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    Koojin's are fun until people take them too seriously, then it's a turn off.
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  2. Aw sorry sweetie! Nadech is kind of singled out in this thread so far! It’s how we all felt I guess. I used to like him but his repeating with Yaya just got me sick. Maybe if he stray from her and accept more projects/lakorns with other talented actresses I will judge then. I’m not completely closed minded on Nadech. Lol. I would like to say I’m “fairly” open minded! And yes we can get along now! ;)
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  3. This has been a pretty active thread since it was started! I think it’s informative in a way! Thanks @alissaax ;)
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    To be honest, when I wrote that about Na hasn’t had much event, it wasn’t even meant to come out so wrong. I said it within the context. I even acknowledged he’s the highest paid lakorn and event actor within that message. I was just so shocked that something that little could be taken so out of context.

    Please—- I would hate to be misunderstood so wrongly, cuz I ain’t no trouble-maker! Lol! I think I’m very fair. Haha :D

    I think some comments are just saying Na could establish his solo career a little more. I don’t see it as being left behind cuz NY are still the koojin. Nobody can take that away.

    hahahahaha of course we can please let’s have some constructive discussion without pulling out our swords at each other!! For the mighty lord, we all watch the same $hit most of the time! Lol


    To any Na fans, if you’re offended by my comment please know that it was not even my intention to sound mean. Omg! Lol if you read the whole context of that message, you’ll know it shouldn’t be taken so out of context.
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    Lol, it’s not all serious and I had a good giggle. Who knows, i’ll leave the lakorn watching industry before I’ll ever know what happened with his future.

    Would be curious to see what he has lined up after the one with Matt.
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  6. Oh I know! But don’t leave too soon! Lol. Anyways Nadech still has time and many more beautiful talented actresses to star with before he retires! Thanks for the giggles! Lol. :thumbup:
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  7. Yes I agree! You are pretty fair. You always try to add your proofs or information to back your sayings! Thanks for trying to staying calm and positive too sweetie! :thumbup:
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    I hope he follows Ken T’s path ( except the part of having a wife that say “no” to acting with younger actresses due to insecurities). What I mean is, stay pra’ek even after marriage and kids. Certainly not the path of Num Sornram or Andrew Gregson - single and probably not getting married anything soon.
  9. For real. Ken T seems so weak when it comes to handling himself. It seems his wife wears the pants in the marriage! Lol. :p
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    Yes dear hehehe I think it is so important to explain and clarify because things just escalate so out of hands so quickly. Omg. Lol— how can anyone not explain? hahaha after all we’re here for entertainment, not to fight off in a war. lol. Me so tired from nonsense.
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    Oh he won't cus he will age well! I'm sorry but Num does not age well at all! Also Nadech has great personality and a people person. Andrew on the other hand was not a people person, he just started to try to better himself in recent years.
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  12. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Lol I'm enjoying this.:clap::thumbup:
    I honestly just want them to work with others and not be limited and tied tight to their koojin or partner. Its frustrating cause of certain fans make a big deal when it's not their koojin.
    I want to see them grow and improve as individuals in their career. Be able to see and feel changes in their acting for roles and characters they play with other people and not just the main lead but the whole cast.
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    The problem is when a lakorn becomes a success the pranang becomes a success. The fans then demand a reunion right after and the channel being a for profit company cater to those fans. That's with every couple! I mean look at Pope/Bella, the lakorn hasn't even ended and the fans already demanding a reunion. I think Jiranee and PopeMew koojins are done. It's a new era of PopeBella now. Like seriously give them a year or two break. Too much of anything becomes unhealthy.
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    LOL— I just saw this!!!!! 5555 and your favorite is Mario I know 5555 I mean how can you not go cray cray about your favorite star in the universe?!?! 555 jokes!! It’s fun to express your admiration, I think. Haha :p as long as you admire them with truths and love.:angel10::icon12::naughty2:
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    For sure Na is not left behind. Just saying he can def. do more if his heart want. I don't think the man is all that crazy for attention nor fame. It just so happen that he has great talent ;) I can't speak for the others bc they have not grabbed my attention. Lol
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    Lol Nadech may not crave it but his manager sure does :rolleyes:
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    Andrew is an introvert....i seen his earlier days he can be a little playful. . but he's reserved. .i get it... I'm the same way
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    The problem with koojins, more than the crazy fans, is that it limits the actors potential. The whole beauty of acting is changing costars, trying different things and just gaining experience, and challenging yourself which Yaya did in KC. She blew me away and I think she is passionate about the craft, so eventually she can't be tied down by NY all her life (professionally) . There comes a time when u look back on your career and realize u missed out on great shows and great scripts bc you were always type casted together. That's why my favorite actress in CH3 right now is bella, she is just all about the script and putting herself out there which I respect (also not be tied down by her koojin), this actually helped her majorly improve her acting. You can't improve if you don't get out of your comfort zone, CH3 with BS is getting a major message that it's no longer about the koojin, but about the story, the producing, people don't care about koojin, they want good lakorns, koojin only builds a fandom, they dont get you more than 3%

    edit : i had fun reading people's reactions, tho im kinda joining late
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    I completely I agree about people being a little bit too crazy about the koojin thing. Def okay to be a big supporter though.

    I feel Nadech has so much potential to excel with a variety of work and actresses but because he is so closely tied to his koojin title, he's often limited. I felt he's had decent chemistry with Taew and it was good with Mew. Yaya to me had a hard time having stand out chemistry with any of her other co-stars that wasn't Nadech until KC with Mark.

    I still say Mark and Kim have more offscreen chemistry then onscreen. KF ain't bad...but my focus is so on evil Got more.

    I say with NY, I'd be happy if they do 1 work only every 2-3 years lol their fans have more than enough work to re-watch if they miss them together. They can always still do events together. I do pity them though bc they're soooo shipped, they don't really have a personal life to really be linked to other men/women. I'll keep my personal opinions about them "dating" to myself...but if they were I think we'd get more of a JaDine (popular Filipino pairing turned real) vibe not the best friend vibe only.


    Andrew...I wouldn't say he's an introvert. He just seems like not a people person together overall. LOL like he acts to make money and bc he likes it at times, but that's about it.
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    ikr. got is definitely the scene stealer in kom feak. he outshines mark so much that it is sad. hopefully ch3 gives him lead roles. he has the looks, talent and presence. he just needs to be promoted more.
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