Taeng Yan Neung Pi kaung Rao (Our 1 year Marriage) Ch.10 Updated 12.9.12


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Chapter 5:​

The doctor cheeks her eye's as they weren't moving, the doctor cheeks her blood it wasn't looking good. "Doctor her heart is dropping"​

The doctor looked up "Go get me the HPV NOW!!!!!" The nurse ran to go get it as they set it at 50, bumping her​

"1,2,3 clear" (Bump) "Go to 70….1,2,3 Clear (Bump) go to 90…1,2,3 clear (Bump)" The doctor looking at her heart, her heart stopped​

"We need to hurry go to 100…..1,2,3 Clear (Bump)"​

As Mint gasp for a breath. Her eyes widen opened her heart was back to normal. "Doctor she's back" The doctor smiled He then looked at Mint's eye's again.​

"She's back to normal, but the affection is still inside her brain, she must get surgery sooner or later" The nurse shook her head Yes.​

Mark waiting for 2 hours for the doctor to come back with the result of Mint. He heard the door push opened he got up fast going to the doctor​

"How's my wife Mor" the doctor looked at him as they lost her "How is she, (grabbing onto the doctor shaking him) How is she tell me Mor" He yelled at his face.​

"Uh….We lost her just earlier but i guest a miracle help her to come back again" Mark smiled "But (His smiled went off) The affection is still in her,"​

Mark was confused "Affection"​

Mor: Chai ka. She may have a 50% percent of surviving or not. Uh has she been taking her pills​

Mark: Pills what pills she never told me about pills.​

Mor: There pills to cure her.​

Mark: What can we do to take this affection out of her​

Mor: There's only one way, which is surgery​


Mor: Chai ka, you have less then 24 hours to decide before she goes?​

Mark became very emotional…as a tear came rolling down his eye, the doctor walked away a few step when Mark stopped him​

"May I see my wife" The doctor looked at him​

"Kor Tor na ka, I believe you can't see your wife, her affection is now sensitive, she's in the E.R room, You may watch her from a glass window na"​

He then walked away Mark followed him as he led her to the glass window where Mint was put, when he saw her he shattered in tears never thought of seeing her like this.​

Tubes were put in her nose down her throat, big white tubes around her needles inside of her, the breathing thing by her mouth and a tube in her mouth.​

"Is it really this bad" the doctor shook his head yes Mark glanced at her again "Do it P'Mor, do anything to keep her alive" "Kab"​

Yaya was coming in her house with bags of food until she saw her mother crying. "Mae ka" she dropped the food and ran to her mom​

"What is it mom?" her mother looked at her "Paw thy lao Yaya, Paw thy lao ka" When Yaya heard that her father died she became speechless "Alai na Mae" she said softly​

"Ming jing, Chan-Chan mai chua, Paw mai thy" She beginner to cry. As she ran out the door "YAYA WHERE ARE YOU GOING. YAYA" she ran 1 mile away as She ran passed​

Nadech. "Oww Yaya where are you going" He ran after her as he caught up to her grabbing her by her arm. Yaya turned to look at him, he saw her in tears.​

"Why are you crying?" She hugged Nadech fast, she cried on his shoulder. "P'Nadech" nadech started to hold her tight in his arms​

"Mai thong hyoo. P'Nadech is here"​

Mark was sleeping on the hospital bench outside the surgery room waiting for them to come out saying "Your wife is all right now" but he waited for at least​

4 hours. One of the nurses woke him up asking him if he would like to sleep on a bed, but he denied instead he sat up and called Mint's family and his.​

Moments later Mario and his mom and dad came. "Aye… What's wrong with Mint" Mario asked Mark. But Mark sat there looking at the floor.​

"Mark-Mark" he shook Mark, Mark looked up at Mario "what?" "How is she?" Mark looked back at the floor "Shes-" the doctor came out, Mark got up fast​

"How is she doctor" The doctor looked at him "HOW IS SHE?" "HEY…. (Mario grabbed him away) Mark keep your temper down"​

P'Mor: Right now, she is still unconscious, but the affection is now gone (He smiled)​

Mark smiled, as Mark turned to Mario and hugged his brother and step mom and when it came to his dad, he didn't he looked at his dad, for the first time eye-to-eye.​

