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    I feel like Likit Ruk will be NY's last lakorn for a while (which is why I have high hopes for it) and then they'll reunite in ~3 years. Lord knows I need to see Nadech & Bella in a lakorn at least once in this lifetime so I hope they star in one together ;-; Maybe even Mai if she doesn't still hate P'Ae lol. I just keep dreaming about seeing Nadech in a period lakorn :angel10: with a decent hairstyle or wig of course.
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  2. I don’t think the koojin wave will ever disappear especially with Channel 3 so whatever. I will pick and choose what or who suits my taste. I miss the older days where talents shined and kookwans weren’t crazy! :rolleyes:
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    I never had problems with koojin lol cuz if you don’t care, then you just don’t. But if you’re gonna be working with your koojin every year, at least have TWO lakorns out in one year you know so that if people don’t want to watch your koojin, they can still watch you. Lol I think that’s why I consider myself a bit lucky cuz even if Mark’s stuck with a koojin, he still has another lakorn for me to really enjoy every year. LOL :celebrate16: some year, he doesn’t even have koojin lakorn like last year, NADA! :risas3:

    But I do get sick of seeing the same PAIR every year especially if their chemistry is no longer clicking and lacking so badly!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


    @YadechTaemint I love period lakorns!! Yes, Nadech should be in one! I’m not happy with Raknakara so I need Mark in another one, and a period genre similar to Prissana or like the Supaburot Juthethep Series! I really like those classic looks from Mew!!:love:
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    Y'all already know I love my koojin cuz I'm NY trash :pancarta: I think the NY fans that were never open to them working with others are becoming more open to the idea which hopefully means no more attacking their co-stars. I don't think Matt has been attacked so let's hope it stays that way or I'll go into super saiyan mode :BangHead: The minority who have a problem with it will just have to get with the times & suck it up :rolleyes: I don't really care who they work with as long as it's not with a stiff actor/actress :facepalm:
    The only other koojins that I really liked were ATeam & KA but they're pretty much out of the picture - I just hope & pray KA reunite at least once :crybaby2:
  5. preetam

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    Is that me or lately I see on instagram some kim fans that wants a Pope-Kim pair now that he is hitting big ?
  6. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Lol this is because Mark and Yaya onscreen chemistry has real sex appeal. Now I see scenes of Kim & Mark kissing bunch of time but even here that can't beat Mark & Ya only-standing-in-same-room chemistry. People will never forget the scene Ya went to Mark condo and their confrontation before 1st night. It heated a lot of people screens and a lot of them were non fans and new to lakorn (I speak from my experience I know one of them). Do you really see that in KF or even Yadesh latest lakorn ? Only fans hype their kiss scenes.
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    @kpopwarehouse lol you said it for me! he definitely does...to me Mark was always a weaker actor to me but definitely shown to have improvements. He's the type that matches goofy or soft like p'ek

    @preetam no I see that too. Kim is one of the more talented Ch 3 actresses of the 2nd generation no doubt, brings in fans so Ch 3 obviously favors her a lot too. I notice how her crazy fans or Ch 3 kind of want to attach her right away to the next highest guy or story they think will be successful. No hate but def what I see.
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    Okay I love Mark and Yaya's chemistry in KC, but you can't compare slap-kiss chemistry like in KC to less edgy storylines. KC has the 'I shouldn't but I can't help it' sexy vibe. KF romance between Gun and Anchan is very sweet and kind of sad so it's different.
    I don't support koojin, but it's impossible for KC chemistry to be there in every sweet scene. It isn't even there in the last 15 minutes of KC because all the tension was gone.
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  9. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    1st James Ma and James Ji, now Pope they are eyeing, bet you the day Got or Punjan hit it big as well they will be all "we need our pair!!!"
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  10. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    I rather see her work with someone else and see how well she does... than always working with people that popular.
    If he hadn't become this hyped and popular from BPSW then they wouldn't have cared, and requesting demand for them to pair up.
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    I think the last two episodes of KC wasn’t that good, i wish it ended better. But anyways i want good storylines, i think anyone could’ve been good in a story like KC. I do prefer MY in terms of looks (both of them has soft and baby faces) and just like I prefer NK (stonger features, more mature look) I don’t think anyone can make a drama work if the script sucks, like if MY was to pair in a crappy storyline it would not work. Same as koojins. We need better script writers.

