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LOL - I hate to push it but we are the BEST .. we set the record high for all lakorn (ATEAM) activities then.  I remember people begging and bugging Wishy to hurry up too .. Poor, Wishy.  She had to sub left and right; some clips were up as soon as it finished streaming online (that 5 minutes commercial are crucial to Wishy fast fingers) but it was so well worth it in the end.  The fever was high .. so high, that the pages sky rocket like Funfun said.  I gave up reading half way to read just the current page to stay on top of things then slowly work my way back to read the old posts lol.. and our spoilers in here are so nice and best -- they translated almost the whole TV magazine script lol 
I don't think we'll ever reach this high of a fever again --- nothing come close .. the JLR sisters still hang out on FB once in awhile. 


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The girls were too fast, I just sorta read along. I dont remember who started the why do we love jlr list. I think it stop around 1500 reasons.

Wishy is still active.


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We just need other kidnap to an isolated island plotline again lol. Another unknown actress/actor for the role. I had never saw AFF til this lakorn and she was annoying 1-2 eps i was piss off w/her until I finally adjust my eye loll she was hot. I had a girl crush on her so bad, never felt that way toward any actress . Aum, it was those bicep and sweaty t shirt lol


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Yes, little grudgeprincess did that (Sala <3)
sarN, i remember your girl crush talk on her .. I think some of us said we'll turn lesbo just for her lol
I also remember us talking about them making out in the cave -- let nature takes its course during that rain scene lol  THAT was some intense talks 
Ah, we even have pictionary stories of the lakorn too lol
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I randomly came here today in the forum and saw Ceci comment in the thread from the main page- so I dropped by. Haha definitely missed the old times, we spammed like crazy! I remembered coming in here before school started early in the morning and when I came back there was like 20 extra pages lol. Yall are definitely right, we JLR sister totally dominated all the threads (FF, fanart, MV, etc). I really wish ATEAM have one last epic lakorn together T_T I really miss them. Please let Aum and Aff have one last lakorn together T_________T


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my JLR sister . I LOVE THIS thread . Miss it so much . It was fun wasn't it ? O' the memory it was truly the best time in sarnworld . It another year ! This was the month that JLR air back in 2008 , it been 7 years . We finally got our JLR 's baby!! Remember how we wanted Soyria to be pregnant  :whahuh:  :whahuh: it's a girl !


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^ Mae Sarn XD XD XD.
Yes, we finally have an "Arisoya" ... except it's not ATEAM's baby lol.  I forgot the boy's name you sisters came up with lol.


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*sniffsniff* stumbled upon this old clip of the ratree samosorn show that JLR crew was in... OMG... It makes me miss ATEAM mak maaaakkkkk!!!


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My favorite lakorn i have watched it countless times and all i can say is that i want to slap Sansanee so hard. I wanted so bad that at the end she get slapped by Harit but no :(

After i'm quite happy with the ending :)
All the lakorn is awesome, even if i wanted to avance the story because the story of Sansanee make me angry (yes i kinda hate her ^^).


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Aww i still haven't watch this lakorn, I remember we got the hmong dubbed and my parents were sooooo obsess with this lakorn.


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Heard so much about this lakorn and really wanted to watch it but not crazy about the leads. Will watch it if they remake. Slap/Kiss/Revenge is my favorite genre :nut:. Besides, I want to watch it in HD.


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But I wouldn’t mind Mark in this either LOL :risas3:


My goodness 1.5K posts lol bravo!!:clap::clap::clap:

Maybe Na and Taew or Na and Mew can remake this haha ;)
Na and Taew I'll say sure they can, but Na and Mew?? No way. Hahah. Mew is . . . she's too precious!

Edit: Okay I lied I can see Mew in here. For some darn reason I had Sawan Biang in my head! Hahahaha.


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BPS might hold the record at the speed you gals are going. I remember being part of this thread. Good times...
Lmao! I’m thinking that too! JLR was famous 10 years ago but we didn’t have a big enough social media presence to bring in a international crowd like today. Only downfall with this story is the rape scene which does not appeal to a international audience. BPS worked because not only was Kade strong but because she questioned women rights during that time.

I honestly believe Aum and Aff contributed/revived the koojin craze in Thai lakorns with JLR. They had amazing chemistry onscreen in most of their lakorns (besides Namtarn Mai) plus they are so gorgeous together! Their relationship off screen reminds me of Pope and Bella. Playful, goofy, professional.

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Oh dear, I can't believe it has been almost 10 years since my last post on this lakorn! I’m long overdo for a rewatch. I haven’t fully watched JLR in almost 10 years. Being on vacation has put me in a reflective mood. I realizedthat I don’t enjoy lakorns as much as I did as a teen, I think real life caught up with me and I’m unable to be INTO things (thanks a lot adulthood!) JLR is still my favourite lakorn but I think I'm just not as absorbed of it as I was about a decade ago.

