[CH3] Sanae Nang Cin (Good Feeling) : Alek Theeredeth / Preem Ranida

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  1. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Waiting for episode 5 to be subbed that way I can watch 4 and 5 back to back. But I did skim and honestly, I love the main cast. I do agree about Vicky's character. I feel bad for her. She really thought Phu liked her. And with crazies like her Mom and her screw up of a brother surrounding her it is to no surprise she's going dark. If only her dad would step up be there for her.
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  2. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    I've finished episode 1 and have watch 20 minutes of episode 2 so far and really enjoying this. I LOL at Phu's misunderstanding that Prim is his dad's girlfriend. It's nice to laugh by myself when watching lakorn again - after BPS. :thumbup:
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  3. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    Is it Friday yet? I am having SRNC withdrawals now :sad6: ok for those who watched the old version is it just me but the pace of this version is fast. I am not complaining but scared they might cut this version to just 10 eps but can be just me speculating that is all. The ratings are slowly going up too so good for them. Not bad to me since they are up against Weir. Is anyone watching Weir’s lakorn? I have not started yet.
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  4. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Despite the low ratings, this lakorn is getting great feedback. I haven't seen any criticisms for it when people were ready to pounce on this one. Preem shouldn't be underestimated, this girl seems to pull through with decent ratings and never really gets credit for it. Don't feel bad, Weir will usually own any of his competitons ahaha I actually saw the first episode of his lakorn and it's meh. Kinda tired of seeing him in these roles but maybe I would be into it more if the lead wasnn't Thisa. I'm having a better time watching Cee.
  5. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    I haven’t finished ep.5 but am having withdrawls too lol! This Lakorn is addicting. It’s refreshing my mind from all of the dark/historical stuff I’ve been watching. We should get 12 episodes for this one! The Hero Series is set to air on the 26th this month so we’d end w/ 12 on the 25th. 12 is a good amount to me
    But if its this good, I might want more!! Lol.
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  6. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    Haha, not stalking you @m3lhouse but I had to report back here too since finished episode 3. I Can’t wait til later tonight so I can watch 4 and 5. Since my sleep is precious and I only watch lakorn at night, I am very picky with what I watch and am glad I am giving this a chance even if Alex is not the pra’ek I gaga over ( both have cute dimples though)

    I am a bit annoyed at the one girl friend that’s bully-like. There’s always that one friend in the group that has to be type A and she’s it. Doesn’t trust anyone and acts like she’s a badass so am not at all interested in her storyline. Instead of making guesses here I should go see the beginning of the forum pages to see who ended up with who, but I’ll do the wait and see. If I had anything to do with it, I say let her be alone because she’s the physical and abusive type of girlfriend. As for Vicky’s mom, that lady is too good being evil causing me to already hating her. Hated her in Samee and that other lakorn which had Alex as second lead. So without knowing the story or seeing spoilers, I guess Vicky’s dad is Prim’s dad ( most of you probably know this based on prior comments that I skimmed through).

    I like the pace and glad secrets are revealed so we can move on without all the misunderstanding. Probably pacing to be Less than 12 episodes. I like how Nang’ek has a backbone when she needs to be- like her comeback to Vickey’s mom during their one-on-one conversation. As far as Preem, she’s not beautiful and has a weird nose but it’s what fascinates me about her. I find her an attractive nang’ek similar to how I feel about Mew Lalita.
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  7. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    You stalking me or am I stalking you hahaha Mew's nose didn't really bug me. I always found her to be stunning but I understand that she's not conventionally good looking to some. Preem's nose is bad! Mew's nose wasn't cute but it wasn't "bad" ahahah I've never seen a nose like Preem's before but it's fine. She has a great smile hahaha
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  8. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    I am all catch up, That kiss in episode 3:icon12:.

    You can so see that they have feels for each other but she is trying to keep away because he is with Vicky, but I don't know long that can last, I think he likes Vicky but he is not in love not like he is with Prim.
  9. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I rather take 12 than 10 espisodes. I think it will be good so I want more. I am not sure where I see 15 episodes but it does not matter I guess.
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  10. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    I finally finished episode 5 subbed today and gosh, their cute argument in the house was so stinkin' cute. I can't even anymore. lol I still can't believe Vicky became an evil character. She was so much cuter as a nice character. Now I just can't even stand her.

