[Ch3] Ruk Nee...Hua Jai Mee Krib (Maker K)


sarNie Adult
Just started this lakorn today and I'm caught up to episode 6 already! Mew is very cute and if this is her first lakorn, she's not doing too bad! :)


sarNie Immature
Yeap, it's her second. The first one was Wanalee with Poh Nattawut. And now they downgrade her to be evening nang ek?


sarNie Hatchling
I don't hope so..
Since the rate is pretty good..
They should give her more chance..And she's not bad at acting at all...
This mermaid role is quite different from the one in Wanalee...
She played this mermaid naturally...
Yep that's what I thought...


sarNie Oldmaid
@ InMessy, Like what Asy said Ch3 drop Mew to event n'ke. There was also an articles Mew talk about it. You can read more about it here...


I was so sad that Ch3 did not promoted Mew as much like Kim, Yaya....Mew came around Kim, & Yaya time as newbie but suck Ch3 down grade her. I wonder if Mew wasn't in Wanalee but was in 4HHKK with Kim, & Yaya would she have been promoted more and be prime n'ke like Kim & Yaya.


sarNie OldFart
oh man, i didn't know they dropped her already. that kind of sucky to hear. At least she's still playing nang;ek role for the evening.
And beside she's too young so it's okay. She can go back to Prime time lakorn nang;ek when she gets older.

I love her in Wanalee though;her acting skills were decent. :D


sarNie Oldmaid
Pop and Mew is such a cute match, love them as pairs. hope they'll pair up again. sad the lakorn gonna end soon, so fast. but good doesn't drag like Ch7 lakorns. yeah want Ch3 to promote Mew as prime time n'ek again. she's cute and her acting is good. want them to promote Pop more too. still wanna see his old lakorn"Pa yong" with Geeji, hope ch3 will finally air it, been in stock for so long.


sarNie Hatchling
Fairly I can say if they put this lakorn on prime time..
It wouldn't receive such good rate...
Let alone there’re too many first-line stars' lakorns wait to on air in CH3...


sarNie Oldmaid
I agree that if this lakorn was on prime time I don't think it will do as good as it is for the event slot. If you look at it Ch3 lakorn for event slot they are doing way better then their prime time lakorn.


sarNie Oldmaid
:cry1: :cry1: :cry1: The end is just to sad. :cry: :cry: :cry: Was hoping for a happy end but it never was.

I really hope Mew & Pop can have another lakorn together and have a happy end. I'm just heart broke right now. :weep:


sarNie Oldmaid
The ending was so touching, make me cried. so sad/heart broken they didn't get to be together. but understand how can mermaid/human live together(the scripts is realistic this part). one of the good mermaid's lakorn for me, even though sad ending. love Pop&Mew in this lakorn but wish there was more cute scenes of them though. now really hope they get to pair up again with happy ending this time.


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i just got done watching this lakorn.. it was pretty short for an evening lakorn..
im both satisfied and dissatisfied.. since i felt like ep 10 to the rest it was just that damn guy capturing her.. it was like repetitive every ep... argghh..

and gosh the ending.. they didn't get together but.. it's understanding.. boohoo.. i sorta wished that the pra'nangs would've got more memorable scenes.. not many stayed in my head.. :(

i found the two to be adorable!! i would have to say mew improved on her acting though this role doesn't really require much in my perspective.. but she was beautiful as a mermaid.. and pop was quite cute :)