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  1. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    They made a lot of changes to this version that I feel like it is a whole new lakorn but not complaining though. I love it! I take it as Prim is the older sister in this version.

    Omg can Phu be any cuter. I laugh at the part where Prim was trying to hide/avoid him and he called her out on it. Especially the part where he confess at her mom’s grave that Prim was “Narak” and he likes her. I know Alek is dating Toey but I sure would ship these 2 if they are both single but too bad.

    Is it just me but Preem seems to be so chummy with all of her costars. I think it is cute and I think she brings their comfort level out with her personality. Now can Friday come sooner.

    Rita/Touch are so cute as well as Boot/ Wat. I was kind of sad for Wat when he saw Phu and Prim kiss. That must be hard for him to accept.
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  2. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    yes, I like the changes, I like the versions that make you feel that you are seeing something different, haha I loved the part of the confession of Phuree, it was so tender and how Prim reacted hahaha those two are something really nice, Wat / Boot They are a bit crazy, I liked how they made her like him, because of her strong personality she needed something equally intense to start looking at Wat, although I was so excited when they took her away from Wat, and the kiss of them was as fun as it has been his partner, Touch / Rita god those two are so nice, I love that Touch is fighting for what he wants now and do not let control anymore, he really wants Rita to be the mother of his children hahaha
    I also feel bad for Wat, but Prim never gave her any sign of feeling something for him, and previously he told Phuree that he does not bother that he likes her since she is not anyone's girlfriend, so I I do not understand why he gets upset in that way, however I have not seen the ep with sub. and I do not think they take too long annoying

    Preem that girl is so cute, she is so normal always with that natural personality as any girl of her age, I think her Pra'eks are comfortable because she is not rigid in their scenes, especially in the romantic scenes She does not seem uncomfortable, and that gives them confidence so that they can let go of their act.
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  3. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    I'm really starting to ship Touch/Rita. I was so surprised when she stood up to Touch's ex GF. She was so softly angry that I found it so adorable. Both Touch and Rita seem to be the third couple so I want more scenes! I love how he also keeps saying that he found the mother of his children. Wat is confusing me. He keeps saying he is in love with Prim but is doing all of these things with Boot pertaining the organizer company. It seems he is interested in her without knowing.I haven't seen episode 7 and 8 yet but I might just go and watch it RAW. I can't wait anymore lol.

    Phu and Prim make me giddy to much. I don't like Vicky and her Mom but they bring Phu and Prim closer. I was so happy when he picked Prim up right in front of both of them. It was such a slap in the face.
  4. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I love this version a whole lot. From the cast, script etc. To me, it is a whole new lakorn did not know what to expect. The old version had a willing scene so I am wandering if they will keep it in this version. I wish they keep it.

    Everytime I see Prim/Phu together, I feel like it is not acting but just their natural self that they bring their characters out. Phu rolling his eyes at Prim/Touch is just too funny lol.

    I love Rita/Touch they are the cute pair. Love how Rita stand up to the ex gf in a very cute way. You go girl. She is the nice and gullible one out of her group. She is not annoying at all.
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  5. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I watched it rawr too bc I am impatience.
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  6. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    Haha I always complain about being impatient but yet still wait. I’m going to start on Episode 7 soon! Neko’s doing pretty fast subbing anyways.
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  7. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I just finished espisode 7 and waiting for the rest of 8. Neko is fast! I meant to say impatient not impatience lol. Glad you understand me.
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  8. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    Yes, Alek and Preem did a good job portraying their characters. they feel so natural, that they really seem to like each other, Preem needed a Pra'ek close to his age and that he knows how to act (even though I do not know if it's just me but sometimes I feel that Preem's performance is a little better than Alek) so we can feel more emotion to be able to ship, I say I like her previous lakorns and she did it very well but there was always something (except Great), because you knew that the Pra'eks were much bigger than her, although Alek is not exactly very young, but he looks young and masculine enough to look good by her side.
    I really do not want to compare, but I can not find how to explain it haha, Rita is cool, in the other version rita just did not call my attention, neither did the couple who did Touch, sometimes I even skipped their parts, but here this couple I loved, Touch / Rita are a pair so tender and adorable that when it is your time on the screen, I just love them.
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  9. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    I started previewing this is it a comedy??

