Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)


sarNie Coma
woo hoo..they are pair up again!! :yahoo:

Aum working with Tv scene again. He is one of their fav. hehe...

cant wait!..the title sounds good

credit to Mook @ aums webboard and thanx calla for the trans


sarNie Adult
i haven't watch their first lakorn.......i'll make sure not to miss this one.
TV Scene has too many new lakorns......lolz


sarNie Coma
im even more hyped to see this cuz its a love revenge! and Janies first time playing this type of role..im so excited :yahoo:

heres a brief summary..thanx to nat for the trans

: "The love of Intouch and Praejai started out very sweet and loving but something happens and Praejai almost couldn't make it (almost die..?) because of the power of jealousy. So she came back as a new person, a woman that is dark and pretty, in order to get revenge and find true love..

i said i wanted Aum to be in a revenge drama and now he is..lol..but except hes not the one seeking revenge


sarNie Coma
Aums role is the type that doesn't care for others and hes always drinking and like things his way etc..

As for whos playing n'rai, her name is Mookrin and her name in the lakorn is Mookingma

I'm so excited..i dont think Aum has ever played this type of role before.. :yahoo:

credit to aums webboard and krsity for the trans.


sarNie Hatchling
i can't wait for this one to come out...i love aum a. and janie...they're such awsome couple.

pink mafia

sarNie Juvenile
this sounds really good...so aum's a jerk?..the last time i remember him playing a jerk was with his lakorn with nadia...gosh..he was a hot jerk.


sarNie Coma
yep, aums a jerk..cant wait :yahoo:

more details on his role..thanx to calla for the trans

aum's role in the lakorn "rai rissaya" we will see the new role of him.
he'll be a person who talk alot, joker and a person who get mad easily.
he only listen to his own self....and doesnt cares about others feelings.


sarNie Adult
How in the world did I over look this topic??? OMG, it sounds sooooooo good!!! I think I've seen only one of Aum's lakorn, so not a big fan of his yet. Can't wait to see Janie is the revenge role. hehehehehhehe


Lakornaddict ;)
wow it sounds good.
Cant wait to see pictures of the lakorn.
This is interesting Janie as the one who is seeking revenge :lol:


sarNie Coma
yep both janie and aum in new roles..

judging from their character and how its a revenge drama i wonder if there will be a "r" scene..hehe


sarNie Coma
big news

they will start shooting end of this month. Aum will be working with 3 famous actresses

Benz Pornchita,Cherry Khemupsorn and Donut

thanx to aums webboard

how exciting!!..but only 1 p'ek?..that sucks than..i bet he wont end up with anyone..

but wonder what happen to janie..i guess shes busy?


sarNie Coma
i guess no Janie cuz the article just said benz,cherry and donut

is that another lakorn of his the one with benz, cherry, and donut? Who is the main n'ek?
Nope its not another lakorn. The article said "rai rissaya" they didnt say whos the main n'ek either

i wonder if the storyline changed too..gosh i hope not..i liked storyline i mention


sarNie Coma
more news

they will start shooting in march!

3 n'eks will be doing everything good/bad to get with Intouch(Aum)

Aum is one lucky guy..3 ladies will be fighting over him..lol