Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)


sarNie Coma
wow, sound really good.
so cherry is a really nice girl at first........but became evil after Benz try to kill, becaus she wants revenge..... huh ?
i can't wait to watch this......
yep. As for Aum, hes a producer/songwriter..him and benz worked together so they became close..than Aum started to have feelings for Benz

but he will always love cherry and shes his one true love. He either thought she died or that Cherry didnt love him anymore

that person was abit confusing..lol..


sarNie Coma
eventhough they didnt mention donut's character yet but i think she will be "Mukrin." She is a friend of Intouch(Aum) for a very long time and she love him too. But Intouch doesn't like her more than a good friend. So Mukirn does everything to the girls that Intouch likes to break the relationship between them


sarNie Hatchling
wow lots of drama, hopefully it's not to the point where it makes the lakorn bad. But since n'ek is a strong character I think it'll worked out just fine. Can't wait to read more on this lakorn


sarNie Hatchling
man the story line sounds good, 3 girls fighting for one guy and revenges hahaha i like it when nang ak is strong character and not the weak ones....but it seem like all the character in this lakorn will be strong cept for the p'ak


sarNie Coma
they will be having the opening ceremony this month on the 22nd! :yahoo:

thanx to the webmaster @ Aums webboard and Calla for the trans


anie's bb [c] D=
Benz at n'rai, Aum and Benz is my perfect on-screen couple.
And Aum working with 3 n'ek...OMG!
The lakorn seem so interesting, revenge and stuff.


sarNie Adult
i think this lakorn will sounds good though. i'm mean the title. benz will good as a N'Rai role lol. look forward!


sarNie Coma
more update from webmaster @ aums webboard

thanx to calla for the trans

3 girls fight to get p'ek.
1 is fighting for p'ek because of revenge....its her personal problem.

cherry - is the n'ek
benz - is the n'ek rai
donut - is another n'ek

since Donut is also the n'ek then that mean shes getting with someone too


sarNie Coma
they're having the opening ceremony next week on the 22nd! cant wait to see some pix


omg!! 3 nang-eks!!!! And I like all 3! :unsure: I hope the storyline is as good as the actors starring in it.


sarNie Egg
according to benz's website.. they actually mentioned that her character will die in this lakorn... dun know whether i got this right, but i am pretty sure they were talking about this lakorn ..so i dun think she actually ends up with anyone.