"Dad is very happy with you" He smiled at him for the first time, as Mark smiled back at him, his dad then hugged him as he hugged his dad to.​

"Thank you dad"​

Mark then turned back to the doctor "May I see my wife" he tried to go in the surgery room but the doctor stopped him. He laughed "Where are you going"​

"See my wife" "Owwww You can't go in. We will have to unhook the breathing tube and everything na. (he smiled at him) it will only take about 20-30 minutes. she will be​

placed in room 2309" MArk smiled "Ka P'Mor" He went back into the surgery room. While Mark stood there smiling can't wait to see Mint.​

(20 Mintues later)​

When he walked into the room, there he saw Mint on the bed. He went up to her sitting next to her holding her hand. he kissed her hand.​

"wake up na, wake up so i can see your beautiful eye's and hear your soft voice that always told me You loved me"​

That moment Mint's fingered moved he felt it as he looked at it. He got up from his chair putting his hand on her face and the other holing her hand.​

"Mint, day yin mai, day yin mai" Mint coughed and she slowly opened her eyes, as the first thing she saw was Mario​

(Ok i know you guys r confused on the whole Mark and Mario thing, you know how sometime in drama's the P'ek comes sees the N'ek and when the P'ek touchs the N'ek, the N'ek​

opens it's eyes and sees someone else….If ur confused just send me a message)​

Mario: Hi Mint are you feeling alright now​

Mint: Ka (she shook her head) P'Mark you ti ni?​

Mario: (he laughed) I told him to go home and freshen up, he hanse;t shower for 3 days now, and why are you still calling him P'Mark huh?​

Mint: I forgot​

Mark came in and saw mario and mint talking. "Mint" Mint looked at Mark "I think i should leave you 2 together na" Mario lifted the room leaving behind both spouse.​

Mark looked at Mint as Mint looked at Mark. Mint couldn't bare to look at him as she turned her head down, Mark walked to her putting down his motorcycle helmet hard on​

the ground witch scared Mint.​

"why didn;t you tell me Mint?"​

"About what?"​


Mint: Don't yell at me Mark.​

Mark turned around as his tears were coming down, she was right, how can he yell at her, he turned to her, Mint seeing his tears made her emotional.​

"I'm sorry honey" he grabbed a chair sitting besides her bed. Mint grabbed his hand. "I'm sorry for not telling you Mark" Mark looked at her.​

He hugged her tight in his arms, Mint did the same, "I couldn't bare to lose you Mint, please if you ever have these issue tell me, i really lost you, what will i do"​

"I didn't know you can feel this pain Mark" Mark pulled her away, as both his hand were on both side of her shoulders.​

"You my little fairy, i must not let anything happen to you, cause your the center of my everything" Mint's eye's were watery. "Poom rak khun na" he hugged her again tightly.​

Ok so who is ready for the juicy parts, now this is when everything starts in the next chapter, where Mint finds out about Mark's affair, and his son, Gino.


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sarNie Egg
Chapter 6.1:​

"Mom i'm alright" Mint said to her mother… Her mother didn't want to leave the hospital at all but was forced by her daughter. "Mom, don't worry na, you know i'll take good​

care of her" Mark said to his in-law "MMMM i know you will, if i didn't you would propose to her in public na" Everyone in the room laughed of joy. Mint then turn to​

look at Mark as Mark kissed her cheek and everyone was making cute sounds as Mint carefully hits him. "Then where gonna go now na honey" "Dai ka paw, drive safe na"​

When they lifted the room Mark and Mint were watching there favorite tv show Paranormal Witnesses (Aka: Animal Planet's scariest tv show on earth)​

until Mark's dad came in the room "Dad" Mint looked at her dad-in-law she then showed manner to bowing to him "Sawadee ka Paw"​

His father smiled "Mark may i speak to your wife really quick" Mark looked at Mint, Mint nodded as it was ok. "Ka'' He then exit the room.​

He walked over to Mint sitting on Mark's chair. "How are you feeling?" Mint smiled at him "Di ka" (Aka: Good)​

Mint: Is there anything you will like to discuss with me Dad​

dad-In-Law: I just wanted to say that I'm glad your by my sons side​

Mint: Taam mai paw?​

Dad-In-Law: (He removes his glasses) For the pass 18 years I have never seen my son this happy? To have a women by his side… I never thought that any girl can make him​

laugh and smile all day…….Besides his mother. I was never a dad to him ever since i remarried. I didn't know what he felt but out connection had died…. (He looked up to Mint)​

