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    Hm, Yaya was perfect for Miss G! She made Miss G came alive as the model, actress and typical poor girl. It would take a very nice figure actress to do the modeling part, don’t think Kimmy would suit that. Her modeling part in BH was so sloppy. Couldn’t take it seriously. Kimmy might be a strong actress, but there’s no way she would make Miss G as memeorable as Yaya. I just can’t picture it. It’s not just the acting, it’s the aura, the idea that you’re both a model and an actress and that Yaya pulled it out perfectly! Because Yaya just owns the stage like that! What Mark has as Sathit is also vulnerability and empathy. Not too many actors can portray empathy like Mark, ever! And that’s what makes him so endearing and loving in my book. All the other actors are always so cold playing STRONG, AGGRESSIVE, TOUGH, bleh bleh but lacks those vulnerable emotions that Mark always translates on screen. Idk— does this make sense?! Lol
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    Yaya makes any ground a runway. It's something about her walk, or just the presence, idk. Not a fan but I have to commend her for that, which really makes her character come alive.

    Kim, I think, goes well with businesswoman type of character like how she portrayed Nuth in PCKNMCPW. Arrogant and classy roles suit her well. For me, at least.

    Funny how I liked Kim and Mark when they're paired with someone else.
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    Mark and Ya had chemistry in TD imo. It was more innocent type but they still had chemistry (even both their acting was stiff tho). Yaya better acting in KC help generate even more chemistry. Nadech and Kim had some skinship in RP and arguing but they were still a bore.
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    Lol when you were asking for that I guess nobody gave your comment a 2nd glance. Lol today will be different lool
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    Can't help but think a guy like Phet Thakrit would have been good at acting vulnerable or New Chayapol. Mark is a eye candy for sure.
    For Yaya role I think someone like Mai Davika (girl slays with short hair) could have killed it with a more bitchy aura (Ya struggled a lil bit at acting the "bitchy" of the town) plus Mai can emote (watch Chai Mai Jing Ying Tae). Matt Peeranee can slay the model with scar and hounded background role as well
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    Phet for sure, New is a no no. Not convincing. He’s good for aggressive roles, esp after RN!
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    New can emote like no tomorrow. I watched some of his roles in ch5 like in Kay Hard Dao (if I am right about the title) and boy can show vulnerability. I am scared he will be wasted in ch3. Competition there is too strong
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    Idk his face when watching RN is like a BIG MEAN guy... that left a cold taste in my mouth... he doesn’t look like a softie either naturally speaking

    People that I think are softies besides Mark are Phet, PJ, lets see who else???

    People that are on the assertive/aggressive/strong side are New, Nadech, Mario, etc lol

    I think I’m more drawn to softies, lol they’re boring on a first glance but very interesting once you get to know them!!!! LOL :risas3:
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    New is a hardworker and a chameleon. He would have been more convincing at playing the "brutal" and confrontation scenes against Yaya but more important the "pining for my dead fiancee" emotions are his forte
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    Mark was okay. I agree Mai or Matt would’ve fit that role. And true I forgot Nang ek was an actress/model? I don’t know, Kim just doesn’t have that. Anyways i think for me anyone with a good storyline like that can generate chemistry, as long as they can act. I still don’t think MY had chemistry in TD, I did think they look good together.

    And for Mark’s role anyone who’s good could’ve been the p’ek. He’s so forgettable.
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    Koojin isn't a forever business for a particular couple. It is hard to sustain that. Age and life pretty much will see to it. If a couple married they can carry on for a while longer once their career slowed down but I see it this way, the thrill for most fans is the guessing game for these couples and the fans are young themselves. Once the couple they love and ship grows up and settles down so will the fans and they also have their personal life to deal with.