    @Alichgo, I feel the same way as you do towards the friend that's more aggressive. I'm not fond of characters like that. Characters that are just too aggressive and not understanding are just too much and overly done. I'm sure there are people like that, but her character is just straight up annoying. I mean, I also understand why she isn't understanding and takes the aggressive route too but it does get a bit too much sometimes.
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  11. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    Regarding Mew, I am not sure if it was due to her curled lashes or hair style or whatever it was, but in the lakorns w/Willy ( Prasard Mued, Sai See Pleung, and Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah) she was pretty.

    I am glad Preem is happy with her look and has no desire to change it because she stands out from other nang'eks ( good or bad based on people's opinion). Otherwise she'll be like Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing.
  12. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I am proud of Preem for the fact that she accepts herself as is. I hope she won’t change anything due to pressure from the industry. I can’t believe she will be graduating soon. She has a good head on her shoulders. This lakorn is definitely getting a good buzz.
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  13. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    This lakorn so funny :risas3: the best scene have to be the part where they share the mosq. net and he asked for a blanket , while she scramble to search for one she lift her sarong and was about to give it to him but realize its not a blanket :risas3:. im dead .
  14. tweedaly

    tweedaly sarNie Rebel

    At first I wasn't going to watch this, but my curious self decided to give the first episode a try. Next thing I know, I was all caught up and now I'm dreading the wait for Friday to come. I am glad they didn't drag the whole lying about their true identities. I always find myself watching Preem's lakorns. This one, the one with Masu, and even the one where she played twins. I think Preem has potential and she seems very passionate in acting, which I like because some actors/actresses seem to lack passion. And I know there are always the comments about Preem's nose whenever she's in a lakorn, but I never thought it was a problem and I hope Preem keeps it the way it is.
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  15. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    @roselovesice I wanted to slap her when she was tight-lipped on telling the one guy friend, on his knees and pleading, where Prim went. I thought it was funny when Peach ( his real name) told her off when she decided to respond on behalf of the girls when he said he wasn’t asking to call her or something like that as they were leaving the house. I hope they tone her down a bit cause it’s too much.

    Since the lakorn doesn’t showcase the other couples yet, I was quite surprised to find out who got with whom ( saw the group picture). I thought the “mean” girlfriend would be coupled with the nice guy (Touch?) while the sweet girl would be coupled with the playboy Peach. This would prove the “opposite attracts “ theory, but they didn’t do that.
  16. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    I finished 5 & thought I was behind but where is Friday?!? Lol. I’m addicted. The pacing for Prim & Phu is fast but I’m in dire need of seeing the other 2 pairs. I can see the progress for Boot & Wat but Rita & Touch don’t have anything. Although I must say, it was super adorable when Touch was drunk lol. He done confessed & poor girl was lowkey having some hopes haha. They’re all such a great bunch to watch. I don’t like how Vicky turned 360 bad in a night but its a Lakorn. No questions asked lol. As for Boot, I too kind of wished she was toned down. When Touch got on his knees to ask where Prim was, I was surprised. He really didn’t have to get on his knees & yet she still said “No”.
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  17. missstaceythao

    missstaceythao sarNie Adult

    I honestly didn't even know Touch liked Prim at first. And when I realized he did I wasn't surprised. I'm totally loving Prim and Phu (I really need to make a mv but I have AP testing - which I should be doing atm! :mad:). I love all of their scenes! I thought it was funny how Pong's way of proving Phu loved Prim was pushing Prim and Vicky into the pool. But Phu would save Prim! :love: My heart was racing even though I knew Phu would save Prim. I'm shipping Lek and Preem now because Great and Preem haven't reunited yet (you're out Great! hahaha jk)! I like Rita because she is literally me. I hated her in Naree Rissaya, but she's so cute in here I can't hate her. Boot is harsh but she has a reason for Rita since she's indebted to her family, not really Prim tho unless I missed it. Can't wait to watch more!

    *Question: if the Bpoop Phaeh Sanniwaat special is coming on Friday, does that mean this won't air on Friday?
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  18. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    I noticed Touch liking her but it was so subtle. It was all hinted stuff but he wasn’t as adamant about his feelings as Phu or Wat were. They could’ve done w/o adding him as a 4th suitor. I need him and Rita! Lol. I think I’m warming up to them. They have cute features together.

    Hrmmm.... maybe BPS will air in the evening slot? I forgot about that. I love BPS but I love this one too!
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  19. Yuki_Cin.

    Yuki_Cin. sarNie Egg

  20. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I kept on laughing during this scene while watching it on my phone too. My family was what is so funny. Prim’s reaction was too funny when she realized it was her sarang not Phu’s blanket.
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