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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [GMM25] Find Yourself (GMMTV / Insight Entertainment / Kongthup Production): Aff Taksaorn / Nonkul Chanon

    From the teams behind "The Revenge" and "You are My Heartbeat". I'm not sure how GMMTV is involved here, unless the article implies that this'll air over at GMM25 (and this will be on the later timeslot as 8:30 is reserved for GMMTV-produced programs). Interesting to see how this'll turn out...
  2. inbetweener_guy

    [GMM25] You Fight, and I Love (GMMTV / Anda99): Joss Way-ar / Love Pattranite

    One of the series announced during the GMMTV 2022 launch. This is a romantic action series from the same production team as "An Eye for an Eye". I'm happy that Love is being launched as a leading lady, and this is Win's younger brother Mick's first series. As Victor is also into boxing, he...
  3. D

    [GMM 25] Ugly Duckling Series (Exact)

    The cast:   Sean Jindachote Esther Supreeleela Push Puttichai Mook Worranit Thawornwongs Neen Suwanamas Nicky Nachat Juntapun Mousen Natcha Juntapun Victor Zheng Mild Wiraporn J Jirakitth C   Cr to: as tag