    As for the newer and younger fans they will have another koojin to drool over because they didn't grow up with the older generation couples. Rinse and repeat. That is why I see them as business "love" rather than personal love. A few will start with the game and fall in love while the others will simply get tired of each other. But at the end of the day, it is a marketable item both for the channel and for the couple.
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    Hmm, I don’t think Mark gets enough credit for his charms lol haha or acting part. He’s a softie, people take it as “weak” lol which he does make his character never aggressive or bitchy enough so no denial lol but the chemistry he has with Yaya, I don’t think any boring p’ek could easily generate. Lol. Yaya is one that rarely has chemistry with anyone besides Nadech but even I don’t find chemistry in NY, still looking for it, the chemistry that is intense and mature, I don’t see that from NY (ny fans will disagree) it’s fine but Mark and Yaya has this chemistry that is rather interesting, mature, hot, endearing, sizzling and sparkly. How many actors has Yaya starred with that could generate chemistry? People think Mai or Matt could easily replicate Yaya’s role but I don’t think it would turn out the same. It wouldn’t. Same goes for Mark, people say anyone weak/softie can easily replicate the role, but trust me it wouldn’t come out the same as Mark’s performance and the chemistry would be dead and missing. Lol Probably no intensity at all. So the alibi argument is that pDa of LakornThai has chosen the PERFECT pair for KC. Because it turned out successful people are gonna counter argue that any one can easily replicate Mark or Yaya, but trust me if it was other people I don’t think the intensity and chemistry would have existed and made KC as successful. KC was successful bc of MY and their physical appeal, too. The plot was decent, it wasn’t anything over the top gracious. Just my two cents! :p
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    Relax, I did not state anywhere in my comment that Nadech and Kim would be better for KC. I only stated if given the same context of intensity and skinships that MY have in KC, NK chemistry would be just as hot “in my opinion”. I’m not denying MY flawlessness and their outta the world chemistry;)
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  15. I’d like Nadech to fly out of his comfort zone and lip kiss another actress besides Yaya. Lol. Hopefully he’ll lip kiss Matt in MLFTS as the second n’ek in his career! Wow! Lol. I might tune in if that’s the case since I love the Korean original! :thumbup:
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    But honestly, has Yaya even gotten a script with that much skinship and character development? Usually the stories she takes, her characters are dull with little to no intimacy between the pranangs, its kinda hard to generate chemistry with anyone when the love story is okay ish. I think NY has chemistry but the lakorns they’ve been taking has been pretty crappy too which is probably why their chemistry hasn’t been there most of the time. Anyways just my opinion, I did like MY, same as with MK and NY at one point. But definitely depends on the script in my opinion and people’s ability to play the character.

    And when i said NK, MK, NY, or MY could make it work in KC I meant more as if a storyline with enough love scenes and intimacy, to make any couple seems like they have chemistry. But true too that Mark and Yaya’s looks complimented each other nicely.

    The test should be to throw a couple in a really crappy lakorn and see if there’s still any chemistry left lol. Idk what do you guys think?
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  17. Right on! You’re so funny! Yes throw these popular koojin couples (NY, NK, MK, and MY) into a crappy storyline first before we talk! Lol :risas3::p
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    I don’t think it has to be just Kimmy and Nadech.. didn’t Jma and Kimmy have heeds of love scenes in PCKNMCPV???? Did their chemistry exist there?! For people that have seen it lol
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  19. Seriously I only saw bits and pieces of their lakorn. I honestly didn’t think JMA and Kim matched physically. He looked a bit young for her. So when they had kisses I cringed and turned away! I didn’t think it was cute or anything that they had a bunch of kisses! These are just my thoughts! So I dropped the lakorn. Uh I know this is completely off topic but there was a scene where she was running away and JMA’s character was chasing her. And he like fell on top of her? And I swore it looked like the shirt she had on was a bit thin? And she nipped through? I was so turned off by that scene! Someone confirm if I’m wrong?! Lol. :risas3:
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    Nipped through? Like her nipple showing??? Lol ahahhahhh had to be descriptive here hahahah
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