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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [ONE31] Neth Mahunnop: Son Yuke / Esther Supreeleela

    Looks like Son and Esther will have 2 dramas together, aside from "Leh Game Rak". Cindy Bishop is also part of this. Others rumoured to be in the cast (as per Pantip) are Kang Vorakorn and Pang Ornjira.
  2. D

    ❤️]One31] Déjà Vu (?) : Pong Nawat/ Esther Supreeleela

    Pong and Ester are pairing up for the first time in this new drama for one31. The name sound like the Taiwanese version of but I'm not sure if this is a remake or a totally different storyline.
  3. D

    [Ch.One31] Leh Game Rak. : Son Yuke/ Esther Supreeleela/ Boy Chokchai

    They just have the fitting today. This will be Esther and Son first time pairing up. Here the title : เล่ห์เกมรัก Cr to : its owner
  4. lia mays

    (OSTs)- U-Prince Series

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows the song played during The Handsome Cowboy’s last episode after Key left Prikkang & Sibtit and when Prikkang & Sibtit were on top of the hill during the last moment? I really liked the OSTs in this lakorn a lot and I wanna know what’s your favourite (in...
  5. lia mays

    DJ Push and Esther Supreeleela

    I love watching Thai movies since a few years ago but I recently got into lakorns. The first lakorn I watched was U-Prince: The Handsome Cowboy and I wasn’t so sure about it at first but as episodes pass, I started to like the chemistry between Push and Esther—only to find out that both are in...
  6. D

    [GMM 25] My Dear Loser Series :

    GMM 25 new series going to be on air July. There going to be three couple. Not sure which couple storyline is first but here are some fitting photos and clips also a teaser: Cr to: kaewoic IG Teaser: Push Puttichai, Esther...
  7. Maricon

    Various Actresses (Sudsapda December 2016)

  8. S

    Pang Ornjira (TV Pool Vol.27 No.1365 July 2016)

    cr magdee
  9. S

    Esther Supreeleela (SEVENTEEN Vol.14 No.165 August 2016)

    cr magdee
  10. S

    Esther Supreeleela (LISA Vol.17 No.15 July 2016)

    cr magdee
  11. S

    Esther Supreeleela (Kwanruen vol 48 no 1077 October 2016)

    cr magdee
  12. S

    Esther Supreeleela (PPBT vol 42 no 1938 September 2016)

    cr magdee
  13. S

    Esther Supreeleela (Kullastree Vol 46 No 1097 September 2016

    cr esther fc
  14. Maricon

    Sean Jindachot and Esther Supreeleela (Honeymoon + Travel Vol. 15 No. 170 July 2016)

    Credits to honeymoontravelamagazine IG
  15. D

    [True4U] My Girl (Halo Entertainment) : Esther Supreeleela / Pae Arak

    Ananda company is going to remake this Thai version of Korea drama "My Girl" staring: Esther & Pae. This will be Esther first time working for True4U. Clip of the fitting & cast: Esther as : Linin Pae as: Purith Varot Makaduangkeo: as Mark Nathalie Ducheine as : Penny K-Version:
  16. D

    [CH.ONEHD] Your're My Destiny (Exact) : Bie Sukrit / Esther Supreeleela

    Confirm Bie & Esther will pair up to be in this remake "Fated to Love You." This project is going to star soon. Link to source: Cr to: as tag A photo of the cast:
  17. S

    Esther Supreeleela (HAPPY+ Vol.4 No.40 March 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  18. L

    [GMM 25] U Prince Series

    U Prince Series   Another series of the year and there are  12 parts  with 12 pra-ek and 12 nang-ek. We will know who are Pra-nang of these series on Monday 25th.   รอติดตามการเปิดตัว #uprinceseries 12 หนุ่มสุด Hot กับ 12 นางเอกสุดกรี๊ด วันจันทร์หน้า 25 มกราคม   [email protected]