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Discussion in 'Thai' started by preetam, Apr 12, 2018.

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    The only Ch7 actors I somewhat follow are Mik and Michael. Sometimes Om and Weir. In terms of actresses, I really only follow Sammie and Stephany. I've tried to check out Now's stuff but either the storyline does not interest me or the ones I am interested don't get subbed :( Pooklook seems great too, but again the same issue. Hard to find her lakorns subbed.

    But honestly, Ch7 needs to stop trying to push people who just don't belong as leads - Kelly, BigM, New, Peak to name a few. They have many female talents they need to promote better: Now, Mookda, Preaw, Green. In terms of male leads, they're somewhat lacking but still, surely they can find people better than those listed above.
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    Omg...if sammy p'k was diff. I feel like more ppl will watch. The like storyline wasn't bad... but Many can't stand Kelly face
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    Kelly needs to stay far away from any Sammie, Now projects. Like couldn't they just hire "Es" or "Porshe" ? Also why is ch7 so adamant in not pairing Sammie with the likes of Weir seeing how she is promoted to N'ek statu and unlike wasted "Now" Sammie still gets a lot of projects ? Like Every ch7 N'eks in town has been paired with Weir at least once but with Sammie it feels that they want to avoid any contact with her side.
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  5. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid true! She has 1 lakorn and her lakorn garner good ratings.

    Peak been paired up with soo many HOT actors....

    Hate ch 7
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  6. its_ann

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    • They need new actors.
    • YouTube should be considered. I can’t watch their lakorns unless I have to search for it. That’s too much work lol
    • The lakorns sometimes drags a lot. Lots of unnecessary side characters. I know most lakorns do, but I realized ch 7 does it more often.
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    I can’t understand why ch7 does not upload their stuff to youtube?!? I’m sure they would get more exposure and viewers!!
  8. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Ratings, the more limited the lakorn, people have to tune in to watch via channel 7 page or apps or channel on TV.
  9. xodxo

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    That’s a stingy mechanism lol then only people in Thailand are able to watch live in front of their TV

    H3ll do they even have a ch7 app???? Could you let me know! I would even watch it if they have a ch7 app like ch3 does that run like thunder!!! See — ch3 app is so convenient! I can watch it anywhere anytime LOL
  10. xodxo

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    I did download a ch7 app before but holy cow— it was slow and not user friendly at all.. I couldn’t even watch anything so I deleted the app. Unless they improve I’m up for re-downloading l lol
  11. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    It may seem stingy, but business why ratings are needed. The reason is because when sponsors and advertisement agencies look to advertise and sponsor programs on a channel they determine based on rating. True other channel lakorns may be more popular, but there is no real accurate way of actually counting the unique individuals (example maybe one person is watching a video 20x30 times a day?) Sometimes cookies stop counting multiple views from one person. However, for me if I restart my computer my IP changes immediately and my view will count towards a video on youtbe again (I don't even know if they restrict ip towards views each time). The exception though are famous famous stars like a pair or actor might have low ratings but they are getting sponsors left and right, in those cases ratings can be overlooked sometimes.
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  12. xodxo

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    Haha you could be right but there’s more than just “ratings?” Like don’t you want to EXPAND, get more exposure from other countries and get more people talking and growing dynamically as a channel??? You can’t possibly be staying in your own little nook/corner or just country? Haha. It’s not very sustainable long run! People from all over the world want to see your work, not just the “ratings” in your own little country that should matter? Lol. If ch7 is scared they’re gonna “lose” ratings due to people not watching their stuff “live” because of having the ability to tune in to other platforms then they’re a real coward. It’s too backward and close-minded if you ask me? Feels suffocating to me! Lol. Hahahaha. OneHd, they don’t even get the highest ratings yet they broadcast and try to go as international as they can and more people are aware of their work than ch7, who’s just stuck in this little nook. Lol!

    I understand the “business” side of trying to get higher ratings to “sell” ads but dude— eventually nobody’s gonna care bc if people can’t watch your work, except your own people in your country, then you’re gonna fall really far behind. A business mindset should also include expansion, growing, branching out to other countries and using as many platforms as possible to market yourself.

    Well- I hope this post doesn’t come off like a rant. Lol! I just think ch7 is backward and behind with their thinking, trying to get “ratings” and not caring or catering to the international level.
  13. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    I get where you are coming from and yes, they are extremely old fashion. The thing is that even in America they cancel shows because of ratings, despite oversea popularity. There are a handful of TV shows that are popular overseas, but because they aren't being counted towards the ratings, investors and sponsors don't believe in the show and they get cancelled. Some examples

    Firefly, EXTREMELY popular all across the world, and yet still cancelled because of low ratings.
    Veronica Mars
    Ugly Betty

