sarNie Hatchling
  ilove all cast of this lakorn :woot: but my fav bias is  push beside my handsome boys sean , nicky,  :dance3: this going be hit lakorn :drools:


sarNie Hatchling
myes I like Push's part, too....his voice where he talk with her at the ice cream scenes was very cute how he said dont trick me :))
and I absolutely love Sean and Esther, the scene where he kissed her :))))))so lovely!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
arasucre said:
I wonder if there will ever be a lakorn where Push doesn't become half naked in a certain scene.  :coverlaf: 
(Not that I don't like it.........  :whistle:  :lmao3: )
I would protest that lakorn lol


sarNie Hatchling
hey,   idid not imagine that see push and sean in one lakorn :scratchhead2: , push have appealing physically, handsome face , he can act  and this most important thing FOR me , many of fans , my friends and little sis think that push is korean handsome bias really   :dance3: , alt  i did not interested in storyline , i did not love school,COLLEGE  love romantic stories  but who can resist  push smile  , facial expressions     and half naked body 5555 :secret:  :drools: , i fall in love with him since watching him for first time with vill then fun fueng , can wait to see this one and  roy leh sanae rai :woot2:  , SEAN LOOKS GOOD IN THIS ONE LOVE HIM  :dance1:





sarNie Oldmaid
roselovesice said:
Oh my gosh! We get more kissing scenes from our Sean and Esther! How much more cuter can these two get?! OH MY GOSH! Fangirling moment, Lol
Omg this is the cutest thing I have watched in a while! All the parts look adorable :dance1:  But I especially love the look of Don't and Boy's Paradise  :heart:


sarNie Adult
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! TOO MANY GOOD-LOOKING GUYS IN HERE!!!! PUSH AND SEAN!!!! <3 I'm loving Sean even more now that I watch him in Leh Ratree!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR SEAN AND ESTHER TO PAIR UP AGAIN!!!!!!! Esther is very pretty!!!!


sarNie OldFart
This series is making me become a hopeless romantic! Oh goodness. I'd like to tune into Push's part. His character seems too good to be true.


Awe, love the cuteness from the trailer. A lot of cute guys in here too, maybe all of them. hahaha. 


The Dahlia Goddess
Omg omg Omg. Hotness overload! Im super excited for Push's and Sean's. for the other two, not so much. I don't really like love triangles.


sarNie Oldmaid
BTS clips of the Behind trailer :
Haha funny that in Push and Mook clip the song its from Cheer & New lakorn PLF.  :whahuh: I just notice that.  :coverlaf: