#InfinityLove: Don't Let Love Go Away | CH3 50th Anniversary


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Well Thailand is no longer the second worse country, it is now South Korea. At least they are postphoning it instead of cancelling.


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Thank you!! I just posted in the various thai news but I was wondering where the song came from that they were singing it was so familiar and it’s one of my favorite lakorns Prajun San Kol. That’s what made me love Ken and Janie lol.

I really loved how they showed the actors and actresses old lakorns. Loved that concept.


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I'm surprised to see Aum in that MV, good that they still include him even though he isn't in Ch3 anymore. Look at ch3 managing to keep so many of their stars, Ch7 has no one except Aum and Weir haha. That MV made me miss the old lakorns. Lakorns just aren't that good anymore.


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It is quite boring without the fans cheering but you do get to see celebrities doing their thing without distraction. Lol. I also do miss the good olé lakorns back in the 90s - early 2000.


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Wait, so does this replace the concert that was supposed to happen in May? Did they just decide to film it instead because of the virus?


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I honestly really enjoyed watching the opening! Haha. It's a bit long but it's okay. I get to test myself on how many actors I know. It's nice to see the smaller actors performing. Ch.3 seems to be catching onto trends! By making this. Lol. It seemed fun to film this.

edit: aw, seems like the ig account deleted the clip i posted & i can't seem to find another full version. Hopefully ch3 uploads the full opening on their channel or something.

edit 2: oh, nvm. For anyone who wants to see the full event, looks like ch3plus has it up!
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