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  • thank sunny.
    that sound super fun. i so happy for you. i can't wait to see the pictures. gonna be loads of it. ah, which remind me off. i was watching TV the other day and saw fon in some commercial thing. i can't remember what it is. darn it. have fun in thailand again ^^
    wow. that's awesome .. i so can't wait to see new pictures. been missing her on magazine .. i'm all gear up and excite for the lakorn .. one more days .. not counting SUNDAY LOl. Visiting temple? Anyway, i read in spicy, she rec'd the birthday wishes from fans. that's good. glad and happy she likes it. i so can't wait to see the picture .. thank you na kha :wub:
    Sunny ja what program do you use for web design? I'm thinking you use frontpage... the thing is im trying to design a webbiie to and i have dreamwever and frontpage but don't know which is easier =/ ;p thanks you
    hahah yeah i knows and goodluck girls muahah i know how it is when it comes to updating im lazy myself; thats why my forum is sooooo dead lols
    lols oh yesh ya'll are; hahaha i had to post my long as post because some people were assuming that i was kissing up to you girls;
    hegegege that thread got sooo long now; LOL its so funny too because it's one of the most active threads in the forum lols;
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