[CH3] Thong Eak Mor Ya Tah Chaloang (Sonix Boom) Mario Maurer / Kim Kimberley


sarNie Tombstone
View attachment 29408 I am waiting to see these two on screen. At least a teaser, while I am waiting
one of the most stingy production kim ever worked i feel disappoint at how they are leaving us in the blank no info of how much process no confirmed date no warm up party no much BTS :rolleyes::rolleyes: but i still have hope and sure we will laugh enough with this two :D they are hilarious in the fitting so you can imagine in action


sarNie Granny
so as we thought before chaba is not a prim proper character she will be like those "tomboy" who lov to fight and love to do thing that man do

i just sense this will be a hilarious lakorn and a very entertaining story a lot can happen with chaba and thong my excitement is n a good level although i don't like period but since this is a comedy i think it won't be boring :D

thank you kitkat
Thanks for the update :).
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sarNie Adult
Ch3 usually does a short preview of all the upcoming lakorns in the new year towards the end of Dec. It won't be a full trailer but at least we'll get to see them in action.
Thank you very much for the information :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Not surprised we've gotten no updates, they previous lakorns seemed the same way. Two Spirits Love got very minimal promo, but fortunately still turned out to be quite the success so hopefully, this one turns out that way as well.


sarNie Tombstone
i can't believe they actually sharing something like whyyyyyyy whhhyyyyy the torture just this photo is makes me want more and more kim's eyes and expression this actress always get me hype no matter how the story is the production is i just love watch her on screen

that sweet happy innocent face