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  1. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    ok, today's episode was intense, I was a bit exalted too many times, but it was still fun, and Prim and Phuree were so cute and adorable that I wanted their beautiful scenes to last longer

    Rita and Touch that pair is so adorable, their scene gave me so much tenderness.
    I am the only one who loves when Prim and Khun Patchara face each other ?? I love the tension that those two create, the confrontation of today was not the exception, and I loved what Prim did, it was so OMG !!!
    however, the chapter left me with a broken heart, I almost cry, so maybe tomorrow I'll cry.:crybaby2:
  2. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    Omg suck it Patchara! So many scenes that satisfied me in episode 9. Prim acting soft in front of Phu to show how vicious patachara was to her. Lol If people are going to unfairly pick on you then you gotta take advantage of everything you have to beat them. And Phu sticking up for Prim every friggin step of the way thru that witch's scheme to frame Prim.
    "I'm not infatuated with Prim. I love her." Not that patachara knows what true love is but it was still a bold statement to stick it to that witch. And Baramee finally standing up to his wife for his beloved daughter!

    Ugh, and Prim turning around to see Phu with his arms wide open ready for a hug. *spazz* I honestly thought the fake identities in the beginning was a silly setup for the plot but Phu and Prim are so natural and adorable together they make me all fuzzy and warm inside.
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  3. missstaceythao

    missstaceythao sarNie Adult

    I haven't caught up with the episodes yet, but I was watching it live and saw the scene where Phu kisses Prim's shoulder!!! :cheer::cheer::cheer:
  4. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    *squeals* my babies are so cute!.

    - Y'all I literally have nothing constructive to add to the conversations here, cause all I do is this throughout the show lol:
  5. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Wow, episode 10 was intense and OMG episode 11 preview has my heart breaking for Phu and Prim.
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  6. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    Well, today's episode was ... OMG !! So many emotions, I do not know what to say, except that Phuree and Prim are so cute, I loved all their scenes, they really are so adorable together.
    I know that the moment of the kiss on the shoulder was sad, but I was delighted by the way in which Phuree and Prim correspond to their feelings, that naturalness with which he comforts her and she lets herself be done, it was so cute, and the scene of the kiss on the cheek was funny as Phu got upset and as she made him content again, haha are so cute
    the advance of tomorrow left me with a sore heart, it looks very intense:crybaby2: as today
  7. MissPK

    MissPK Got Phet?! ❤

    Omg I know! I was crying like a baby when Uncle Dum died and when they kept showing flashbacks of him. Aww my heart was breaking so much for Prim. Also when Khun Barami told Prim that he never wanted a kid with her mom.. I just saw the pain in her face as well as his. I know he only said those things to protect her, but I'm glad that Prim's mom raised her to be a strong person and to see the better sides of things. what I love love the most is that Prim stands up for herself and how Phu isn't those kind of p'eks that listens to other people that tries to make Prim look bad. He believes Prim and is always by her side because he knows what kind of person is really is. And everytime they hug and she puts her face into his shoulders, I get such a warm and safe feeling lol

    And not to sound harsh, I hope that Pachara b%+# ends up killing herself like she did in the recent lakorn of James M & Mint C lol ugh she gets on my nerves so much.. it's annoying how she gets away with so much shit.. like sending ppl to hurt Prim & her friends and hurting Uncle Dum to the point that he died. Ugh!

    Can't wait to see tomorrow's episode!
  8. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    Yess!!! Bring on the spoilers. I need to finish episode 8 but ahh I’m so glad it still seems like we have balance. I was afraid it’d become more dramatic and less romance between the leads. Whoo!! I’m ready to see 9.
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  9. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    I know, the flashbacks of Uncle Dam were so sad, the same with her father, Preem could show the pain in her face, I'm glad she improved in those pain scenes, I was about to cry but then Phuree arrived and all I could see was the love with which they leaned, I love when they embrace are so tender, both hold with that strength and desire with what would make two people in love, I would have loved that they had added a few kisses to those hugs, but weeell, Preem was younger, this is her first lakorn giving kisses (real) so I guess there could not be many, and it's a lakorn of channel 3 :( however, I am satisfied :love:
    I do not know what I want for the end of Khun patchara, she is so bad that I feel that only dying would be something easy, I want her to suffer from repentance before that :mad:
  10. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    I just watched the preview for episode 12. Seems like there are still so much drama. How are they going to wrap it up in all one episode. I’m worried.
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  11. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Me after skimming episode 11: How is Vicky's mom not in jail yet!?

    Also, from the preview, Vicky needs to get a grip. PHU DOES NOT LOVE YOU! Stop trying to tie him down.
  12. its_ann

    its_ann sarNie Hatchling

    I’m glad I watched this one! Alek grew on me. He didn’t catch my attention at first, but he’s pretty handsome the more I look at him. And his interaction with Prim makes me feel so warm inside lol

    Vicky’s mom is just pure evil and crazy!
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  13. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    Vicky's mum is insane, simple as that. I swear this better not be another case where a character like hers gets forgiven real quick or I'm going to be mad.
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  14. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    Yes, Vicky's mom is mentally not there anymore. So glad Prim told her off.
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  15. lilyalana

    lilyalana sarNie Hatchling

    are prim and phu really gonna break up? nooooooo!!!! :crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2:
  16. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Got to watch that lakorn. Is it subbed somewhere ?
  17. lilyalana

    lilyalana sarNie Hatchling

    neko is subbing. up to ep9 already :)
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  18. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Bless you
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  19. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    Omg this weekend was a roller coaster for this lakorn. I cried when Uncle Dam died. His flashbacks seriously was so hard to watch. All you see was his cute and loving self. I was so touched by the way Prim hugged him at his shop practically it was her good bye to him.

    I don’t remember Patchara was this evil in the old version but she is just plain cruel. I am voting for her to go to jail too.

    Touch/Rita were so cute. These two are just plain adorable I hope they get to star with each other again. Touch is growing on me as well as Peach.

    What I love most is the way Prim ran into Phu’s arms. The way she smiles at him with her glowing eyes and the way he smiles back in return . I kept on saying this but these 2 are making their characters to life. I went in with ok expectations and came out having withdrawals every weekend. The sad part is only 1 more episode.

    The break up scene was too sad. Vicky just need to accept it and good for Phu for waking her up.
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  20. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

    Well, I had not said anything about ep. 11 because again there were so many emotions that I did not know what to say, everything was so beautiful first and then again it became intense, I was so sad when Phu and Prim broke up, their expressions of pain for not wanting to end their relationship, I'm the only one What do you like when Phu gets upset and discusses ?? I love how Alek plays those parts even in the scene of his first fight ep. 2 they really get into their characters, and Preem certainly feel that she has improved the scenes where she has to show pain, in the death of Uncle Dam, when his Father made him believe he did not want her, when Vicky was dying, and When Phu began to move away until the break came, she made me feel sad.
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