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    1. HuabNag
      A great place to share!
    2. p. Zoua
      p. Zoua
      You're welcome. Thanks for your interest. ^^
      Like I said before, Throysuthong is kind of long but give it a try and tell me what you think. Enjoy. =)
    3. p. Zoua
      p. Zoua
      Hey HuabNag. Thanks for your interest in my boran lakorns fanfictions. If you want to read them, go to and under the section=>Fanmades=>Fanfictions or you can read one call "Throysuthong" under fanfiction Fever, complete section on here. It's long b/c I wrote in script form but yea. Check it out. Thanks. =)
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    Thanks to all the uploaders in BM for your hard works and continuos to upload lakorns for everyone..Thanks to sarN, Dervil, the management team and everyone else...I love sarNworld...