    I used to like GoodFeeling...but idk lately I’m straying away from them
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  10. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    Yes, it is a comedy, it is really fun and contains a bit of drama, they are really combining these genres well, so far the rhythm is quite good. and I really love it, I've laughed a lot watching it. :risas3::icon12:
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  11. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    I’ll have to give it some time to watch although Alek and Preem are the least people I’m interested in but cuz I’m super bored this lakorn might be on my to watch soon haha
  12. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I agree with you in terms of Preem’s performance. She does come off better in some of the scenes. Not sure why either. I am actually really happy she get to play with someone younger than her previous Pra’eks with the exception of Great. No matter what Ch3 gave her she was able to make it enjoyable like the one with Poh. I was no I can’t watch it but end up liking it.

    I think Rita is this version is adorable. The Rita in the old version did not draw my attention at all. Maybe it was the script but so far I like thus Rita too. Lena is doing a great job with the role. I actually think they make this Boot a little too harsh. The previous Boot was funny/tough but not this harsh. Just my opinion but overall I am enjoying it and one of my favorite of Preem. I hope she gets more work with other actors in her age range for her future projects/work.
  13. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    Ok so the previous of episode 9 sounds like Uncle Dam will die :sad6:. No he was a good inspiration to Prim. What ever happened to Prim’s aunt and uncle? I think Prim/Phu will confess their feelings soon but the downfall will follow after if it follows the original.

    Is Friday here yet? I am having SRNC withdrawals again lol.
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  14. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    Did any of you see Great’s comment on Alek’s IG regarding the Powerconcert? I am just curious what he said about the picture of Alek and Preem. I am sure something goofy as always.
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  15. Ele

    Ele sarNie Adult

    I don’t understand how Preem keeps getting the main lead. She is ugly, she has very big nose like pig’s nose
  16. missstaceythao

    missstaceythao sarNie Adult

    WOAH! @Ele are you watching this lakorn? Or any of her lakorns? I know people have their opinions, but keep them to yourself because there's people in this thread who love her.
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  17. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    You're just being rude now, if you have nothing constructive to say about the lakorn or her acting then just leave.
  18. Pooh4ever

    Pooh4ever sarNie Adult

    I see you in the Mookda and Bank thread defending Mookda for all the negativity people say about her, which I respect you for doing because I feel like Preem and Mookda have that similarity of people bashing them for the way they look and act. But to see you here saying such hateful thing about Preem is just sadden. Taking someone biggest insecurity and rubbing extra salt at it. I wonder how you would feel if someone criticize you for the way you look. No one is perfect, you included. What right do you have to come in here and judge Preem for the way she looks? If you don't have anything nice to say, it's better to keep it to yourself.

    I'm going to say it, I think Preem is stunning. I love her eyes, her charming smile, her luxurious hair, so what if her nose is a little different than the norm. It just makes her unique in her own way.
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  19. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    your comment is annoying and out of place, it really is a nonsense, if you came and said a comment on her performance, it would not be so bad. Preem is beautiful, has charisma and has talent. personally I prefer to see someone who knows how to act and do it with passion, to see a drama / lakor etc. with someone who has a pretty face but whose performance is not acceptable at all, but nevertheless I would not say such rude comments about them, I would only say a constructive comment. I hope you take advice not to offend someone as rude as this, we understand that you do not like an actor / actress but offend someone you don't know and more because of the appearance of this is very ugly.
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  20. winkwinkitsme<3

    winkwinkitsme<3 sarNie Egg

    So far I am enjoying this lakorn so much :). Some scenes Preem comes off a bit awkward but its fine I still adore her. I just have to say this... Alek is slowly creeping inside my heart. Something about him is so charming, I think it's his smile. Totally enjoying Touch and Rita's scenes, both are so adorable. Currently waiting for Wat to notice his feelings towards Boot ;)
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