    Don’t think Kim fans should be wanting Kim to work with whoever is hot atm.
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  12. Decry

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    I agree with you. Mark and Yaya didn’t have chemistry in their first lakorn together too. The storyline, and all the skinships in KC, it’s not hard to generate chemistry IMO. I’m quite confident if put Nadech and Kim in KC, the chemistry would be just as hot too. I don’t mind comparison but it needs to be fair.
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  13. Really? Lol. Nadech and Kim with that kind of skinship? Hard to imagine but I believe Nadech can be like Yaya. She got to lip kiss Mark as the second co-star. Nadech can lip kiss Kim as his second.
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  14. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    I want to chime in hahaha but haven’t had dinner yet so let me go do that and I’ll be back lmbo!! :celebrate16:
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  15. Lol sure thing sweetie!
  16. twister02

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    I never knew there is an issue about fans wishing a Pope-Kim pair up. I believe it all started when they rehearsed together for the anniversary show and got interviewed together and people start digging up their old pics together but I never felt that fans are that aggressive because Pope is hot at the moment.

    We all argue about koojins here and yet when we ask for a fantasy pair or for n'eks to be paired to a different praek we accussed them of riding the hot praek? I don't understand. As a Kim fan, I wish her to be paired with Punjan too not because he is hot but because I like Punjan when I saw him in Project S The Series. Not even watching BPS at the moment.

    I know we have different opinions in here. I'm happy Kim got to play different characters with different praeks. Praeks that are older than her and younger than her. It will help her to be a better actress. I think for her status, the praek that were paired to her were appropriate. I mean, is there no popular praek from Ch3? They're all quite popular.
  17. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Yes the praeks are popular but they all have different popularity and fame.
    All her praeks were either veterans that were really hit, all the younger she's paired up all had popular hit dramas before they paired up with her. And so why hasn't she paired up with other certain praeks that are popular too? She's paired up with Mark so many times, just like Yaya and Nadech.. And it's become a constant cycle. Which I'm sick of seeing.
    It happens with every other actor or actress when one hits a certain popularity, you have others demanding pair ups, left and right.
    Sorry, people may say she's a really great actress but I see her lacking sometimes. I used to really like her but I got bored and less interested.
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  18. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    was it even Kim's fault that she's paired up with who? No, it was the producers preference. We can't dictate fans who wish/ask/fantasize pair ups because they see chemistry regardless of whos popular than the two. She's paired up with Mark for like 4-5 lakorns but it's not even consecutive. She was able to do dramas with different praeks before reuniting with him and the story of their current lakorn doesn't even focuses on them.

    what I'm trying to say here is that with Kim's status I think she deserves to be paired up with a popular praek in Ch3 not necessarily Pope but the likes of Mario and Nadech.
  19. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    No it's not her fault, I didn' say. Because production and producers always try to have popular people paired up with each other due to their popularity.
    But they still paired up over 4 times, when they could have work with someone else. Just like Yaya and Nadech whom both probably work together more times then Mark and Kim.

    I rather an actress or actor work with a different range of people regardless of their popularity or status.
    I rather see an unexpected and unlikely pairing, work together and surprises everyone with their work.
    Have something different and unique, rather than some popular pairings.
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  20. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Oooh ooh just saw that I did ask for Pope and Kim back in 2016 when i think their magazine came out.

    Anyways I just don’t think her fans should ask for pope atm just in case it might seem like we want her with him for the popularity. But yes wouldn’t mind her with my baby.

    Honestly i think Kim had chemistry with Nadech even though Raeng Pratana was TRASH. I think any two attractive people in KC would’ve work, even if its NY MK, MY,NK.

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