Can you please love my son for me…. Thats all i'm asking for? I'm not sure if my son will ever forgive me for what I've done to him and his mother.​

Mint: (She placed her hand on her Dad's shoulder) Paw Ka, Mai thong Hual….. No matter how many years or seasons passes, I will always love Mark, And i promise​

i'll love him more then you can ever imagine na paw.​

Dad-In-Law: My son really did pick the right girl to be by his side forever…. because of Jom. (He smiled) Jom was a wonderful wife….​

Mint: What happened?​

dad-In-Law: Our marriage started breaking apart…. I went out more….She was out late… we would agure. And we couldn't be the same again… I told her i was gonna marry another​

women because our love had died. I didn't want to fight anymore, i was tired, and most importantly, I didn't want to fight in front of my son…Scared he will turn out like me.​

So i married Mario's mom and had him. Though i was a bad father to him for 18 years, deep inside i still think of him as the best son I've ever had.​

Mint: Why can't you tell him that yourself?​

Dad-In-Law: Because I can't, If i tell you, maybe you can tell him. Can you do that?​

Mint: (she smiled) I can?​

Dad-In-Law: Kob khun mak na ka.​

He hugged his daughter-in-law and went out the door where Mark was sitting touching his phone. "She's your now" "Ka Paw" he smiled at his dad as his dad just walked away.​

He went inside the room where Mint was. "So what were you guys talking about huh?" Mint looked at him "You" Mark was shock. Why wold they talk of him…​

"Taam mai?" Mint sigh loud as she told Mark to come sit on the chair.​

Mint: Your father said he wants you to forgive him?​

Mark: For what?​

Mint: He was sorry that he hasn't been there for you for the pass 18 years and he is really sorry.​

Mark: Why didn't he tell me himself​

Mint: He was scared you won't accept his apology.​

Mark started to have tears in his eyes, he sniffed, "Mark are you ok" Mint asked him he slowly wiped his eyes and turn to face her again "I'm fine ka"​

As Mark held his wife's hand and puts it by his face by his mouth and looking out the window​

Mint: He also said, his time with your mother was the best time….He said though he might not be there by your side…You were still the best kid he ever had.​

Mark turned to look at her "Kwam Jing" Mint shook her head yes, Mark smiled as he hugged Mint​

Mark: My dad still loves me, My dad still loves me​

He said while hugging Mint​

"Chai ka"​

(Home sweet home)​

Mint was finally home, she opened the double doors as Mark picked her up and spung her around and landed on the couch "What was that for huh?"​

Mark looked at her "It's been long since we uh?"​

"Crazy" she hits him "Kwam Jing" he kissed her cheek.​

They both looked at each others eye's "What are you looking at" Mint said to him. "My lovely wife" Mint got up from the couch and went upstairs for a shower Mark then​

followed her and when she taken off her shirt, Mark took her and pinned her down on the bed softly "Your so crazy, let go i'm gonna go shower"​

Mark smiled at her "If i do i'll be stupid, Come on, It's been 2 weeks since our wedding and i only had it once." He eyebrowed her. "Get off Now"​

"Ok-ok ka" Mint got up and walked 1 step as Mark grabbed her hand and started to kiss her lips as Mint kissed him to Mark unclipped her bra, as Mint took off his shirt.​

Mark then lifted the covers and they both were under the covers, as the night was still young. They then did it again, for it hurted Mint again but she'll get use to this thing in life​

as for Mark he enjoyed it a lot seeing his wifes parts again, and just remembering the first day they were married feeling so happy, and that was how he felt.​

He thought that from this point on, he and Mint will be happy and not to agure, but the only thing he was thinking about that will ruin them, is​


Mint woke up noticing she was wrapped around Mark's arms, she looked at him sleep, she then gently squeeze his nose as he grabbed her hand and kissed it putting it by his​

soft naked chest. "It feels good to be home right, we get to do whatever we want and no one can stop us" he then opened his eye's.​

Kimberly through some pictures of Mint onto the table to a guy "I want you to go study this girl, where she works, what she does for a living and her background, now jai mai"​

The man picked up the photos and skimmed it "Taam mai?" Kimberly turned around looking madly she got up and said to him​

"Because she's my ex-husband's new wife, and i want to know who she is, (she crossed her arms and smiled) Know her so i can ruin her marriage"​

Kimberly's smirk became bigger and bigger. As the guy lifted to room to go research Mint.​

"Mark now your marriage will surely be ruined, and you'll know how it felt to be dumped by the person you love"​



Omg kimberly is sending someone to stalk her or spy on her can't wait for 6.2 update soon ja.


