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    [CH3] DuangTa Thi Saam (Citizen Kane) : James Ma / Mew Nittha

    James Ma confirmed it himself! What a great new pairing. It’s a romcom which James ka has never been in before! I’m so excited :cheer:
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    [CH3] Ruk Nee Run Juntra (Cholumpi Production) : Ken Theeradeth / Ice Preechaya

    Ughh why in the world does Ken keep getting paired with the n’eks that I have absolutely no interest in??? So annoyed! It’s not like he’s getting any younger. At least on the bright side, he’s finally not working with his wife this time.
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    [CH3] Maya Sanaeha (TV Scene) : Ken Phupoom / Ice Preechaya

    TV Scene IG posted that these two are the pranang for this lakorn. Tbh I didn’t think Ken was gonna get anymore work with Ch3 anymore after Raeng Ngao 2 but I guess I was wrong. Let’s hope this project boosts his popularity back up for all of his fans that really like him :) The storyline has...
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    CH3 49th Anniversary Soccer Game and Concert

    It’s that time of the year again guys!! I’m so excited :aaaaa: The concert will be carnival themed this year! Oh lord I can already see the outfits and how extra and ugly they will be. I hope Ch3 surprised us and actually gets good costumes for them this year lol Great and Boy are the captains...
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    [CH3] Sorn Ngao Ruk (Love Drama Company) God Itthipat / Richie Omrawadee I didn’t see a thread for this yet but this is a new lakorn with God and Richie as the pairing. This will be God’s first p’ek role at Ch3. Here is the plot that’s been translated so far. More details later...
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    [CH3] Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma (Broadcast TV) : Pope Thanawat/ ? Pope has been confirmed in a remake of “Poo Yai Gub Nang Ma” which originally starred Por T and Ploy. I believe it’s a Rom-Com. So far the female lead is unconfirmed but the 2 options are Bella and Matt! Bella...
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    [CH3] Chor Malila (Who & Who) : Tik J/ Son Yuke So far it seems like Tik J and Son Yuke are confirmed in this. There is no confirmed female lead yet. Here is the synopsis: Plot : (Cr. Kdunagin) Phoomtai who is secretarian in a state agent, need to...
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    Ch3 2019 Calendar

    A translation from a thai fan said the photos will be available on November 15 at Big C supermarket. Here is a collage of some of the pairings. They are very blurry though! Cr. @klink_pantip Taew and James Ji are pairing up for sure. Mint C, Pope, and Margie are pairing up as well!
  9. Eve Taylor

    Thai Channels

    Watching two lakorn and Im hooked, but once im in this forum i learned im ignorant about Thai drama in general tho its my favorite among other Asian Drama mainly because Thai actresses are so much pleasant to watch and they are hot and the Actors are so manly So I need more Info and your Kind...
  10. Eve Taylor

    Kluen Cheewit

    Its not weird for MY fans that we might have been rewatching kluen cheewit to the point we lost counting ,at least for me . So, Throwback , I have a conclusion about Sathit's personality You know khun Jane was so Innocent,Naive ,Clumsy and suffocating attention woman that cant give her opinion...
  11. Eve Taylor

    Thai Beauty Standards

    Hi Which Thai Actress do you think is the most beautiful woman according to Thai beauty standards ? And which one the most beautiful Mixed ? For me: I think Kim Kimberly is the most beautiful woman there she has fair skin big eyes , small shoulders and not so tall ,also i think she is the best...
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    Kao Supassra <3

    Based on an article that a fellow AF member translated, Kao will probably be accepting some more work from CH3 soon since she is about to graduate! hopefully we get to see her blossom into an even more talented actress in the future. I am extremely happy that Great Warintorn is her 1st p'ek at...
  13. Eve Taylor

    New lakorns

    Hi Please recommend me some lakorn in which the ML really mesmerized by the FL , like Eye F**** (i cant write the word ) im already scolded by the admins for profanity , but i guess you can understand me Examples PIN ANONG KLUEN CHEWEET SWANG BIANG
  14. Eve Taylor


    I am afraid the Spread of Feminism and PC wave from West to East will vanish the Slap/Kiss genre . Recently , I can't enjoy the so feminine Beta males depicted in Asian Drama Most of thai Lakorn are using the aggressive character as the Bad /Evil character and make him act as a womanizer and...
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    Who Will Be Ch3's Next It Girl and Boy?

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    Who Should Great Pair Up With Next?

    Great currently has 2 lakorns lined up with Kao Supassara and Diana Filipo that he still needs to film for and 1 lakorn that he just finished filming with Bella Ranee. Who do you guys want to see him pair with? My Picks: 1.The actress that i want to see the most with Great is Taew! She is one of...
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    Who Should Mark Prin Pair Up With Next?

    Cr. Asianfuse wiki The reason i made this thread is cause i saw this picture of Mai Davika and Mark. If these two paired up it would be so hot! I can see them in a more mature lakorn with sexy vibes to it. The pairing is possible since Davika is freelance now but after her lakorn with mario, ch3...
  18. preetam

    Ch3 ratings

    I agree with my friends in the ch7 ratings thread one. One should make a thread about ch3 ratings situation. How can you explain that that channel that gets all of the buzz, the hype and the awards (most of them undeserved) and the deals can still only attract mostly urban and BKK areas viewers...
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    New Obsessions and Random Thoughts

    Hey guys just wanted to make a thread where we can talk about all of our current obsessions and random thoughts and feelings we have about people and things in the Thai industry! Feel free to join and talk about anything. This thread is kind of like a mixture of a lot of different threads...
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    Novel You Would Like To Be Made Into A Lakorn?

    Which books/novels would you guys like to be made into a lakorn?