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  • Lol, I know! It's been that long. I love nadech too. But I miss "Steam" so much!!!!! I was just rewatching it the other day.
    hello teedee and yes i love them!! they are so cute and adorable they are a prefect match for one another lol :)
    hi teedee,
    sure, i want to be friends with you. i like natthew in nuer manut. i think he's cute. lol.
    Hey for some reason my yahoo account is not working...so try and e-mail me at my hotmail...kk...
    I love it so much...and I will finish it...I love the second guy...he is gaining up on me...I love him...him and keaw is so cute...love them...I wish they will do another lakorn again...
    Hey teedee...I have just been watching the lakorn that you recommended...and it is really good so far...I can not wait to watch the rest of it...I Love it...thanks for telling me about it.
    heyy ii just post up Teaser 1 for "Vampire Reincarnate".it's the part II of "Vampire Sex".ii just changee thee tiitlee.hopee you enjoyy iit. :D
    Hi, Teedee! I miss the "Wong Win Hui Jai" days! Now it is "Duang Jai Akanee" eh?! Please spoil me with spoilers. I read your post from the thread of DJA. I want to know. Talk to you soon!!! Thank you!
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