Thai Stars with perfect english


sarNie Egg
Kimberely ( i think she speaks pretty fluent but not as much)
Taya Rogers (Yeah, totally.Commercials and right now in LA)
Yaya Urassaya ( Speaks very fluently)
Alex Rendell


sarNie Hatchling
I'd say Paula Taylor speaks very well and she obviously has Australian accent. I read that Stefan went to school in England but when he speaks, I don't see him having British accent at all. It sounds like he has Thai accent (sorry, I'm not Thai so I'm not sure if his really is).

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I haven't heard him speak in full sentences but from the few words he has spoken i think he's pretty good. As for Jayda (J Jetrin's daughter) she can't even speak Thai properly so of course her English is great.


sarNie Hatchling
Oh gosh ! Hugo 's "obviously" are obviously hot :bhehe: he should come back on screen. even for a little mini tiny lakorn :pervie:
Yaya is speaking english very very fast !!! Chomp is so cute and her english is perfect.
I don't know who is fifi blake but her accent is so sexy :!


Expired Sarnie
Beau's English reminds me of SNSD Jessica but much much much better.

Patricia's English is just too darn cute.

And Hugo's English is as sexy as ever!!! Love the accent. I can listen to him talk all day!!!


sarNie Adult
Don't know if anyone's mentioned this but here's my favorite superstar, Bird Thongchai McIntyre with his accent free English!

You can hear him speaking English around mid video.