sarNie OldFart
Re watching PM ...was reading some comments lol I didn't realize Suer was reading 50 shades @ the book store LMAO


sarNie Oldmaid
I haven't seen "Perfect Match" in its entirety. I only caught like snippets when this was aired here in the Philippines last year. I didn't bother watching coz I'm sure they've cut a lot of scenes.

Kinda brushed off "Pity Girl". Outside of SOTUS, I find Neen kinda bland.

"Don't" introduced to me my all-time fave GMMTV pair Mek and Mild. I don't like Victor and Mild to end up together, coz I really prefer Victor with Bifern (in "Room Alone").

Speaking of Bifern, didn't realise that she was also in "Boys' Paradise". I think this was her and Sean's last GMMTV drama. I think I only watched first episode of this, when the 3 other girls made a cameo in Esther's party.