Ch7 ratings

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Holy crap, Louis and Stephany's lakorn debuted with a rating of 2.2. Ch7 is having such a bad 2nd half of the year. Quick, air Mik and Bow's Lakorn, Mik usually pulls in the ratings.




sarNie Oldmaid
Look at the other slept on Ch7 good actress that is slaying. I love Tubtim

Tubtim is like the Jiang Xin of Thai industry. Started as 2nd in lakorns, then got promoted to N'ek status, got talent and great at expressions but popularity still lowkeye down. She is not really a star
Yeah her new lakorn with Kem
I love her, She is one of the underrated star in Ch7.
yeah, Tubtim is so underrated. I’m excited for her new lakorn with Kem! They look goo together! Do we have a thread for this lakorn?