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  • alai waaa...
    welcome back to SW...
    haven't been active in SW except to chat with Darvil. :^P
    How's life on your end?
    your response to my question is like a million years old...
    things okay?
    jaeeee...u got a little natty on the way?! OMFG! CONGRATS! how come i never knew this...okay no drinks, we'll go shopping for hot baby outfits.
    jae, dinner's still on. just lemme head back down to so. cal one of these weekends. i still got ur number unless it's changed. just been doing some migrating. don't mind me.
    hey p'natty..... how are u doing?? long time no chat or talk... so what's new in ur life besides being engaged??? well i miss u so take special cares of urself alrighty.... love love lek
    p'NATTY jah!! kit tueng jung lerh, sabaideemai?? man now i just feel as if we're distanting..... and i miss all them good ole day's where we just do nothing but either chat or listen to either u and i on the radio...... i can't wait to get back to listen to ur session..... take cares alrighty and hope to catch u on soon k..... love lekie
    ps... and ohh dont work too hard k....
    Hi Natty :D Just finished the tomb, I got a second ecto, with few gold and green items.
    But I don't understand the thing, why am I so excited to have an ecto ? :/
    Well, time to sleep now, have a nice evening :)
    Hey p'NAT!!! long time no talk, sabaideemai?? hehe gosh so much is going on... needa break atm.... anyways catch u later and dont have too much fun without me k... love Lek
    Mommyyyyyyyy =] Just droppin by to say hiiiii and thanks for the chats and talks =] you made me feel alot better ab somethings muahs! love you!
    oy.... i'm blushing now... ur too sweet :) how are u doing this very morning p'nat? having a good day today??? catch u later tonight k... and ohh yeah, ur session was so soothing last night i fell asleep on it :)
    GoodMorning p'Nat... i hope u got enough sleep unlike me... deprive almost everyday..hahahha anywho have a good rest of the day alrighty, Bye :)
    Hey p'Nat :) how are u doing today?? well i just wanted to come by and say Happy New Years and also to wish u nothing but the best of luck :) take care of urself and enjoy ur day tomorrow k.... lol... love lek (GoodNight&SweetDreams)
    WoW---what to say to the girl that DJ's---Happy Easter dear!!!:) i hope all the jelly beans paint more color in you life dear cos you deserve it!!!
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