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Chapter 7:​

Mint was getting out her car to open the get to enter her home, she stopped walking feeling like she wasn't alone, she turned around fastly seeing no one. she didn't worry​

she then had that thought again and turned around and there was no one there. "Clai" she screamed out nut no one came out, she thought she was just​

imagining it. she didn't care as she enter the house putting her purse on the table and maing a sundae… when she turned to the door there was a man there standing​

she dropped the glass cup of ice cream sundae and fro zed of terror. The man walked to her and took a picture of her she blanked it the flash had hurted​

her eyes, she couldn't see as she stepped on the glass and cuts were made on her feet she then looked back up and no one was there.​

She dailed 919 (919 is the thailand police number ka) "Someone has intruded my home i need a police please" the women on the phone had sent someone​

fast to the home.​

Mint on the couch sitting next to mark as they watched the 2 cop exam the house. Mark turned to his wife and starred at her hard as Mint did the same..​

"Can you explain that ice cream on the floor"​

Mint got up limping Mark got up asking her what happened to her foot "Guh…This tall man he came in my home and i dropped it and he took a picture of me​

like 2 inches away and the flash had killed my vision and i stepped on the class ka" Mark helped her sit again​

"How did he look like"​

Mint had the flash back "He was about My husbands hight like 2 inches taller then him and he had black hair with brownis eyes and and he was wearing a blue button​

shirt and blue pants with a tattoo on his arm it was a death sign when you go to the fortune teller and stuff ka"​

The cops wrote down her words as they said they will set up and security system around the house and keep an eyes on this house 24-7.​

as they were gone Mark ran upstairs to grab the A.I.D kit and he wrapped Mint's foot. "Its a little, don't worry" Mark hit her softly on her thigh.​

"A little huh?" he then moved it away fast as it hurted her "Khun ba" she hits her husband. Mark laughed "You said it was only a little chai mai?"​

Mint made a face "I was lying." He slowly helped clean up the broken pieces as Mint was reading a magazine. "Are you gonna help me." Mark said telling Mint….​

Mint puts down her magazine and sign loudly at him…"My foot hurts, you expects me to help.'' "What a baby" Mark whispered to himself.​
"Here is the women you told me to take pics of" the man through the pics on the table in a plastic zip bag….Kim looked through the photo's​

"She's quite pretty, no wonder why Mark choose her for 2nd best" Kim laughed. "What else did you find of her"​

?: She is a jewelry designer…she designed new qwm stones into jewelry with her friend Janie and Urassaya also known as Yaya….she makes at lead 300,000 bht a year.​

She finished bachelor degrees in New York Classical Academy, after that she went to the academy in washington D.C….2 years later she came back to marry her fiancé Mark.​

Kim: She bright, smart…..and rich..​

?: Chai ka​

Kim: Thank you…(She dig through her bag to grab some money) here 5,000 bht…..​

?: Thanks…anytime.​
"Hey…..Yaya Honey" Nadech said to his beautiful wife drunkly…Yaya pushed him away…"You were out drinking huh?"​

Nadech didn't care what she said and just went straight to sleep on the couch. Yaya looked at him….she was scared, scared of everything. Being married for 7 years.​

Yaya has always wanted to create a family with him………they were both at the age of 27. But she guess That Nadech will never give her what she wants.​

A "Baby." she thought he was cheating on her. But he never saids he is…he just wants to have fun….​

She walked over to him and took off his shoes and socks and jacket…..there couch can turn into a bed…as Yaya wasn't strong enough to lift I'm up as she turned the couch to the bed.​

She carried some pillows and blanket down to him…as she changed him into just his boxers. Nadech grabbed her hand and there she fell right on him….​

"Nadech, let go of me…your drunk honey" Yaya told him. Nadech didn't dare…instead he kissed her forehead…"Honey you miss me"​

