like how they dress him here and how his hair is.