P'eks with unconditional love for n'ek

Discussion in 'Thai' started by hui4163, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. fun

    fun YGfamily

    He is very rare in lakorn world. I like how he was aggressive yet understanding. Well I think he was more assertive than agressive. I cant explain it but he never misunderstood nang ek... Haha well he did misunderstood her but he wasnt a total jerk about it.
  2. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    ^definitely assertive, not aggressive. And confident in his love, never wavered!
  3. mayag

    mayag sarNie Adult

    MOR WAAAAATTTT!!! Can't get enough of this guy! :love::love::love:
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  4. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Dr. Non from Fai Game Fai Rohn. He loves ne'ek since they were young and after a few years of separation, he was still helping her from a far and forgave her for what she has done him wrong.
  5. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Mor Wat, I want him for myself
  6. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Mor Wat (James Ma) in PCKNMCPW. He even got the nickname "Husband Of The Nation" for this character
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  7. lynnyang

    lynnyang sarNie Adult

    I'm gonna add Om aka Kon Laung from Tawee Pope :icon12: Many may have not liked the drama bc of Pancake, but it was my all-time fave drama :thumbup:
  8. Orangeblossom

    Orangeblossom sarNie Juvenile

    Kobori - Koo Gum
    Chaiyasingh / Thosapol - Nakee
  9. meenia

    meenia sarNie Adult

    Mine would be what everyone already posted so i'll add two more:
    • Tik from Mafia Luerd Mungkorn - series two "Singh" --->Out of the five, i love this part the best.
    • Aum from Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun ---> like Donut in his teen/younger days, but Taew (mook) was everything to him in his adult hood. HEHE.

  10. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    I definitely agree about Mor Wat. That guy was very, very forgiving. But I stil think James Ma's first character, Chai Pee, was more loving and unwavering p'ek.

    Sidenote: I never got the chance to finish Nadech & Mew's lakorn before it was taken down, anyone know where I can find it now?
  11. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

  12. Katelyn

    Katelyn sarNie Oldmaid

    Luckanai from Game Sanaeha definitely has unconditional love for Muenchanok! He has been in love with her for long long time. He has seen her good and bad side. I want my own Luckanai who is so level headed, understanding, loving, patient, passionate, HOT etc. :love: :drooling:
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  13. Ruthy94

    Ruthy94 JJ enthusiasts

    Great in all his lakorn with his killer smile
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  14. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Ehehehe I too say Luckanai. His love for her never changes, whether she is evil to him or not.
  15. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this character but Parn (but Aum Atichart and Top Jaron versions) in Nang Bahb. I almost forgot how great pra'ek character is in this lakorn.

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