[CH3] Sanae Nang Cin (Good Feeling) : Alek Theeredeth / Preem Ranida

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    Seriously, I am so pissed off at Prim right now ( at the 1 hr mark of episode 11). I should just stop watching right now and just end this stupidity. Storylines like this pissed me off so much and I am kinda upset that I've come this far - cheering for her for having a backbone to stand up for what is right- only for her to go soft on me. Unbelievable! :BangHead::BangHead:
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    At first I thought she killed him too until I rewatched it. She hit him in the back not head but I feel she’s still responsible since she watched him bleed out and left him there bleeding. He actually had a heart attack or something and cracked his head on the ground when he fell over. The actress that plays Patchara is good a playing evil parts. Her character is as scary in here as the one in Samee.

    Loved the three couples. Alek and Preem were awesome in this lakorn. Will be a while before any more of her lakorns come out but now that she’s graduating, she’ll time to dedicate to filming before deciding on graduate school.
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    I am going to miss Prim/Phu. These two surprised me with their awesome chemistry. I came in watching this lakorn for Preem only and left a fan of all the main casts especially Alek. I am waiting for their next collaboration already. Besides Great, Alek is her best pra’ek to date. They are compatible and generate a natural chemistry.

    This was a remake but don’t feel like a remake at all since the script was different from the original. Good job to the production, team, director and best of all the casts. Although, they do have room to throw in another episode but I am not going to complain.
    The ending was so cute! The old ending was weird to me but this one is very unique and I am happy to see Preem do a real kiss. She has grown up a lot.
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    Am I crazy or what I kept on watching the ending . I think I love how it is unique and the fact that Prim initiated the kiss first too. Their height was perfect and the angle seems right. Ok so I am ready to see these 2 in a dramatic lakorn together after this.
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    You are right the rating was 5.1. I am happy for them.
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    I hope she will have more lakorns lined up now that she is graduating.
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    Watched episode 12 last night, I am so glad all the couples got happy ending, it was a good episode.
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    Preem and Nine. Wow, they look good together. :)

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