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Discussion in 'Thai' started by hui4163, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

    I just finished watching "Game Rai Game Ruk" today and am sooo in love with Saichon/Charles and Nang Fah. Loved how Charles was so passionately in love with Fah to the point where even his "revenge" seemed more like "courtship." He was truly bleeding his love and even when he's "jerky," he's still exuding his passion/love thru aggression. For me, I only really like slap/kiss and revenge lakorns because of their intensity/excitement level. And I found that p'eks like Charles, who's both devilishly alpha and loving towards the n'ek, are rare. Usually they're more jerky and I have a harder time seeing the "love" from their reprehensible actions. But yet, I've seen immense love from pretty much every one of Charles' hurtful actions. It's like every time he tries to hurt her, he ends up hurting himself far more and that level of emotion just really gets to me.
    Besides Charles, the only other alpha P'ek I can confidently say who displayed such raw passion/unconditional love towards their n'ek in a slap/kiss drama pretty much from beginning to end is Bor from "Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter." Both Charles and Bor blatantly displayed their affections/raw emotions so openly, even among-st their revenge, that I have heart palpitations every time they're on screen. And both of them love their n'eks unconditionally even during misunderstandings. No matter how "evil" they think the n'eks are, they still can't helping loving and wanting to be with them. I would also say Kobori from "Koo Gum," but he's just not alpha enough for me -more beta. Lol, I only like alpha/possessive/jealous p'eks. 
    So now my question is, are there any more alpha p'eks similar to those two above when it comes to unconditional love for their n'ek? Where even when they're "jerky," it's heartbreakingly obvious that their n'ek means everything to them and that they won't be able to live without her? Because both Charles and Bor clearly show that they won't be able to survive without Nang Fah and Kaew. I just wish to find more p'eks like them. Thanks!
  2. hsdsfan

    hsdsfan sarNie Hatchling

    Not sure if I'd consider this one to be alpha praek but the first one to come to mind is Kamote from Ploy Lom Phet. He doesn't let his revenge and suspicion blind him completely and he's like the knight in shining armour who always rescues the n'ek. Deep down he's always loved her since the beginning and his feelings remained throughout the lakorn. 
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  3. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

    I want to see Ploy Lom Phet so badly, but it's not subbed. He seems to be the p'ek I want.
  4. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    Totally agree with you. I love GRGR because of that. :D And of course Yadech, too. 
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  5. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

    I know right? I'm still reeling from all of Charles' unabashed passion -man, he loves Fah like no tomorrow. Every time I see a hot scene btw Yadech (setting my laptop on fire), I'm like, now that's what I'm looking for in an all out love story. Too rare are p'eks who are both devilish and unconditional towards the n'ek. Even more rare are ones who are played by a brilliant actor like Nadech, who knows just how to fine tune this character -they couldn't have picked a more perfect actor to portray Charles. God, his eyes every time he looks at Fah makes it seem like he wants to devour her -which he does lol.
  6. hsdsfan

    hsdsfan sarNie Hatchling

    Perhaps you can make a request at Viki.com. There was a group that subbed Bee and Numfon's other lakorn Mere Jum Pen so perhaps they might be interested in PLP as well. 
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  7. Heidi

    Heidi ♥Korean Obsessed♥

    I don't think he would be considered alpha, but the one p'ek that I find that has unconditional love for his nek is Khun Chai Ronnapee. Though they had a bit of a rocky start, he fell for her anyway and when Piengkwan ended things with him, he just let her be. But he couldn't bare to live without her. He would have rather died than not having her in his life.
    Another one is Koravic from Jai Rao. He was so hurt that Aoey left him without saying anything then comes back years later into his life. He was so mad but yet you can tell that he always wanted her around. Though he tortured her a lot emotionally, deep down, he was really hurting. Though he loves her so much, he just couldn't forgive her. He was also quite possessive of her.
    Again, I don't think they would be considered alpha peks, but to me these two do portray unconditional love for their neks throughout the lakorn.
  8. keylargo

    keylargo sarNie Oldmaid

    Totally agree wif u hui, charles/saichon da ultimate pek, love grgr so much, i feel lots n lots of love n lots n lots of pain at da same time, its so sad 4 khun charles but gotta say yadech r my all time favourites, they delivered their roles 2 perfection tats why its such a moving loving lakorn i absolutely love grgr n all yadech lakorn!
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  9. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