Nadech said to Yaya….Yaya haven't heard him say that to her for awhile, what is she saying, he hasn't said that to her for almost 3-4 years.​

"Chai," Yaya said to him in a firm voice. "Then we should-" Yaya stopped him before he could even finish.​

Nadech gabbed hold of her body and nailed her down to the bed…Yaya looked at his eyes feeling like the first day they just met. Nadech leaned in closer and kissed her lips.​

Yaya smiled feeling the sweet soft touch of her husband again…it was honeymoon all over again. "You happy" Nadech ask her. She shook her head yes.​

"You know i never will cheat on you, though i drink and party, don't mean i don't think of you," Nadech told Yaya.​

After that he untied her robe and took it off as Yaya only had a bra and underwear on. He kissed her lips, Yaya's hands were around his back, his soft bare naked​

back. While Nadech unclipped her bra and started to stick it inside of her…she moan loud….because of not having sex for almost 2 years, she had to​

moan louder then ever, her moans inspire Nadech to go faster….he knew it hurted her but it will also know that she loves him very much…​

Nadech kissed her to keep her quit… "Yaya, shhhhhhhhhh, the next door people will hear you," he laughed..Yaya just smiled.​

"It hurts to much," Nadechh was happy, he finally stopped thinking he didn't want to kill her. He laid against her, hearing his heartbeat again was​

so lovely. She wish it will always be like this….all Yaya thought was, was she dreaming or not?​

She looked at up Nadech. And smiled and scanned his hair and his face. "Chan rak tur" she said to him…he smiled and grabbed her hand to kiss​

"I love you to"​
"Alai na, You and Nadech" Janie puts her 2 tigers together "Janie, tur ba la," Yaya said to Janie to make her shut up.​

The door opened up and it was Mint and Mark. "Look at the cutest couple ever…The mteam." Yaya and janie started laughing.​

Mark: Please watch her, her foot is cut​

Janie: Oww what about you?​

Mark: I have to go to work, so take care of her…I will bring her lunch later ka.​

Mint: (she held his hand) Don't worry about me.. worry about your work.​

Mark: Ba. Your my wife. If i lost my job, it will be ok, cause i still have you right.​

Mark then slowly kissed Mint's lips fast. Yaya looked at them, they were so cute and knew how to love. She wish her and Nadech was like that.​

This morning he just got up early and left. He didn't bring her to work nor said he will bring her lunch, even if her foot is cut.​

"Sorry, i need to use the rest room" Yaya excused herself as she lifted to the restroom. "Then i will go now na" "Ka"​

As Mark lefted her work place. As he was walking out his phone rung. He answered​

Mark: Sawadeeka.​

Kim: Sawat-dee-ka…tee rak​

Mark: Kim.​

He turned to look at Mint through the window she was talking to Janie. He got in his car fast.​

Mark: What are you doing?​

Kim: Oh calling my husband​

Mark: I was never your husband​

Kim: Mark din't forget what we had in Korea na ka.​

Mark: What is your plan​

Kim: I would want your wife to know that you weren't the only one you slept with.​

Mark: You-​

Kim: I am picking Gino up next week. Get ready to meet your son Mark.​

Kim hung up on him as Mark was yelling her name through the phone. "OWWWWWW KIM" he hits his car horn madly has Mint heard and​

turned to look at him. Mark waved to her as nothing happened. And he lefted.​
"Yaya you coming" Janie asked Yaya. "Where?" "Oh eat..go out for lunch" She asked Yaya.​

Yaya denied, she rather stay here with Mint. Moments later the door opened. Yaya looked up and there she saw her husband Nadech with bags full of​

food. "Nadech" Yaya said. Nadech smiled at her waiting by the door. "You hungry honey" Nadech told her.​

"I am" Janie said. Mint stopped her "Hey, we both should leave these 2 love birds alone na" when they were about to leave Mark was here already​

"Mark" Mint said…"Sawade krub Mark" Nadech said to Mark.. "Oh hi nadech" Mark said in a very surprised tone.."What brings you here" Nadech ask him.​

Mark: Oh taking my wife out for lunch today.​

Nadech: Oh…Di mak ka​

Mark: Chai ka…Mint ready.​

Mint: Ugh. Yeah..Janie i guess you can eat your self na​

Janie: alai na?​

Mint: Kor Tor?​