Khun Noo Fah Gup Maew Karng Baan


sarNie Egg
Yes this lakorn is nice, i missed out pak boong gup goong nang, lucky i get to watch this haha, it's been out until eps2 now. Yui's is very playful in this lakorn, and i think is Note really into something with...Yui.. :sweat: , coz he always met Yui wherever she goes.. haha


sarNie Adult
this lakorn is cute...i watch a bit of it and i love it... yui is so cute and adorable


sarNie Adult
Heheh... i think this lakorn is funny.. But sometime i get bored of Yui's character.. because she's always going over to the house, and over react sometimes.. But i guess it's cute... I also think Note lookes funny with the glasses on.. But this lakorn is good in a way.. But i prefer Yui's character to be like this then weak...anything but weak... Also it got better because now Note saw someone who lookes like his dead wife.. Now i want to know if Note likes Yui, the little spoil, speak her mind, neighbor or his dead wife lookalike...


I thought miang atima character is suppose to be friend with Yui, After watching ep 3, she kindda mean to Yui. Can someone tell me what happens? Did i miss something?


sarNie Juvenile
The girl Note saw who looked like his wife, I think is his wife, I donot believe his wife is dead yet!


sarNie Elites
yeah i got lost cuz i skipped around. did the wife actually cut note's face nd if so why? and what happened right after. and the whole gun shot thing too.

hmm, yes that girl is from so sanae ha, her name is panward.

and u agree with you meenia that yui's character is annoying at times. but then again she's supposed to be this sheltered lil kid. i mean she thinks she's ugly when shes really cute.

miang just annoys me, well her character lately i guess she portrays it well then.

and i also think that the wife isnt really dead either. cuz the dad should have forced the fake to leave the condo rather than rasamiiprapa. and i'm sure the father set up the ring cuz he knew note would be looking after it. its either that or the dad has a psyhco problem too nad is starting to love the fake as his real daughter. the fake could be emotionally involved and thats why she should jealously towards everyone bc she knows the dad has her back. since the psycho problem can be hereditary then i highly doubt that both parents have a problem to pass it on to thier child too. ii dunno. but its def cute.


sarNie Hatchling
i love note and yui together, they are so cute. this lakorn is pretty good so far. its pretty fast paced. yui's characther is kinda childish but shes cute, keeps the lakorn light hearted. its funny when he catches her with autographing all of the books in her dad's office. so far some pretty cute scenes between the 2..hoping to see more.


sarNie Juvenile
Maybe that girl is not Note's wife, maybe she is just a look alike but she seems to be! So confused and like the stray dog, Note likes her! Such a bastard, can he not see Yui!

I'm mad that Miang is lying to Yui that she is not the real daughter, I feel bad for Yui!

You can tell that Note really likes the girl who looks like his wife in the next episode because he tried to kiss her hand, but dang, couldn't he fall in love with Yui! Maybe he is already and is confused!

Yui and Note is starting to wonder about the ghost Arisa!


this lakorn needs to end already.. it drag way too much.. endless dragging.. going no where.. should had end at like epi 4 or something.. also another thing.. isnt yui like supposed to have graduated college already.. omg she still acts like she's 15 or 16.. i mean this is her best acting.. but it's starting to get soooo annoying.. and what is up with note and his sunglasses? he's wearing them at night too.. dude it's sun glass not a moon glass..


I didnt even finish the first episode...Yui should get a better pek than Note...that guy is not pek material and when he acts it seems that he's not into his


sarNie Juvenile
Yeah it is starting to drag a bit. So far Yui believes Miang as they torture her with the fact (not true though) that she is not the real daughter!

Yui believes them because no one clarifies her and listens to her side of the story! She is undergoing an identity crises.

As for her attitude, you could see that she is starting to grow up with the situation.

As for Note, he matches the role because its a plain and simple role! Of course other people would do better but hey, give the guy a chance, I do agree that he is not the best actor out there!

As for the sunglasses, It is to show mystery and probably make Note look cooler which does because when he has his sunglasses off, he looks fake, acting is not too real!

Yui runs out of her house and Note takes her to stay with his secretary!

But this lakorn is not totally boring or too lagging. I think it contains a perfect combination! Has drama, comedy, and mystery all in one!


Lakornaddict ;)
The lakorn is funny. . Also, P'Yui portrays her character pretty well.
I was just wondering is P'Note's wife is she Possessed by a ghost(demon)?
Cuz when she was tryin to kill P'Note her voice changed into a creepy voice. .
Cant wait for episode 5 and 6