    I wish I can erase the drama from my head so I can relive all those fervid emotions all over again. Charles and Bor are the ultimate insanely in love p'eks. This mv makes me combust: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1rjMYsgY6A
  10. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I'm not sure, but i'd say krao from roy leh sanae luang and p'ek from pin anong fits the descriptions.
  11. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

    Pin Anong looks like it has a jealous alpha p'ek and it's slap/kiss. But is his love for the n'ek unconditional like Charles,' in that he loves her no matter what and will never let her go? Thanks.
  12. Miley19

    Miley19 sarNie Juvenile

    I'm agree with u.. Krao event he have the revenge but he let it go cuz he fall for anuch. Pin Anong yes yes Khun Yai love pin no matter what he still not listen to other people say.

    Khun Yai never let pin go too. He love n'ek unconditional, not matter what n how much pin hurt Khun Yai his love for her is never less. I didn't watch Charles but I believer maybe more than him 555+ (my opinion) everyone support to jealous they love.
  13. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    I really liked Om's character in "Wannee T Ror Koi". He loved Meuy for 20yrs and waited for the day to be reunited with her. He protected her. He was the Heir to the throne. It was such a hot Alpha male role. BUT the downside was the drag..... *yawn* draaaaaaag. geeez. And Meuy (Chat Priyachat) was such a brat in the first half! Her character was almost intolerable. Then all of a sudden she finds out about the truth of where she came from and how important Khun Chai Jaosun was to her, she "all of a sudden" loves and respects him. *siiiiigh* Channel 7 has some fairly decent (could've been, would've been) plotlines/stories/lakorns but they always have too many fillers and drag them for too long.
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  14. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

    Wow, Om's character in "Wannee T Ror Koi" sounds really hot. Does he love her no matter what and will never give up on her just like Charles and Bor? Thanks! Now, I'll just have to wait for the subs to all come out. Oh and is he alpha enough? Sorry, I'm picky lol.
  15. aymieluvsyu637

    aymieluvsyu637 sarNie Adult

    Kop played by Mark in Ton Ruk Rim Rua, it was sad to see n’ek not care about him sometimes :( he loved her from the start and his love for her never changed. He always did favors for her even if it will hurt his feelings. He did everything for her and always protected her that’s true love right there!!

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  16. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    Yes, he loved her no matter what & never gave up. Khun Chai Jaosun was always there when Meuy needed help. His character was very Alpha. He's the CEO of a huge business in HongKong + He's the King/heir to the throne in a "made up" country. He's powerful, but he's a softy when it comes to Meuy. - I just wished they wrote the script a bit better. Its worth a try though ^-^
  17. noydarny

    noydarny sarNie Adult

    Pinanong...khun Yai loves for Pin. He does so much for her even forgiving the people that hurt him. He married her and make other people called her khun Puying because she told him she want people to respect her not looking as her as no one. He always tell her if you tell me the truth I will always forgive you.

    Duang jai akkanee... He's always in love with Jeed and when he got the chance to make his move he did. Even though her family doesn't like him but he still trying to make it work. Always Jeed no one else.
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  18. hui4163

    hui4163 sarNie Egg

    Thanks so much for these fabulous recs!! Wannee T Ror Koi, Ton Ruk Rim Rua, and Pin Anong all sound really good with p'eks who harbor unconditional love for their n'eks. Hopefully there'll be lots of hot chemistry as well. Thanks again and please keep them coming! Love hot alpha p'eks who love incessantly and unceasingly, making their feelings extremely obvious.
  19. bubbles8

    bubbles8 sarNie Adult

    hui, as nordarny mentioned, fai from dja def makes the cut for this type of p'ek. I cant even recall how many times my dear fai ka was beaten up for his beloved jeed, p'noo tor joked 'if fai was beaten up anymore, he prob would need plastic surgery' lol

    heh oh hui pls dont reinsert khun charles image back into my head, it'll js make the wait for ryu extra extra hard :(
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  20. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    This thread screams Kobori! His love is beyond unconditional. Just thinking about him makes my heart ache.

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