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    Great can pair up with so many still...

    Mai Davika

    This list could go on if we add some veterans....
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  2. SuzieJ

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    I think the two actresses he is the least likely to pair up with are Yaya and Mai. Yaya is Ch3’s favorite and they will never let Great pair up with her. The elders have their list of favorites and Great is low on that list. With Mai, Ch3 seems to not care much about her sadly so I’m not sure if they will ever use her again. I hope they do cause I saw Mai and Great at an awards show once and they looked pretty good together!

    I’m actually interested to see whether Kimmy would have chemistry with Great. I think out of all the actors in Kimmys generation, Great would look the best with her because Kimmy has a bigger body frame and she looks mature. Great is tall and big as well and he’s also mature looking too. Kimmy suits more mature looking men like Great and Ananda rather than people with baby faces like Mark and James Ji in my opinion
  3. x0unerthanlater

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    It's too bad, since Yaya and Great would look cute together. She's tall but little at the same time. Kim would be a good partner with Great. They need a mature genre. With tension and revenge. I bet they would nail their roles.
  4. pennytjun

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    Since Mario has no lakorn line up. I hope he pair up with Yaya or Mew. And I also hope Great get to pair up with Mew or Taew instead of newbies.

    It doesn’t matter to me of who pair up who, as long it’s a new script and storyline. I don’t really like remake lakorns that much. Knowing it from Ch3 I don’t really have high hope as much. I still watch lakorn time to time to see how well it goes whether it’s a remake or new storyline.
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  5. SuzieJ

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    Yeah a good mature storyline with Kimmy and Great would be very good. I’m not very into Kimmy but I can see that she’s a good actress. Plus she produces chemistry with lots of her co-stars and she’s fine with doing real kisses. I commend her for being a true professional. With Yaya, if Great and her ever did pair up I doubt they would produce chemistry. The chances are slim.
  6. SuzieJ

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    I think Mario and Yaya have a high chance to pair up. Ch3 paired them up for the calendar shoot together plus Mario is very popular so ch3 would let him pair up with her. They would look nice together but Mario is kind of short lol I loved Mario and Mew when they paired up for the Ch3 calendar.
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  7. Lol for sure! Even then without shoes Yaya would still be an inch or two shorter than Mario. Take Mai for example she’s taller than Yaya by an inch and she made it work with Mario in Pee Mak. Except Mai is build smaller frame than Yaya though so Yaya might look “big” next to Mario. I love Mario! He’s short but cute! :)
  8. Would love to see Mario with Mew! ;)
  9. I would rather Grate pairs with Kim because like my girl @SuzieJ said the chances of Yaya and Grate initiating any chemistry is very slim. I also agree Kim had chemistry with just about all her co-stars EXCEPT Nadech sadly. Anyways, look at Yaya’s lakorn history with her “few” p’eks. The only one she had chemistry with was Nadech. With Mark it was only ok. Yaya is going to be 30 in like 5 years? I guess she’s not 40 yet so she still has a little more time? I hope so. Maybe she’ll surprise us who knows. But there sure are quite a bit of a-lister actors Yaya still hasn’t pair with. Lol.
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  10. I stress again Grate is an A-lister Channel 3 actor in my book. Sadly the channel doesn’t treat him that way. He’s a much better and stronger actor to me than Ken P. And Ken P is getting better treatment! Lol
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    Great has a look that'll fit ch7. If he switches, I'm positive he'll be more popular. He also fits ch7 genres.

    If Yaya explored her options more, she'd be able to bring out chemistry with other co-stars too. I think she's conscious of what her NY fc would think.
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  12. SuzieJ

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    I don’t think Great would become more popular at ch7. Most of their stars don’t really have huge FC’s especially their newer actors and actresses. Ch3 is better at actually producing stars that fans actually Stan. Ch7 is way worse than Ch3 because even if you are really popular, sometimes they still treat you like complete trash. That’s why so many of their big names have left ch7. I think Great is better off staying at Ch3 rather than moving to ch7. However, he physically does fit into ch7 more than he does Ch3.
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  13. It would be nice where ever Grate is at that the channel recognizes his importance! It’s so unfair! It’s a bit sad because Grate is aging now. Thank goodness he’s aging pretty good though. No comment on Yaya and her “chemistry” with anyone else. Lol.
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    He doesn't have a memorable role. But like you said, he is aging nicely though.
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  15. preetam

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    She has 0 chemistry with both James and Mark as well. Nadech is in the yadech comfort zone and looks like he is not ready to leave (he better not ruin his lakorn with Matt). In the meanwhile Yaya is starting to expand and becoming a better actress. Her best onscreen partner is Mark and I have been seeing that even in the small scenes they shared in DJA (Mark fits more actresses that looks like him a lil). About Great I still see him with Kim. He looks mature enough for her, not too young not too old. I trust they won't have the "buddy" vibe as a pair unlike the GreatMatt one does.
  16. Lol well said! Yaya and Kim them all halfies are more suited for bigger and taller p’eks. More like Mik and Bomb’s height (minus the acting from Bomb though). Although Yaya may look younger than Kim but since she’s tall she also appears older than petite actresses like Mew or Taew. So meaning Grate matches all these actresses especially that he’s aging gracefully for his age. ;)
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  17. SuzieJ

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    I don’t think Yaya had chemistry with James. It was part of the reason I dropped that lakorn sadly. They made a pretty pair so it was a shame to see it go to waste
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  18. x0unerthanlater

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    Agree. Aside from Nadech, Yaya's best onscreen partner was Mark.

    Yaya & Nine would make a hot pair. BUT ch3 would never make it happen.

    I use to really love Great & Matt pairing but sometimes the chemistry looks one sided. She put him in the friend zone big time.
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  19. I agree. I dropped James and Yaya’s lakorn on the first episode. It was so cringy on Yaya’s part! :( It’s so sad because actors are supposed to act so we get into their roles. Some just don’t have the chemistry with everyone I guess. Lol. One reason I give more credit to actors/actresses like Kim or Mark even though I don’t follow them. I follow Mark a little bit since he is starting to pair with girls I like. Hint Taew and Mew! Kim and Mark are able to portray their characters and have chemistry at the same time with the co-stars. They don’t have perfect chemistry with every co-stars but they had with MOST!
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  20. I guess so. I don’t see the hype with Mark and Yaya’s chemistry but I can honestly say at least Yaya may be trying a tad more than Nadech these days! Lol.
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