Num and new girlfriend


sarNie Juvenile
He cheated on Nicole with one girl then cheated on that girl with this one and got her pregnant too. Such a romantic story :rolleyes:.
Whaaaa? So it sounds like he's a serial cheater then. I want to say I hope he changes his ways now that a baby is involved, but this whole thing sounds kinda shaky. And it's not like he's known and been with his wife for that long, whirlwind romance + shotgun marriage = yikes. Hope he proves me wrong though.


sarNie Adult
Wow, I never knew all these news until now.. love being updated on all these Juicy news ,, thanks for always sharing, ladies!:)

When will Num mess up next. I’m not hopeful anymore. And if that new wife knew he was already in a relationship and she cheated with him, all the karma to her too.


sarNie OldFart
If she is not pregnant I don't see him ever marrying her. He seemed to like the idea of falling in love but once it gets ordinary he bails and fine a new flame. Hopefully, he can make it work. He cheats and if she got together with him knowing he was with someone else than she's no better. But 2 negatives can be a positive for them. Though if he has been doing the cheating for a while it's probably in his system and might be hard to get rid off that easily. No baby is going to tie a man down if he doesn't want to. If she believes that then she's in for a long road.


sarNie OldFart
oh WOW.....

He was in the club Friday drama and he was a cheating hubby

I feel he will still cheat and they will fluke


oh.....where is Nicole? She has no say in this????? Never cared or bothered about Num since day1 lol but hope the dude commits to his marriage dudes...otherwise...dang, it's gonna be h3LL on Earth lol


sarNie Hatchling
he got married only because she was pregnant lol. think he was the longest with nui, but after that he didn't seem to be that interested or serious in love. don't know what's going on with him but he doesn't look healthy.


sarNie OldFart
How funny that when he was with Nui, Ajarn Luck told him on a show that he was going to have a shot gun wedding and to becareful. At that time people were all waiting for him to get Nui pregnant lol.


sarNie Adult
He cheated.

Num need to just disappear. You'd think that with his fame in his younger years he would age gracefully in looks and reputation but he's declining in both.
What!? He cheated!? Dang...poor Nicole.

Hold on, he really dated Joy Rinalee too!?

My image of Chai Klang is ruined forever!! Lol
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