    (These shows were extremely popular overseas, but because of low ratings they were cancelled. Til this day people question why Firefly was cancelled)
  14. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    I think in this digital one need both : Good ratings and intl popularity. BPS is the perfect example of that. It is all about good balance. Ch7 needs to have a broader mind.
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  15. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Thinking about it, channel 7 doesn't have an actress that is the face of the channel. If there is then she must have slipped by. Back in the days, people see noon, aum, and Kob they know it's channel 7. Kwan might be the closest but since she starts dating the old man, she kind of slowly disappeared for me. With channel 3 we know the faces, channel 7 is all over the places with their actresses.
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  16. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    You know I don’t think it’s correlated to compare US shows to Thailand, specifically ch7. Why? Because US has a thousand of houses of productions and different stations. True, even if one show in the US is cancelled it doesn’t affect the whole network. The actors can still go get work in another show, in a different production, in a new movie, network etc. their list of work is endless. Where as in Thailand, ch7 owns literally 1/3 of all lakorn produced aired each year. (Just naming the three most popular stations; ch3, ch7 and oneHd. These three stations are the three BIGGEST stations in Thailand. So it’s fair to say each station represents 1/3 of all lakorns produced every year.) Now we take a closer look at ch7, if they close off all their 33% shows to international viewers and people; they’re losing a lot of revenues. Sure, they take in ratings from their usual audience in Thailand however I doubt they’re that much higher in ratings compared to ch3 now. But if ch7 continues to close off their shows, that’s 33% of all their tv series/shows not being able to be viewed by international fans. Even Thai fans who support ch7 have a hard time accessing their work through all other platforms. They’re losing out a lot. Very damaging long run. We are talking business right? That’s not how you should run a business, esp when you’re one of the three richest networks in Thailand. Not good. Expansion is required. Target a wider audience. Market internationally.

    If ch7 truly cares about gaining ratings to sell ads, showing lakorns live on Thai TV is not the only way to go. Youtube is the biggest platform to monetize their videos and make loads of money from. They can even earn revenues through YouTube ads. Consider the amount of lakorn ch7 produces every year, they would be banking from upload videos through YouTube if they monetize all their videos through ads. Imagine how much more view and view per pay they would get if they monetize and make an agreement deal with Youtube, or YouTube Thailand.

    I think their marketing strategy should be more broad and try to reach a much greater audience in order to maintain sustainability in the future. Their marketing team needs to wake up. Also moving into the future, technology is gonna keep getting bigger and become more huge, people are gonna want to access everything easily whether it’s through pay platform or not. Even if ch7 is traditional or conservative, the growing youth population is going to adapt to technology bc our world is evolving. We’re not living under rocks anymore. Lol People are going to seek out different platforms to watch entertainment including international viewers.

    Whew! Sh*t, I said too much. Lol. In quick summary, ch7 should restrategize their marketing skills bc we international fans care and wanna support and watch them. Right now, it might not seem like we are reflecting in their “ratings” but honestly we fans pay a lot into buying their lakorn magazines, DVD sets when available and buy into all their other good shits too. Lol. We invest just as much as the Thai viewers despite how difficult and long it is for us to order and to have to wait for our stuff to arrive in the mail weeks, months later! Lmao! They just don’t know!! Ahahahah! The struggle is real! Lol!
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  17. preetam

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    This is because they are sleeping on Now :p . Lol honestly if only they're not sleeping on her and kept honing her crsft she would have easily replaced Noon. Maybe Mookda will become the face of the channel. Sammy even I like her needs something that go viral to place her higher and stop pairing her with Kelly. Pooklook is boring
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  18. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    I agree, but hard to change the mind of someone that old lol. The owner of channel 7 is this extremely rich guy who only consider channel 7 a past time. He's said it somewhere before and others here and at other forums have mentioned this to. I guess for him as long as he is making "something" he doesn't care much. Until he is superseded by someone from the current generation, he won't change his ways. Maybe in the next few years things will change. Why? Look at all the people leaving channel 7 left and right. Channel 7 is becoming like Channel 5/Exact was back in the days the same handful of faces.

    Another thing is numbers. Channel 7 owner probably sees how popular channel 3 is but still has a HUGE profit down. Forbes posted an article about it. I don't remember the detail entirely, but Channel 3 was reported to have more than 90% profit loss, and channel 7 somewhere under 50%? So, maybe they looked at this and how channel 3 is marketing elsewhere but still suffering huge profit losses, and don't want to take that risk.

    Here is the article:
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  19. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    It’s so unfortunate ch7 is on crack 555 jk but yea, hard to change an old mind. I do hear them but not good for the long run. Hence the reason why I almost believe ch7 didn’t exist anymore lol
  20. KitKat516

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    It took 10 years to pair Weir up with Thissa and that was only because Poo dropped out but even with Poo, it took over 10 years too. So there's still hope. Weir is making his rounds now. I'm still waiting for him and Now/Mookda/Sammy too. See he wasted too much time with Pancake and Min :rolleyes:.
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