Some food for thought…

The year 1990-2010 is arguably the golden era for lakorns. After 2010 we see a significant shift in the quality of lakorns and lakorns have begun to stray from the formulas we have grown to know and love if we grew up in this era. 2008 was a good year for lakorns all around, there were many hits, JLR being one. I always end up comparing JLR with Sawan Biang since they were both slap/kiss lakorns that were hits in the same year. Jam Luey Ruk is better simply because there is an actual love story. Sawan Biang is not a romantic lakorn as Narin never really quite falls in love with Kawee. Even when she accepts him in the very end, it is obvious that it is because they are bound by their child. Kawee is much more abusive than Harit and he’s much more mentally unstable. I mean Kawee has slapped Narin and thrown her off a boat. In comparison, Harit has somewhat more self control. JLR actually has the leads falling in love with one another and Soraya ends up loving Harit as much as he loves her. I actually hated Sawan Biang the first time I watched it and the second time I liked it because I enjoyed watching the growth of Kawee and Ken’s acting is a joy to behold. The romance is still not very good. Harit becomes so romantic after he finds out the truth; when he falls, he falls HARD.

I think Jum Luey Rak is a unicorn of a lakorn; you can’t quite find anything like it. It follows such a stereotypical formula that has been recycled over and over again for years but what Makers Group did in this iteration of a revenge lakorn is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Everything about this lakorn works from acting, casting, chemistry, plot, and script. It is rare to find success in all these areas. Aum and Aff are quite the impressive pair. Makers Group took a gamble to cast two actors that have only had mediocre success in the entertainment industry so far. Both have won awards for acting before but they’ve never had a big hit on their hands. For the most part even though both have been in the industry for a while, they are relatively unknown actors, especially Aum who had been acting for almost a decade at the time had mostly been cast in lakorns where he takes a backseat to the n’ek. Both have explosive chemistry and it is was what added to the appeal of this lakorn. I love watching their scenes together because they make the scenes enjoyable. Aum and Aff were made for their roles, their acting is incredible. Aum is probably one of his generation’s best actors. Aum, Ken, and Captain are my top three best in from the 00's. Harit is a difficult character to portray. Yes, you dislike him at times but he’s also incredibly pitiful and vulnerable despite his tough outer shell. He has experienced so much loss in his life from his parents to his brother and he couldn’t handle being alone. His brother’s death was a major trigger for him. He’s also so used to having his way as you can see from the way he acts at the pearl farm with his workers and Bai, he can’t accept anything not going his way and he needed to be always be in control. Harit is actually a very thoughtful and tender person and you can see the way he treats Soraya after finding out the truth that he’s quite the romantic. Gosh, Aum’s acting is phenomenal when he finds out the truth, his look of pure pain and agony when seeing Soraya in pain and wanting to go home is heartbreaking. Watch Aum’s eyes during important scenes, he has very expressive eyes. Then the way he suddenly changes the emotion in his face when he sees or talks to Sunsanee is incredible to watch. Aff was able to be the yin to Aum’s yang. She balances so perfectly with Aum’s acting. Soraya is a spunky character. She folds to Sunsanee out of gratitude but with Harit she never backs down and holds her own with him. The other thing that is so great about JLR is that we have a lot of comedic relief scenes between the leads. Soraya always has a witty response to Harit and Harit’s mocking behaviour is hilarious. The plot is very well thought out, it’s all a series of blunders and miscommunication but it WORKS. My favourite part about this lakorn is the script. I don’t think I’ve fully appreciated the script until this time around. Every line is perfectly written. How do you not melt when Harit tells Soraya that she’s his flawless pearl and when he tells you that you’re important to him and he will save you even if he has to risk his life? When Harit is romantic, you swoon. The best lines in this lakorn is in the part where Soraya is tied up to the tree and she gives the speech about how Harit needs to shift the blame to others and he will end up dying all alone, and where she falls apart after Harit confronts her about not being Sunsanee in front of Harin's grave.

We’ll probably not see a remake for JLR or Sawan Biang, if we do it will be toned down substantially. Think of what Lakorn Thai did to Kluen Cheewit, the old version was DARK. While I liked Mark and Yaya’s version, it was child’s play in comparison to the old version. This is due to the shift in attitude for lakorn viewers nowadays. The METOO movement and feminism have forced perspective on issues that arise in lakorns such as rape and stockholm syndrome. I come from a generation of lakorn watching that is okay with this purely because it is fiction, lakorn world is not real and I don't condone it in the real world. The three R’s (rape, revenge, romance) is more looked down upon nowadays; people are definitely NOT okay with it. IF this was on Netflix and they put the unedited version too, believe that Buzzfeed will write an article criticizing Thai television! I think slap and kiss lakorns are a dying breed at this point. I think it's best to leave this lakorn alone, I don't want to watch a toned down version nor do I think there is a good enough actor who is both talented and sexyyyy as Aum to play Harit.

I don’t think I’m going to ever find a lakorn nowadays that I would love as much as this one. Times have changed too much and well, I’m not a fan of change. They don’t make lakorns like this anymore and they never will. I mean scripts nowadays are nowhere as good as this. Makers Group can’t even make a really good lakorn anymore either. Can another lakorn bring me as much happiness as this lakorn and can I find a pairing that I like as much as Aum and Aff? I highly doubt it. At this point I just want Aum and Aff in a rom-com about two older people finding love, heck I wouldn’t mind if they played the parent generation in a lakorn. Can somebody please pair these two up again?